RagSan- You are mine (1st shot)

A black masked guy gets out of car, looks at a marriage hall. He covers his face and enters the hall. Not from entrance from a window.

Bride is Ragini.

Sumi: ragu, change and come fast. Time is moving…

Ragini: everyone go out..! I have to change.

All goes out. Ragini is about to remove pins from her saree, she sees a black masked man and shocks. She is about to shout, but he keeps chloroform and makes her unconscious.

He takes away her in car secretly.


After sometime,

She opens her eyes and realizes that she is in a room….where bed tv ac all are there. Her head is spinning, she remembers what has happened before. Soon she gets up and tries to go, but suddenly she is held by someone. She looks back and shocks to see that man…!!!

He is no one but… Sanskar…!!

Rag shocks: sanskar….!!!!

She jerks his hand.

Rag: how dare you to bring me here…!!! There’s my marriage happening and you…

San: I don’t want that marriage to be done Ragini..!!!

Rag: who are you to say that…!???

San: bcz, I love you….!!!!

Ragini shocks with his statement.

Rag: what the heck you are talking..??

San: yes ragini. It’s not heck. It’s truth. I love you..and I want you in my life…

Ragini is speechless. Soon tears flow down from her eyes. Bcz, she wanted to listen those words long back… but she is listening today…after everything is about to over…

A long silence prevails…. sanskar is about to wipe the tear on her cheek. She turns her face.

San: that means, even you love me naa Ragini….

She then looks at a rage towards him.

Rag: why should I tell you..?? You are a stranger to me…!! You were just a photo, who ignored me…When my parents were seeing matches for me..!! I was not angry on you…. we too ignored you and moved on…

San: I never ignored you Ragini…my parents informed me wrong that you are actually not interested…!!

Rag: not interested..?? Did you know how many times my parents have contacted ur parents…?? It is your mother who said our horoscopes aren’t matching..! Let’s stop this alliance..!

San: I’m sorry for that Ragini… I never known about it… I came back to India, just for you. I wanted to convince your parents, but… your marriage was already fixed..!!

Rag: so, I have to get married now..!! Let me go…!!!

Ragini is about to touch the door, he stands at door. She shocks.

San: I won’t let you go…! When 1st time I saw your pic, then only I fixed, that you are mine..,!! You have to be mine…!!!

Rag: never…!!!

Sanskar gets angry…he takes her and ties her hand to a chain so that she can’t escape. Ragini starts crying.

Rag: why are you doing this..? My parents and relatives are looking for me. If this marriage is not done, what happens to their prestige..? They might think, that I have eloped. Plz sanskar…!!! Let me go…!!

San: Ragini, I want to marry you..!

Ragini looks on…

San: I don’t know, what your parents and my parents talked but…only one thing is I love you… and I want to know whether you like me..??

Ragini turns her face.

San: at least… tell me that you don’t like that groom..!!

Rag: yes..!! I like him..!! I love him a lot…!!

San shouts: don’t lie..!!!

Rag shocks and fears with his shout.

San: he is a uncle like looking man…who is not at all suitable for you..!! And you are saying that you love that white buffalo..?? Not just you..!! No other girl also likes him..!!

Rag shouts: then what should I do…??

Sanskar becomes calm.

Rag: I have a problem in my horoscope..! Nobody are interested in me..!! I have to cut off my choices to make my parents happy..!! They struggled a lot to make this match..!! And you…ruined it..!!

She cries.

Sanskar cups her face. She shouts, “don’t touch me…!!”

He removes his hands…he was sitting before her.

San: Ragini…don’t cry plz. I’m there na… I will marry you..!! I don’t want these horoscopes and stuff. I just want you….

Rag: I don’t need your mercy..!!

San: it’s not mercy..it’s love..

Ragini closes her eyes weeping silently that he is not going to listen how much she may shout. Sanskar silently comes out to bring her food.

Ragini remembers fb….

It was the time when her parents are looking matches for her. They come across Sanskar’s photo in matrimony. They likes him and first they asks Ragini for her decision. Ragini undergoes love at first sight as soon as she has saw him. She gives positive response.

