Ragsan – OS – college love


Ragini and sanskar are class mates studying inter 2nd year. They hardly speak in class
Ragini is very quite and very studious
Sanskar is the topper of college and handsome

At 5 pm sanskar took his cycle and was returning to his home
On the road he saw a rose and a card
He took it and read
” my dear sanskar…
From the day i saw you i fell in love
I wanted to express my feelings but i couldn’t
But now I’m not going to stop them
I love you sanskar
— your secret admirer”
Sanskar – oh a secret admirer?? I think this is my friends trick

He goes to tution and comes back home
He takes his supper
And unlocks his phone
Sanskar – types Ragini in the phone book and says – oh Ragini you are so cute.. I dnt knw when did iii fall for you.. Its an awesome feeling. I collected your number with so many difficulties but I’m not able to call you.
Suddenly Ragini calls him
Ragini doesn’t know that sanskar is having her no.
He lifts the call
Sanskar – hello who is this??
Ragini – your secret admirer…
Sanskar – what??????
Ragini – yes I’m. You know sanskar i love you so much.
Sanskar – what love?? From when?
Ragini – from the day I saw you
Sanskar feels happy but he dint show
Ragini – sanskar?
Sans – see we don’t know each other i don’t even know your name how can i love you?? And more over i love another girl
Rag – what you love another girl?? Who is she??
Sans – why should I tell you
He cuts the call
Sans – now see Ragini hw will our love happen

Sans and Ragini come to college at the same time no body was there in class
Sans – Ragini..?
Rag – yes Sans
Sans – can I borrow your book?
Rag – yes which book?
Sans – physics I need to complete the notes
Rag – gives him book

After some Time the class fills with boys and girls

Maths teacher comes he is v close to them and says
Mt – today’s children Na they are v spoiled giving abbreviations to everything
Students – what happened sir?
Mt – book baby/boy only one kiss.. See this one they are keepin for everything perk ok and all
Children leave all that not concentrate on our class take your books out
All the class laugh

They complete the college
Ragini without taking her phy book was going out of the college
Sanskar shouted ragini
Ragini – has sanskar??
Sanskar – don’t you need your book??
Ragini remembers maths sir (boy only 1 kiss)
Ragini – what no I dnt want it……
Sanskar comes closer to her and keeps her phy Bok in her hand and said i was talking about this book Ragini
Ragini takes her book and peddals her cycle v fastly

Days pass sanskars and secret admirer’s closeness was getting close
Sec adm – sanskar you said that you love some girl who is she??
San – its Ragini
Sa – feels happy inside and says what?? That chipku??
San – chipku??
Sa – ha every time she sticks to her books
San – ok bye I shld study

Next day in college it’s 9 pm
Some people come yo college and break the glasses
Principl tells that today is a holiday
All the students leave except Ragini who was in wash room
And Sans was waiting for Ragini
Ragini comes to the class and sees Sans
Ragini – sans where are all the student
San – they went to their homes
Ragini – why?
San – some bandh
Ragini – then y r u here
Sans – i was waiting for you
Ragini – for me y??
Sans – because i dnt wnt any1 to hurt u while going home, because you are special for me……he holds her hand……… I love you Ragini……
Ragini hugs him and says i lv u too Sans i was waitin for this moment
Sans – i love ❀. You Ragu……my secret admirer
Ragini with a confused look smiles
Rag – you know??
Sans – yes my dear
Rag – i l u Sans
Sans – i l u 2…….

Happy ending

Credit to: priya

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