Ragsan: That one night changed everything. {OneShot}

– Ragini
– Sanskar
– Laksh
– Swara
– The normal Gadodia family
– The normal Maheshwari family

This story starts when Ragini gets exposed.

Sharmishta: I loved you as my own child but you, what have you done to me and my daughter chiii.
Dadi: what is this laado did I teach you to be like this. I am ashamed of you
Shekar: chiii I and ashamed of you and to call you a daughter I am really ashamed to say that you are mine and janaki’s daughter. (Ragini was shocked)
Swara: what have I done to you, that you tried to kill me!! I loved you as my own sister but you.
Laksh: I hate you Ragini, you are really selfish.
Sanskar: please stop ✋ what are guys hurting her with words I wanted to expose Ragini as she was Turing onto be really bad it’s because of me that Ragini turned to be like this and please stop I can’t take you guys shouting at her.
Swara: what is wrong with you sanskar why are you all of a sudden supporting her
Sanskar: Because I LOVE HER!! From the first time I saw her I started loving her but she loved Laksh but what did Laksh do to her just use her and break her heart.
(Ragini was shocked to here this from sanskar but one the other side she know that someone is willing to save her and support her)
Even after this everyone was taunting her, all the Maheshwari were say bad things about her(except Sujatha, Parineeta, Adhrash and Ram)… but just then…

AP: I can’t believe I chose you for my son I thought you would be a perfect baby but you Chiii, you characterless girl is this what you mum taught you.
That word was just enough for Ragini.

Ragini: STOP!!! (Shocking everyone, as she’s never raised her voice ever) ENOUGH.
Ragini walk towards Ap.
Ragini: what did you say is this what my mum taught me. NO, NO she didn’t. LET ME ASK YOU SOMETHINF BEFORE YOU START JUDGING WHAT MY MUMS TAUGHT ME. so basically for you whatever I have done was wrong and betrayal. What have you taught you son? How to cheat girls and break their hearts?
Laksh: Ragini!
Ragini: Mr Maheshwari I was not speaking to you. Come one answer me Mrs Anapoorna Maheshwari. ( she bends her head) got nothing to say? Why would you, you should be ashamed of your son first of all before judging what my mums taught me okay you should check if what you’ve taught you son the right and wrong okay?
Now, Mrs sharmishta what did you say to love me like you love swara? Oh please if you did love me like you’ve loved swara you wouldn’t have agreed for swalaks Marriage instead you was really happy and excited, if you love me as a mother, a mother would know what her child wants and doesn’t want. And remember in mind if I didn’t accept you as my mother you would have still been a single mother that doesn’t even have the actual surname for the child, you only got the respect ✊ after I have accepted you as my mother otherwise you would have been the lady who doesn’t even know the father for her child in our society.
Papa no sorry Mr shekar, what did you say that your ashamed of me, I should be ashamed of you for being so scared for you parents when you loved someone and slept with her you still said no that you didn’t love her because you was scared of you dad and mum and married my mum janaki for the sake of your parents but I know that you loved mum to the core and still do. But what did you say mum would be ashamed of me? No Mr shekar, she would be ashamed of you for not understanding you daughters feelings and treating her partially with your other daughter who just came in to your life now. So chiiii what sort of father are you.
Swara: Ragini!!
Ragini: WHAT??? (Swara got scared abit) wait I’m coming to you next. What did you say Miss Swara Bose sorry or should I say Miss swara Gadodai you recent surname.
You asked me what you have done to me?? OHHH I have a lot to say wait let me list them.
– coming in to my life
– Breaking my engagement
– Stealing my fiancé
– Stealing my dad and dadi
– Acting like an innocent person.
– Loving the person I loved.
I can go on with the list.
You did everything snatched everything away from me that’s what you did. So I think you can’t talk you blo*dy B****.
Now, Mr Laksh Maheshwari what did you say I’m selfish??? She starts to laugh ? ? your… your faking about being selfish I think I didn’t need to say anything but you your self think about how selfish you have been a while back.
Finally to Sanskar.
I know sanskar you’ve always loved me I knew this from the hospital time when you saved me. But I ignored to I thought it was not real but now I know it is I don’t know what to say because of you today I’m here but I could have listen to you but I didn’t I’m sorry.
Don’t worry I am leaving now I will it disturb anyone. And Mr Laksh you divorce notice will be in you’d hands by tomorrow evening with my sign ( shocked everyone except sanskar)
She was about to leave sanskar holds her wrist.
Sans: I will not stay where you are not there we will leave together. Ragini nods

