ragsan OS..duffer and his dhakan by Shrilatha

Hai guys ..this is Shrilatha…I need a break from all ffs..so this OS..but this is my first OS..i am sure I will suck at it..but let me see..forgive me if anything goes wrong…

A big room is shown a boy is sleeping diagonally on his bed..a lady comes in to the room..
Suji: sanskar get u getting late…
He immediately covers his face with pillow…
Suji : I know how to wake u…
Suji: ragu see sanskar is not getting up…
Ragini comes inside and suji leaves..
Ragini keeps her hands on her hips…
Ragini: duffer get up..daily a natak ..
Sanskar irritated..: dhakan sone de na…
ragini sits on his back and starts tickling him…
ragini: duffer get up duffer get up

sanskar: aaargh dhakan..shaitan hai tu..always behind my sleep ..
he grabs her with him and encircles his hand around her and makes her lie down with him..
ragini: yaar get up we r getting late for college..
sanskar gets up with irked face and scans her face…
ragini: why do always irritate aunty…
sanskar : because I want to see ur face first..u know na..every morning seeing my dhakan is should and must…
ragini gives a emotional look while sanskar tries to cup her face but she hits him on his head and runs…
sanskar: shaitan…

ragini: chal ready ho…

They both come on bike…
Person1: they r lovers..
Person 2: they r friends
Yes they r lovers because they love each other a lot can’t stay without each other…yes ragini loves him..he was the one who gave her a family..she has been loving him since the time she realized what is love…
Yes they r friends..because sanskar thinks of ragini only as a friend…yes she is special for him..but only a friend..he can go against the world for her but she is only a friend..she is more important than his parents but she is only a friend…
After some days..
Swara: I love u sanskar…
Sanskar : I love u too swara…
Ragini(in mind):this is hard for me…but I want happiness u r sanskar because I love u…
Sanskar: pani puri..
Swara: so cheap..how about ice cream…
Sanskar(dissappointed): yeah sure..
Swara smiles..
Swara: two chocolate icecreams please..
Sanskar: u know my dhakan loves this icecream but she always eats pani puri for me..
Swara gets angry..
Swara: what do u means sanskar..why do u always compare me with her..she is such nosy bi..
Sanskar : swara no need of getting angry..dont dare to say a word against my dhakan..
Swara: fine go to her only..if u r ready to leave her then only come to me
Ragini: u completely forgot me duffer..nowadays..ur missing early in the morning..u don’t go to college with me..u don’t find time to talk to me..why…I miss u duffer don’t u miss ur dhakan..
Sanskar comes to her room and hugs her…
Ragini: what happened duffer..
Sanskar: nothing yaar ..i felt like hugging u…
Ragini: had fight with ur swara?

Sanskar broke the hug..
Sanskar : how do u know..yaar dhakan..u always know the reason of my sadness…
Ragini fakes a smile…
Sanskar: what should I do now..
Ragini: go and convince her..do whatever she wants..okay

Sanskar hesitates..
Sanskar: she asked me to stay away from u
Ragini is broken but composes herself..
Ragini: so stay away..duffer ..
He is shocked
Sanskar: what r u staying…u have really become dhakan
Ragini: areh duffer we don’t need to stay together..we r always..
Sanskar: I am a duffer ur my dhakan..
They hug each other..
Anju: swara U won..
Swara: swara always wins..see now this sanskar will break his friendship with ragini
Anju: here Is ur reward..by the way u both look hot together
Swara: its not his speciality..and how can u think that I will love that sanskar..
Anju:he is handsome yaar..
Swara: yeah babes but I need money..
Anju: r u going to dump him now..
Swara: no..he is really hot..till I leave for America I need sanskar beside me..he is a timepass for me…
They hi-fi and laugh
College farewell party…
Swara comes on the stage…
Swara: hey guys..today is the last day…so everyone will say about their partner..first my sanskar
Sanskar smiles and comes on to stage…
Ragini eyes r filled with tears…
Sanskar holds swara’s hand..
Sanskar: I love swara

Swara smiles ..everyone claps
Sanskar: that’s what u all think..
Clapping stops and swara’s smile fades…
Swara: sanky baby what r u saying
Sanskar : truth..swara for u love was timepass..for me love was illusion..for my dhakan ,my ragini love is me..only me..
Swara feels insulted..
Sanskar: I never understood her feelings..but every moment I was coming close to u her heart broke into thousand pieces but never she said a word to me
Thanks to u swara..u r love drama made me realise what is love..I could see the real love in my dhakan’s eyes…
Swara: how can u compare my love with hers..

Sanskar: I am sorry I should not compare…
u were worried about ur happiness..she was worried about my happiness..
U gave me wound..she healed my wound..u know to complain..she knows to compromise
That is my dhakan..I love u ra..I love u..

Ragini is not able to control herself anymore..and come and hugs him…
Sanskar kisses her passionately…
Everyone smile at their bond..swara leaves from there huffing..
Ragini breaks the kiss…

Ragini: duffer..u took so long to realize..
Sanskar holds her waist..
Sanskar: sorry dhakan..I realized long back..I heard u talking to urself..then I heard swara talking to her friend..then I came what is love..I LOVE YOU..will u saty with this duffer for life time..
Ragini: do I have a choice..
He kisses her again passionately…


I know it sucked..this was really bad OS..if I would have given this to OS competition they would have come to hit me..but guys I wanted to try…shoot the comments
So thank u..

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  1. Sindhura

    They won’t hit u
    It’s nice

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks akka

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    Awesome shri too good nice story
    You naughty girl shri?

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    One of the cute os

  5. P112111

    Its awesome akka…….. Superb…… Amazing…….. The definition of love defined by Sanskar is Marvelous….. Wonderful…….. Loved the line… For Ragini love is me……. Hawwwww looks like killing by words….. ??????

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    superb os dear. Loved it. Ragsan were so amazing in it. Thank u for posting this.


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    Awesome dii loved it!!!!!!! ? true love always win!!! Awesome Ragsan!!! !???

    Post ur other ffs too dii…

  10. Amazing. Don’t dare to say bore. Waiting for ur RAGSAN ffs

  11. wonderful.loved it

  12. Asra

    Ohh who’s said it’s bad os….it’s awesome dear…loved it alot…ragsan r soo cute…love them…and dear they didn’t hit u….waiting for ur ff’s…tkcr dear…

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    awesome yaar loved this dakan and duffer ha ha seriously it was funny cute and awesome luv story hmmm really loved confession part

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    awesome shri… i really loved this dhakan and duffer a lot

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    Awesome shri write more os

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    haha…..they won’t hit you shri dear….it was really amazing….quite different then other one shots…..write more and more os

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