RagSan- You are mine (2nd shot)

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2nd shot….

Ragini looks on with tears. Sanskar gets up. Shekar grabs his collar again and slaps him hard. Ragini shocks.

Shekar: I will put you in police station..! They will see about you…!!!

Ragini runs and holds Shekar’s legs: no papa…! Plz leave him… don’t do that…

Sanskar looks at Ragini.

Sumi comes near Shekar.

Sumi: if we go to police station we get a bad name..!!

Shekar: if he is not kept in police station everyone will blame my daughter..!!

Sumi remains calm.

Dadi: we make ourselves popular by doing so…! Leave this here Shekar..!!

Shekar: maa…! I know what to do..!!

Shekar takes Sanskar to PS. He makes him arrested. But Sanskar remains calm.

Ragini was crying in her room. Sumi is with her.

Dadi: this girl’s horoscope is like that..!! She is always inauspicious..!!

Ragini cries a lot listening to her curses.

Sujatha and Ram comes to know that Sanskar is in PS. They call to Shekar and beg to take back the case. But, Shekar was on his stubbornness.

At last, without knowing to Shekar, Ragini withdraws the case. Sujatha and Ram thanks her a lot. Sanskar silently looks at her.

Ragini comes back to home. Shekar becomes furious on her.

Sujatha and Ram gets furious on Sanskar. But, he remains calm.

He sleeps after sometime. After a while, he feels some hand on his head. He opens his eyes and looks.

It’s Ragini…

San: ragini….

Rag: shh…sleep well. You need rest….

Sanskar smiles looking at her. She is also smiling. He is about to touch her hand, but she disappears. He upsets that it just a dream.

At Ragini’s house,

Ragini was sleeping in her room. She didn’t eat anything. She keeps remembering Sanskar’s words. Then she hears dadi’s words.

Dadi: she is really burden to us..!! I think, she never gets married.

Shekar: maa… we have to be supportive to Ragini now. Instead of that you…

Dadi: why she has to go and release that man from jail again..!? Our house has become center topic for everyone’s discussion. This girl is…!!!

Shekar in anger: stop it maa…!! If you have any problem with her then don’t talk anything..!! Plz…!!!

Ragini decides to take sleeping pills. She holds them in hand. Then someone holds her hand,

Rag: sanskar…??

San: Don’t do this ragini…! U have to live for me..!! Bcz, I can’t live without you..!!

Ragini gets tears in eyes. She drops the pills down and it’s only her imagination…he didn’t come actually.

She sits on bed leaning to wall. She reminds when she has seen Sanskar’s photo first time..! She closes her eyes. Then she feels a warm hand on her hand. She opens her eyes and sees…

Sanskar is actually sitting before her and he is holding her hand. He has a smile.

Ragini thinks that is imagination again…

Rag: did you come again..? Why r u disturbing me from morning..??

San: even you are disturbing me…so i came here to ask why..??

Ragini: ok, now go away.. i have to sleep.

She closes her eyes. And she opens again thinking her imagination might gone away. But, he was still there. He was staring at her in a wide smile.

Ragini rubs her eyes and looks again. He is there.

San: this is not imagination Ragini… I have come really..!!

Ragini shocks and stands.

Rag: why did you come here..?? If anyone sees you..it becomes a big mess again..!!

San: Ragini, i love you a lot… plz accept me. Just say ok, i will go away..!!

Rag: never..! I never love you…!! I hate you..!!

He holds her shoulders tightly.

San: don’t lie..!! I know u want me still..!!

Ragini looks at him in tears: it’s paining. Plz leave..

Sanskar leaves her shoulders: I’m very sorry ragini. I’m not fine since i came to know about ur marriage. I never got angry… but the thought which is making me far from you is making me angry..!!! Ragini, i need you. I want to live with you forever..!!!

Just then dadi comes. Sanskar hides under bed.

Dadi holds the door.

Dadi: why did u go to police station..??

Rag: dadi maa, I don’t wanted to see him suffered. His parents were sad…so…

Dadi: if we leave you like this…u fly anywhere you want. I have to lock you inside..!!

She says and locks the the door. “Dadi maa.,!” Shouts ragini. But she goes away.

Now, she is alone in room with Sanskar. He can’t escape from window. He peeped into her room from door.

Sanskar comes out and smiles looking at Ragini.

Rag: now how you will go..??

San: why should I go..?? I can happily stay here and see you..!!!

Ragini cheeks start turning red, so she turns other side. She nervously keep rubbing her palms. Sanskar observes her worry.

San: ragini, what are you going to do if our families agree for our marriage…?

Rag: I would never agree for that..!! Bcz, u r the reason for everything..!! Moreover, our families never agree for this marriage..!!

San: they will…!!

Says Sanskar and calls to someone. Ragini looks on…

Suj: Sanskar…!! Where r u..???

San: maa…I won’t come home until u fix my marriage with ragini..!!!

Suj: Sanskar.. I’m ok with ur decision..!! But, shekar ji will not agree with this after this much mess up..!!

San: maa… I don’t know anything..!! That time Ragini’s parents have requested you and you didn’t accept. Now, you request them..!!!

Suj: why r u back of that girl..?? There r many more girls for you..!! Her horoscope is not nice even..

Sanskar looking at Ragini: there may be many girls for me… but I want only Ragini…

He cuts the call. Ragini amazes with his words.

San: it’s true Ragini..!! I love u a lot..!!!

She remains calm and sits on bed. Sanskar sits at a corner down looking at her. She was looking down..but he was looking at her.

Rag: don’t you sleep..??

Sanskar nods negatively.

Ragini leans her head to wall of bed. He was still looking at her.

San pov…

“If she really hates me, she would have shouted as soon as she see me. And, she is ready to be silent even if I’m alone with her in locked room. That means, she trust me..!! Why does she trust me..?? Bcz…she loves me..!!”

Sanskar smiles.

Ragini slowly dozes off. Sanskar too falls asleep looking at her.

Next morning…

Ragini wakes. She looks at Sanskar. He is sleeping as a kid. She unknowingly smiles. Then she hears someone opening the door. She shocks and locks the door from inside.

Dadi: open the door ladoo..

Ragini runs and wakes Sanskar.

Rag: dadi maa is here..! Hide some where.,!!

Sanskar gets alert and hides behind a cupboard. Ragini opens the door.

Dadi maa holds her hand and takes her to hall. She is shocked to see Sujatha and Ram.

Shekar and Sumi are talking with them.

Dadi: they have come to talk with alliance. Your father didn’t agree. But, it’s hard to do ur marriage again. Now, decision is on you. Will you like to marry that boy..??

Ragini is now in confusion.

Sujatha: ragini beta…plz agree. If u agree only sanskar comes to home..!

Shekar: ragu..no force..!! Now Me and maa will do whatever you want happily bcz.. u were bond to our words till now. Now, we all are bond to your words.

Ragini looks on… Sanskar keeps looking from inside..what Ragini would say..?

Ragini pov…

“It’s true I like him. Even he loves me. But, he is the reason for all sorrow in our house. Now, what should I do..? I have to marry him..? Or shouldn’t I..??”

Shot 2 finish……..

Shot 3… based on all ur replies. What do u think guys, rag should accept sanky..?

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