Just then Sujatha and Ram comes to them and said.
Suj: to be Honest with everyone Me and Ram ji always loved Ragini and wanted her to be my bahu I was going to ask for Ragini hand for sanskar after swalaks marriage but everything turned upside down but now I am with Ragini and will always be with her
Ram: I agree with suju sorry bhai but my family will me leaving with them too.
Parineeta and Adhrash comes and says: we have always thought ? Ragini as our younger sister no no our actual younger sister
Pari: I’ve never had any sisters so I thought Ragini as my sister and shared everything with her my ups and downs for me I didn’t what she has done is wrong as she’s always wanted was love and care but she never got that. So me and adhh had decided that we will go with Ragini.
Ragini was happy inside that she’s got their love ❤️
Ragini: no please stay if you all come with me then what will happen to them they will blame everything one me again and even would say I have done black magic or something on you and turned you guys against them. So please stay.
Pari: no ragu no we will come with you no matter what.
All silently leaves MM.
Dp: stop?? What are doing??
Don’t leave please.
Adhrash: no papa we can’t sorry ?
Ram: sorry Bhai we can’t, please do enjoy with your selfish son and co.

All leaves.
Out side MM.
Sansksar: where will we go?
Ragini: come with me.

They all go to a big palace it says ‘Patel Mansion’
Sanskar: who’s place is this Ragini
Ragini: sansku shhhh and come with me.
San: okay my love
Ragini smiles hearing this, so does the others.
They all go on in.
Ragini: nanu, nani, ma
Three people come out running out of their rooms.
Everyone was shacked to she Ragini calling someone ma
They see the lady and it was janaki and her parents.
San: Ragini janaki ma’s alive?
Ragini: nods yes
San: But how
Janaki: I’ll tell you beta, basically that day I went behind dadi ma and I fell of the stairs and I was admitted in the hospital they said that I was dead because I told them to say that and I informed my parents and told them they were really angry with dadi and shekar. How trouble they cheat me so they took me away from them. Now tell me what happen
Ragini: narrates everything that has happened. Which shocks them.
Janaki: that done all that to you?? And now they are blaming you. What is wrong with them. They are monsters. Anyways I don’t care ??‍♀️. You are going to give divorce for Laksh and I will marry you to a good boy.
Suj: janaki ji, I am sanskars mother if you don’t mind can I ask for ragini’s hand in for marriage for sanskar my son?
Janaki: but aren’t you the Maheshwari people
Ragini: yes ma they are they all had trust in me can left them for me.
Janaki: okay beta but are you okay and do you want to get married to sanskar?
Ragini: ma it’s your wish I don’t mind whoever you choose, but I want to show them who I am and get going with your business and want to bring it to the top.
Janaki: okay that’s fine, sujatha ji I will give you Ragini’s hand in for marriage.
Everyone was happy ?
Ragini: Papa, sanskar and bhai will you be with me in the business to bring it to NO1?
ALL: yes Ragini we will.

Next day.


Ap: I can’t believe everyone has left us for that girl.
Dp: it is all because of you and your son. What you said to her was not right you should have thought about what you was going to say.
Laksh: papa please stop taking her side
Dp: you shut up ? Laksh we are in this situation because if you.
Just then Ragini comes in with sanskar.
Ragini: excuse me
Laksh: why did you come here
Ragini: I don’t come here to beg you to give me a chance or anything like that.
I came here to give you the divorce papers that I’ve signed and just want you to sign it and we will be over. I will never have something to do with the family of yours.

She have the papers and she was just about to leave then the gadodai’s came.
Shekar: where are you staying Ragini do you know worries we were.
Ragini: oh please don’t act it doesn’t look good on you
They were shock because the Maheshwaris probably thought that Ragini went to badi but she didn’t and also she spoke like this to her father.
Shekar: Please beta I’m sorry I was just angry on you for doing all this please
Ragini: don’t act Mr Gadodia
Swara: why are speaking like this to papa ?
Ragini: you and you mother stay away from me. Who are you to interrupt the conversation between me and him?
Sharmishta: Ragini is it you speaking like this.
Ragini: yes mrs sharmishta. You all made me like this.
Shekar: please come back home
Ragini: which home were you talking about ?
Shekar: please beta please come back
Ragini: no I will not I have my nanu, nani and ma’s house that’s where we will stay and you all stay away from us.
Shekar is shocked: they are alive? ( because he didn’t know that janaki’s parents are alive)
Ragini: yes they are.

