Ragsan – os – holi colors of our life


Ragini and Sanskar are neighbours…………….

its a small street both dp and shekhar are middle class families
sanskars pov —

its one day before holi……………
i saw her first time she was loking like an angel in her white sleeveless top and long frock, i was just seeing her she came to me and gave sweet and said ‘ bhaiyya, today is my birthday ‘ very innocently i thought ‘what bhaiya??? ‘ and told her ‘no bhaiyya only sanskar, and happy birthday’ she smiled and was going back i called her ‘hey’ she looked back
I gave her my fav chocolate ‘dairy milk silk’ she said ‘ i dnt like chocolates’ but she took my choc and ran to her home. I smiled remembering her cute face.
And i went to my mom and asked about the girl
she said ‘oh she?? ragini soo cute girl very brilliant she was the topper of her school and now she is studying inter 1st year, very nice girl she helps her mother unlike you. you left us for your further studies now you are in final year of your btech…’
i was frustrated and said ‘maa stop all this atleast i came here now’ and went to my terrace…………….
the girl was studyin with her friends i thought ‘what she is she is attracting me towards her..! man she is killing me..!’
i heard a voice ‘sanskar’ i felt happy it was her calling me i was on 9th cloud and waved her she said with her cute voice ‘i completed my exams yesterday and need some books for competetive exams will you get me some??’ i thought ‘i can do anything my darling’ and said ‘yup defntly sure, by the way whats ua name??’ she said ‘ragini, ok byee i must go cu 2mrw in the holi party’ we both smiled looking at each other.
in the evening i went to her home with NIT previous paper books, her mother welcomed me. she said ‘sit beta i wll call ragini’ after 5 mins ragini came down in her 3/4th jeans with her violet colord top ragini said ‘sanskar you bought them?? thank u so much’ i said ‘no need of thanks ragini v r neighbours’ she gave me a fruit juice, i drank that and came out of her house waving her….

I was sleeping on my bed dreaming of her…..

Next day morning
everyone was celebrating holi i got freshed and wore a white shirt with blue jeans
i came out to my surprise no one ws there out there i slowly started on the street
suddenly ragini came infront of me in transparent white shirt and 3/4th blu jeans torn.
she came near me and throwed coloured water and said Happy Holi..!!! sanskar!!!!!
luckily my right side some powdered color was there i took it my hand full ragini started running i ran behind her
she reached some shed i neva saw that when we both entered the shed the shuttr got closed bt i dint bothered i was all around her she reached a dead end when i was about to aplly color she said ‘I Love You Sanskar’ and huuged me it was my turn to get shock again she ‘dont u love me sanskar??’ i said ‘i love you too ragini’ then she ‘wont u apply the color on me?? red the color of love’ i was again shocked bcoz i dnt evn know what color it was i just took it and ran behind her she shook me and i applied color on her face………………..

she said ‘sanskar i liked you before you liking me, i saw ur photo and became ua fan….. from that time i was desperatly waiting for youto come from hostel’ she strtd blushing
i asked ‘then y did u called me bhaiyya??’ she ‘i just wanted to test you thats it sanskar bhayya’ she ran again but this time i held her tightly by her waist and applied color on her face. now it was her turn, she rubbed her cheek with mine her face on my shirt………

this is how my lovestory oopsss ragsans love story started…..!!!

Credit to: priya

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