Ragsan – one shot – its life

Sanskar – Ragini…?? Where are you??
Ragini – Haa Sanskar i’m coming
Sanskar – see whats the time??
Ragini – its 10pm dear
Sanskar – come and sleep
Ragini – what?? sleep?? what about story??
Sanskar – are you a kid??

Ragini – Sanskar please na……
Sanskar – a kiss
Ragini – ok nt more than one
she kisses him
Sanskar – ok i will tell you our story
Ragini – our story?? 🙂
Sanskar – hmm yup now stop listen

” It was Raining 5 pm. you were wearing a white chudidhar. my bike got repaired so i came to bus stop. I saw you and was mesmerized. but you were seeing the other side. just then a bus cam and you were not there. I searched for you. finally again in shiv ji’s temple i saw you in a half saree. i think it was of light blue colour. you prayed and went out. I came behind you. you thought i was a theif and slapped me and said ‘you stupid, why are you following me??’ and i was just seeing your cute face. the next day i joined in your office. you came to me and asked for forgiveness. i was just smiling. we both travelled together to our office as our houses are side by side.

One day again it was raining, there was a power cut and no one was there in our house. so you came to my home… you were wearing a half saree again this time white. you were fully wet you left your hair open i gave you towel. you were cleaning the water. that time i saw your waist. i was controlling my self not to touch or see you. but i was continously seeing that. i think you saw me seeing your waist you covered it with your pallu and sat on sofa. it was 9pm. we both were v silent. suddenly you heard a sound i dont remember what it is… you came near me and held my hand very tightly. we both slept on sofas.

Next day morning when i woke up you went to your house. i saw my family members in my house and said about you. they agreed and asked your hand for me..
luckily your parents also agree for the same. we both engaged on the same day. and after two months we got married. and our first night….. i dont think you dnt remember this… we both were awake the whole night enjoyin each others company 😉 . that day you said you dnt want any kids and i agreed for that. we both decided to give our half of the salaries to the needy people and we did so.. we travelled many places and the loveliest place ever visited was ladakh soo good. from that day we were 28 to this day now we are 60 yrs nothing changed. i will tell a story you will fall asleep. our love to each other… oh god!! ”

Saying this he sees Ragini. she was sleeping very peacefully.
Sanskar – 30 years passed but you are atill the same ragini. he kisses her on her fore head…….

Love is the feeling for which you dont need to die, but you need to grow older together……………..

Credit to: priya


  1. Aastha

    nice dear when i read o
    half of part i thought now they bcme old. u also said the same. i think u have nice skill in writing os.

  2. bisha

    Priya!! That was awesomely written and overly sweet. A very practical and perfect story. Wow!! I should clap hands dear. Keep writing dear such awesome os.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.