Ragsan leave the place leaving everyone utterly shocked.
After all those incidents raglak are both divorced.

Couple of months later,
Ragini’s company is number one in India RS industries. Ragsan got married (The Maheshwaris and the gadodia’s don’t know that’s ragsans company, swalak didn’t get married as they lost love for each other they we jut close friends).

Patel Mansion

Ragsan’s room.

Ragini was sitting on the bed was crying
Sanskar comes in and see her crying and got worried.
San: what happened Ragini?
Ragini: nothing Sansku
San: please tell me
Ragini: I’m sorry sanskar I have made you go through the difficulties with me I’m really sorry.
San: no rag…
ragini: let me speak San. I know you have been there for me but what have I given you. And you didn’t expect that much from this marriage and I didn’t even let you take the rights of a husband Just pain why do you love me so much?
But in one way I am lucky ? I would have never thought I would have been this happy ?? if I was with Laksh sorry will you accept me? Will accept me with the flaw and bad images I’ve got?
Sanaskar immediately hugs ? Ragini as he is overwhelmed with her love ? for him.

Sanskar blindfolds Ragini and takes her aside and the rest follows them.
There was a if sign saying ‘I love you Ragini’ ❤️.
Sanskar take her blindfold off and Ragini was suprised.
He kneels down and says: Ragini, I know I have done a lot to you in the past but I love you so much I did it because I wanted you to be in my life. Will you be with me forever?
Ragini gets emotional ? and nods yes.
Ragini got him up and kissed him it was a passionate kiss.

Sans: so are you ready to give me my rights as a husband now? ?
Ragin bringing laksh in to this. But I want you to know one thing is that I love you ??, I love you to the core, this is actually coming from my heart I’m just not saying this for the sake of it but, I LOVE YOU!!!
raginii: nods they have an emotional ? talk and they took their relationship to another level. ( I don’t want to disturb their night)

Next morning…

They went to have breakfast ?.
Everyone was looking at then as if they have seen then before.
Ragini: what? Why is everyone looking at us like this?
Sans: that’s what I don’t know either
All: because we can see both of your faces glow in happiness today
Ragini: it’s Nothing can’t we even be happy.
Sans: exactly don’t we have rights too be happy.
Suj : don’t lie something happen last night.
Ram: exactly so
now what is making you so happy
Sans: nothing really.
Janaki: don’t lie
Sans: ummm hmmmm
Pari: why are you stuttering for??
Ragini: sanskar.
Sans: okay I’ll tell you, Ragini accepted me as her husband that’s why we so happy
Adh: there something more to this tell us
Sans: Anna(bro)
Pari(whispers): understand what they mean by she’s accepted him. What do you think would have happen last night.
Adh: ohhhhhhh ( loudly)
Pari hits her head.
All laugh Ragsan blush ?

A month later:

As RS industries has been the no1 there was a award ? function and for the companies that are leading.

Everyone was seated including the Maheshwari’s and gadodia’s.
Then that moment freezes for them when they call RS industries up on stage to grant them their awards.
It was no one other than Ragini and sanskar holding hands. This irked Laksh as he started to fall for Ragini.

Host: I welcome Mr and Mrs sanskar Maheshwari. Please do tell us the secret of you guys becoming no1 in this industry with in a couple of months.
Ragini: I first thank my husband (Laksh’s heartbroken)for being the pillar and moral for me his been there through thick and thin with me in this process. He has worked days and nights, same goes with my brother please come up bhai
Adhrash comes up on stage, if these two wasn’t there for me and my family we would still be not known. And finally I want to welcome the founder of RS industries Janaki Patel(she comes up the stage, the Maheshwari and co was really shocked to hear ? the name and see the person because it’s actually Ragini’s mother janaki). If she wasn’t there for all of us we are not who we are now.
Janaki: Ragu, you are my daughter and you deserve absolutely everything. And that’s what I have given to you not like other people who doesn’t understand a persons feelings (indirecting it to the Maheshwari and co).

