Ragsan – one shot – marriages are made in heaven


Sanskar was lying on the middle of road with his bike on him. he was bleeding very badly. suddenly some people in whiter dresses took Sanskar with them
they were angels.
Angel 1 – Sanskar my child get up…
Sanskar gets up
Sanskar – where am i?? i was going to my home…
Angel 2 – you died my son we are taking you too our heaven
Sanskar – what?? heaven?? this is not possible…
They reach heaven the gates were so high with gold color
Angel – you did nothing wrong to anyone thats why you are here my child you can now enjoy everything…
Sanskar gets upset and walks

Days pass away
One day he sees a girl
he goes and talk to her
Sanskar – hello miss??
(She is Ragini)
Ragini – hmm who are you??
Sanskar – i’m sanskar
Ragini – i’m ragini
Sanskar – where are you from?
Ragini – Hyderabad wbu?
Sanskar – heyy same pinch…!!
Ragini – ohh wow!! how did you die??
Sanskar – it was an accident wbu?
Ragini feels bad and says – please dont talk about it
Sanskar – ok ok whats your age??
Ragini – im 28
Sanskar – you are younger to me…. im 29 soo friends??
Ragini – yup why not
Sanskar – now say how did you die??
Ragini – i really feel bad when i remember that. i was raped and murdered……….
Sanskar – ohhh1! it very badd and stop crying….. are they punished??
Ragini – yup after 10 years….. they are now in hell
Sanskar – are you feeling bad??
Ragini – nope but….
Sanskar – but??
Ragini – i want to show how it feels…what was i going through
Sanskar – byee i must goo

Sanskar goes to one of the angels
Angel 1 – sanskar, what are you doing here??
Sanskar – actually i need to go to hell please dont say no
Angel – what??? but why??
Sanskar – please we will just visit it
Angel – its our responsibility to keep you happy so i ll allow you both to go
Sanskar – that means you know that im asking abt ragini??
Angel – yes my child now you can go

Sanskar takes Ragini to the hell
It was very scary….. big gate with fire all over it
they both go inside hell
Sanskar finds yama and asks him

Sanskar – sir actually we want to punish few people for their bad deeds please allow us
Yama – what are we for??
Sanskar – please sir its her last wish…
Yama – ok but only an hour
Sanskar – thank you soo much sir

Sanskar – Ragini tell me who are they??
Ragini points her finger towards 2 people
Sanskar goes near them
Sanskar – so here you are
p1 – who are you??
Sanskar – a somebody
sanskar took a big stick which contained small nails and gave it to ragini
Sanskar – ragini take this and beat him
Ragini – Sanskar….!!
p2 – Ragini????
Sanskar – Ragini go ahead
Ragini cries v badly and takes that stick and beats them
p1 & p2 – please dont beat us
they are shouting in pain
Ragini – nw undrstod how pain it ws for me???? u both killed me…..this is very small punishment she beats with her full power they both were bleeding
Suddenly some one comes and says – one hour completed you may go

Sanskar and Ragini reach heaven
Ragini – Sanskar you know what im feeling really better thanks for that
Sanskar – no sorry no thanks ragini
Ragini – but still thank u soo much *hug*

some days pass
they both were in deep love with each other
they both decide to propose each other
Ragini – Sanskar where were you?? i was searching for you…
Sanskar – i need to say something
Ragini – no no first me
Sanskar – nooooo me
Ragini – ok both at a time ready 3 …2…..1
Sanskar and Ragini – I love you
Sanskar – so you were sayin the same thing
Ragini – yes Sanskar yessss

suddenly some one comes in btw them
its An Angel ( i dnt knw who controls heaven thats y writing it as an angel)
Angel – its very rare that couples are made in heaven……. you know its your last day here… you must go back to your earth this time you both are related to each other you are born in the same house…… you are lucky that you both dont have struggels to find each other
Ragini – wow!!! its awesome… thank you thank you soo much
Sanskar – yess thak you it really means a lot
Ragin – that means we have only one day to spend with each other…
Angel – yes my dear now go and enjoy…

Sanskar and Ragini spent their day together laughing talking smiling
end of the day
Angel – sanskar and ragini come….. its time to go
They both feel bad at the same time happy they reach earth and occupy their small bodies in their mothers womb

*A new start of Ragsan*
*happily everafter*

Hope you guys like it…………..

Credit to: priya

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  1. wow priya it’s like a modern fantasy film….and u know that punishment was amazing I wish in real also the guys who misbehave with girls should be done like that only?

    1. Thanks priyaaa πŸ™‚

  2. A sweet and different story ?

    1. Thanks Eva πŸ™‚

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  4. Superb.it’s uniqe

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  5. Beautiful story!!

    1. Thanks ananya πŸ™‚

  6. no words for your thoughts…..I loved it…priya rocks…..

    1. Thanks afa πŸ™‚

  7. Wow what an idea…ur superb dear

    1. Thanks lila πŸ™‚

  8. Awesome really liked your story

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  9. Super concept loved it

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  10. Nice yaar fantacy OS

    1. Thanks priya πŸ™‚

  11. I loved it

    1. Thanks venni

  12. wow Priya its such a lovely story πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks sarika

  13. priya u r superb. sry for the late cmnt

    1. Thanks aastha

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