Ragsan – os – Indian Cinderella


In this os shekhar marries sharmishta after death of janki immediately after 3 months

Ragini – 20 yrs
Swara – 20 yrs

Shar – Ragini Ragini…??
Rag – has ma
Shar – go wake my child up and give her bed coffee
Rag – ok
Shar – nw go

Ragini goes to swaras room
Rag – swara??
Swa – di…?? I’m elder to u. Where’s my bed coffee
Rag – here it is
Swa tastes it and says – yuk!!!! Its not good
She throws her cup on Raginis leg
Ragini cleans and comes to kitchen
Shekhar also comes there
Shek – sorry beta I cnt do anything
Rag – its ok papa she is my sister only na
Some one comes and give some Pham plate
” our king sanskars swayam var every girl is invited please do come who knows who’s the lucky one??”
Sharmishta sees this and goes to swara and asks her to get ready for that
Swara – ok maa i will be the princess for sure and i know that
Shar – yes beta..!
Shar and swa go for shopping leaving Ragini alone in home to do all the house hold work
Shekhar also goes out

Rag – i also want to go but i can’t i dnt even have proper clothes ? how can i?? Saying Soo she does all the work

Swa and shar come home with all their stuff
Shar – Ragini make my daughter beautiful she must be the princess ok??
Rag – ok maaa
Saying this Swa and rag go to swas room
Ragini feels happy as her sister going to swayamvar
Its 8 pm shar and swa get ready
Out side their home horse carts were waiting for them they both get inside and travel to kings place……
Sharmishta and dears were trying to impress the king ? but fail doing so…
Its almost 9
King tells them
” thanks for everyone coming Here. I want you to cook my favorite sweet gulab jam un. I will taste it and decide who my princess is..? So get ready it’s going to begin after an hour”

Swa asks shar about the recipe
All were busy

Ragini was sleeping suddenly a sprkle comes
A pari on white dress comes there
Pari – beta Ragini get up…see i came here to give u nice dress and make ur way to the palace
Ragini – really?? Thank u so much
Pari – shring bring sarvalimg bhoot bhavishy varthaman bahdlind isko banade ek sundar si raj kumari aur karao issue ghode Ki savari ( make her a beautiful princess and take her on horse)
Two horses appear with a cart behind them
Raginis dress changes into a beautiful lehenga and a ghoonghat on her head
She reaches the palace and remembers Paris words
You must be back by 12 o clock my child
She goes inside and cooks along with other girls
Sanskar was eating each sweet he finally came to Ragini and tasted it
” wow Soo tasty and beautiful”
Ragini blushes

Sanskar comes to a decision but doesn’t reveal it all the girls over there dance ? . It ws 11:45
Ragini sees time and comes out of the palace sanskar also comes out ob search of Ragini.
Sanskar stops” stop dnt u want to knw who the princes is??”
Rag – i must go it’s late Ragini runs but San holds her hand but she takes her hand leaving her big bangle.
She reaches home ? .

Swa and shar also reach home rag was sleepin

Next day they got to know about that bangle and decided to make dat bangle fit in Swa hand
In d eve soldier comes ti rags home ? .
Swa was trying hard to take that bangle inside her hand. Her hand was paining… So the soldier took that and was about to go..
He sees Ragini and asks to try once
Shar – she dint even attend the swayam var
Sol – but mam I shld check each and every girl ??
Ragini feels tensed.
And takes that bangle it was perfect size soldier took Ragini to palace and showed her to sanskar
Sanskar hugs Ragini

They get married ?
Happily ever after

Hope u laughed like me remembering the real Cinderellas story πŸ™‚

Credit to: priya

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  1. super.i loved ur os. its very nice

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      I love ragsan πŸ™‚

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  10. Luv u its d best Cinderella rocks

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    im also a crazy crazy fan of ragsan priya

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