All leaves the stage and function by saying thank you.
But outside there was a surprise waiting for them.

Both Ragsan were walking out from the function.
Swear stops them
Swara: what are you doing?
Ragini: Cant you see we are trying to get to our home ?, is there something wrong
Swara: yes everything is wrong.
Ragini: what now don’t I even have the right to go to my house and live peace fully?
Swara: you can but sanskar is coming with me
Ragini: lol swara are you stupid first you came after Laksh and now what sanskar?
Swara: but you took Laksh away from me then and now your talking sanskar away from me.
Ragini: I am not taking him away from you he only loved and loves ❤️ me. And I did talk Laksh away but I gave him back so just leave us.
Swara: no Ragini I can’t, I love him.
Ragini: sanskar can you please tell her to leave us alone.
Swara: no he wouldn’t say it.
San: why wouldn’t I, look ? swara I don’t love you and I didn’t love you in the past. I have only loved and love Ragini. Do you get that?
Laksh: what nooooo tie can’t happen Ragini you loved me not him
Ragini: LOVED you Laksh not any more by in my life it’s only sanskar and will only be him.
Laksh: please Ragini I’m sorry don’t punish me like this please.
Ragini: who am I to punish you Laksh please just get out of our lives.

Just then someone pulled swara and Laksh aside.
It was janaki.
Jan: don’t you have the Sense to leave my children alone? Why are you always behind their happiness.
Swara: please stay out of this. Who are you to get involved.
( all of a sudden she receives a slap)
Ragini slapped her: who do you think you are to speak to my mother like this. You low life girl. Don’t talk to my mum like that.
Jan: what else do you expect from her. Daughter like mother. Snatching people’s love.

The Maheshwari’s, gadodia’s gathered around them…

Ap: what’s going on here
Ragini: oh look ? the unwanteds are here.
Shekar: why are speaking like this Ragini? We are your family
Ragini: family? What family? I only have two family that my mum, nani, nanu and my husbands family.
Shekar: janaki, your still alive?
Janaki I: that I wouldn’t be alive and been dead by now… actually no Mr Shekar Gadodia I am still alive and healthy
Shekar: but how is that possible the doctor said that you are no more
Janaki: you wouldn’t know because you left me in the hospital there itself… after a few hours you left I survived from dead by gods grace.
Shekar: janaki please forgive me
Janaki: no I will not i am not going to forgive you… for what you have done with my daughter showing partiality between her and you other daughter.
Shekar: please, please don’t say like that.
Janaki: then what do you expect me to say?
Shekar: I don’t know but please forgive and be apart of us.
Janaki: never I would never share my husband with anyone and if there is a situation like that I would rather stay with my parents and my daughter rather then living with a helpless man like you.
Shekar looks to the ground…
Sharmishta walks in: who are you to speak to my husband like this?
Sharmishta: well you are the one who stole my love
Janaki: I didn’t snatch your love your love married me without telling me that he loved someone else as he was scared of his mother
Sharmishta: you… before she could say anything she received a slap from Shekar
Swara: papa
Shekar: not now swara, mishti to be honest I had never loved you… it was just an infatuation but I didn’t know when we got together… but I married you because ragini wanted us to be together and you what are you saying about her.
Ragini: please mr shekar don’t act in front for my mum after all those word you have used that day now you are changing it. Oh please don’t act. Don’t make a scene here please. Come Sanskar.

All the patels and sanskars family goes home leaving the rest gob smacked.

Patel mansion.

Next morning…

Ragsan where still asleep ? as they had a long night.
Ragini was on sanskars chest.
Sanskar was disturbed by the ray of sun light, he was about get up but he looks at Ragini who was sleeping on his chest like a child ??. Which he found so adorable. He was caressing her hair when Ragini opens her eye and looks at sanskar.
Which reminded her about last night and she blushes also his her face in his chest.
Sans: Ragini you thinking about last night?
Ragini: shies and hides her face in his chest. Stop sanskar.
Sans: I love you ?.
Ragini: I love you ? too.
Sans: okay now come let have a bath together.
Rag: what??
Sans: what? What?

Rag: chiii sanky what type of behaviour is this.
San: what’s wrong in have a bath together. We are husband and wife. What’s there to hide. And first of all I’ve seen you
without anything most the nights ???
Rag: but
Sans: no buts and tuts
Rag: okay but just bath nothing else okay.
Sans: yeh we’ll see ?
Then He takes her to have A bath ?., and you know what happens.

