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I was watching doraemon and thought ‘i wish i could get him once in my life at least once…. Damn he is so lucky but what’s he is doing nobita doesn’t use him correctly 🙁
I went to my bed
I slept
Suddenly I heared some thing the lights were on i saw a shadow
I was like………omg it’s doreamon
He said ‘please Ragini dnt be shocked I’m here to fulfill ur wishes’
I Said ‘soo u know my name??’
He said ‘i know everything about you Ragini i came here to spend my day with you’
I asked ‘but it’s not day it’s midnights’
He laughed
We went to goa with the help of anywhere door and built sand palace and water palace with the help of his gadgets.
I asked him about time stopper he gave it to me
I was playing with it I switched it on and went to my friends house ? she was reading i saw the time it’s 1am she always said she snt wake this late but she is gone now I took a black sketch and drew some unnecessary things on her face.
She was looking funny.
When i was home I saw doraemon was fixing something in my table drawer
I remembered the show and with full excitement hugged him ‘a time machine’
We both got into that and he asked me where i wanted to go i said i want to go to my future

We were in my future it’s 5pm there
Aww she is Soo beautiful no not she it’s me she was talking to guy
I asked doraemon who was he
He said ‘he is ua better half sanskar’

We both went back to past to my. Marriage ?
It was a Christian marriage ?
Near the sea shore
We both exchanged the rings and kiss ?
I was feeling shy and smiled
We both went back to our time
I asked him to take me to sanskar
We both used bamboo copter to reach his home it was just 5 streets away
He was sleeping i saw him face he was feeling tensed
I saw his dream with the help of dream catcher
Sanskar was fighting with a huge monster
We decided to help him out
So we both entered his dream with a sword in our hands we killed that huge monster ? within seconds 🙂
Me and doraemon disappeared from there
Now sanskar was feeling good
It was 5am i was really feeling sleepy
I went ti my room and slept on mt bed
When i woke up at 6:30 i searched for doraemon he wasn’t there my eyes ? were filled with water
I Gt ready and came down stairs I saw a guy coming in with His luggage
Ohh he was sanskar
My mum said he is going to stay in our out house for few days and asked me to accompany him
We both were in the Dining area
We occupied our seats
He asked ‘i think i know you I saw you some where’
I just smiled looking at him
And thought so it’s not my dream it’s all true
He was seeing me with a confused look.
I thought to reveal everything what happened yesterday night but Stopped myself.
I completed my bf and showed his room and went to my room
There doraemon was standing….
I came neat hi.and hugged……
And Said thanks thank you ? i always wanted you!!!

* the end *

Hope it’s not much boring:)

Credit to: priya

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  1. fun with fiction cool

    1. thanks lovely 🙂

    1. thank priya 🙂

  2. Cute story

    1. Thanks lila 🙂

  3. Super….

    1. Thanks fira..! 🙂

    1. Ty rakhi 🙂

  4. its really cool. full of fantasy dear keep it up

    1. Thank you aastha 🙂

  5. My sister’s favrt show.she always say
    ,she wnts doremon

    1. Yess! Its every childs dream to get him 🙂

  6. Too good

    1. Ty venni 🙂

    1. Thanks ina 🙂

  7. Loved it…I wish I also get a chance like tat lol

    1. Thanks priya 🙂

  8. I m 17 but l still love watching doraemon. And d favourite line “doraemon mjhe bachao”??

    1. Haha ? even im 17 nd love it

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