Ragsan came down stairs and All had their breakfast ? and was sitting in the main hall chitchatting. Then they hear ?a voice.

Voice: Ragini
The voice comes near them and they see the person who the voice belongs to… it was swara.
Swara: Ragini, who do you think you are
Ragini: Ragini Sanskar Maheshwari.
Sanskar was proud of Ragini as she has said her whole name.
Swara: no you was Ragini Laksh Maheshwari.
Sanskar got angry ? and closed his fist ??.
Ragini: WAS SWARA WAS NOT ANYMORE. how can I be? I have divorce to him ages ago and the divorce was granted to us. So there is no Laksh Maheshwari. It’s SANSKAR MAHESHWARI. And ONLY I CAN BE MRS RAGINI SANSKAR MAHESHWARI. Do you understand. Now get out.
Sans: comes and side hugs her now do you understand what true love is ?. Do you now understand and feel how Ragini was hurt when she lost her first love and was snatched too. Why didn’t you marry him you both loved each other then why are you disturbing her no us now.
Swara: because we understood our stupidity and know that we both love you guys not each other.
Laksh: stop ? just stop ? everything.
Why are you fighting swara can you see they love each other and we wouldn’t be able to get them back after saying all those things to them. Laksh smirked and then he chuckled Hahahhaa. What did you think I would say these things to you. No I know you guys are just acting for both of us and to get revenge from us.
Janaki: omg ? can’t you both just under stand that they are actually in a relation shit for god sake. You both always played with our children’s emotions. This time I will not leave you if anything happens to them or their happiness.
Shekar: janaki is that you.
Then all of them turns towards the main entrance. Everyone was there and entered in to the house ?.
Janaki: then who else would it be.
Shekar: my janaki was not like this before
Janaki: you all turned me in to this. Especially you Mr Gadodia.
Shekar: please janaki give me another chance please
Janaki: then what about sharmishta the one you loved before and living with currently please just leave me and let me and daughter live in peace atlas you can live with your lovers daughter and family so now leave.
Shekar: please
Janaki: LEAVE
Shekar: doesn’t say anything just stands there
Ragini: just leave it ma their family is always like this why will not live anyone in peace or even die in peace always has something to say about them.
San: Please can you leave us alone and let us live in peace.
All of them were leaving…
All of a sudden Ragini Faints sanskar caught her in a nick of a second.

All turned around the ones who were leaving and got worried expect for swara and mother.

Janaki called the doctor and the doctor (the doc is janaki’s sister) came.
Ragsan room:

All the family members were worried for her as this hasn’t happened before.
The doctor ?‍⚕️ comes out and
San: what happen doctor? ?‍⚕️
Doc: your wife is pregnant…
The maheshwari and co were shocked… especially Swara and Laksh
San: Han thanks doctor ?‍⚕️
Just then sujatha slaps his head and says
Doc: Yes sanskar Ragu is Pregnant she’s on her first month. So take care of her don’t let her pick up heavy items and she needs rest as she seem really stress right now and bring her to the hospital for her first scanning.
San: YES YES YES, and he runs to their room to see his love. ?
He sees his love laying on the bed unconscious he goes and sits next to her and speaks to her belly.
San: hey ? champ, I’m your papa. I will love you and your mother unconditionally and will always be there of you both.
Ragini gains conscious and was confused who is sanskar is talking too.
Rag: sanskuu, who are you talking too?
San: too my love ❤️
Rag: who is that I thought that I was your love ❤️
San: my son
Rag: from whom did you get a son when your my husband (bit angry ?)
San: His in here (pointing ☝️ towards her tummy)
Rag: really? She questioned him, he nodded.
They both hug ? and all the other people come in…
Both their families: congratulations both of you we are really happy for both of you.
The Maheshwaris said sorry ? for what ever they had done and left
Laksh: I’m sorry that I didn’t understand what real love was and tried to separate you both sorry and laksh left
Swara: wasn’t happy but she left as everyone has left and had apologised.

Ragsan’s room:

SAN: finally everything is over and we can live peacefully ??
Rag: yes sanskar. I really happy that I’m carrying our love in me. ?
They both hug each other
Ragsan: I love you ? (in unison)

The End.

Hopefully you guys liked it. ❤️

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