Her parents calls to Sanskar’s parents who ask them to send Ragini’s photo. Sanskar too likes her looking at photo. He was in US then. Again, it’s Shekar who calls Ram to know their decision…. Ram says… we liked her…

Ragini feels very happy and she starts dreaming about Sanskar. She also imagines how he is going to propose her and how she is going to propose him..!! Even their marriage..

Again, Shekar and shomi calls them to ask their decision… but they don’t give any response. Like that they calls ram and sujatha so many times… but at last… after some days, she tells that horoscopes didn’t match..we are dropping.

At first, Shekar and shomi feels sad for this… but, it’s common while looking for matches. They take it lite, and start looking for others. But Ragini who has grown dreams on him, was shattered a lot.

In front of her parents, she acts as if she is normal…but she used to cry every night before going to sleep. She doesn’t know, but she has that much attraction over him..

Their parents are successful in selecting a groom who is well settled but he has more age. Ragini agrees unwillingly as she doesn’t want to disappoint her parents. That groom is white fat bald..but riche rich… he is some sound business man..!! Even her parents doesn’t like him completely, but he is the only choice who remained after considering caste salary family horoscope this that…

So, the marriage about to happen…this Sanskar kidnapped her.

Fb over…..

Sanskar comes inside with food. Ragini was sleeping being tired. She was on floor. Sanskar keeps plate aside and removes her chain. He places her on bed.

San: I’m sorry for tying you like this Ragini… I’m afraid, that you might run away from me… I don’t want that… plz, be with me….

He takes her hand and about to kiss..but he reminds her words, “don’t touch me..!!”

He keeps her hand aside.

He comes out of room.

Next morning….

Ragini wakes and finds her hand is free from chain…. she soon goes near door and opens…but, Sanskar was already standing in front of door. She shocks.

San: u can’t run away Ragini. This is my farm house.

He gives her a bag, in which some dresses and her daily needs are there.

Rag: how many days you want to lock me here..??

San: I don’t want to lock you Ragini. I just wanted to make you free from that marriage… but, I don’t want to miss you..!! I will agree that I have kidnapped you before all…You have to tell that you love me.

Rag: this is obsession…not love..!!

San with smile: whatever…

Rag: you are so calm as you are thinking that we can’t do you anything right…yes, we can’t do anything… we are middle class people.. we aren’t rich like you..!

Sanskar looks silently at her.

Rag: you may lock me here for 100 years..! But, I never gonna accept you…!!

Sanskar shocks.

Rag: you would have really love me…!! But, this is not the way to express..!! No girl loves a man like you..!!

Sanskar looks on…

Rag: bcz of you…my parents might have been crying there. They might have bend their heads before groom’s family. All might have started taunting me and my parent’s parvarish..! At last, what did you get…?? This is just your foolishness Sanskar…!!!

Sanskar in tears: then what should I have done Ragini…?? It’s breaking my heart when you were going to get married to other…!! I didn’t have best choice than it…

He wipes his tears and holds her hand.

San: ok, I will take you back now..!! I will agree it’s my mistake. I will fall on groom’s feet to accept you..!

He starts taking her…Ragini keeps looking at him.

Ragini and Sanskar reaches their house. All workers were removing all decorations. Ragini runs inside shouting, “papa…”

Shekar looks at her… shomi was in red eyes..!

“Ragu..” she is about go near her. Shekar stops her.

Shekar: Sharmishta..! We don’t have any relation with her from now..! Why did she come again shamelessly..!!

Rag: daddy, I didn’t do anything ..it’s not my mistake..!!

Shekar comes near her and about to raise hand against her…Sanskar holds his hand.

Shekar and Shomi shocks looks at him.

San: I’m sorry to stop u uncle. You have right to raise hand on her, but you can’t when her mistake isn’t there..!!

Shekar takes his hand back.

San: I have kidnapped Ragini.

Shekarmisty shocks.

San: I did that bcz…I wanted to marry her. I love her uncle…

He gets a slap before he completes the dialogue. Shekar slaps him. Ragini shocks.

Shekar: get out…!!!

San: uncle… i love Ragini a lot…!!

Shekar grabs his collar and takes him out… Ragini looks on…

San: uncle…plz try to understand…

Shekar pushes him..Sanskar falls down..!

Ragini looks on with tears.


What happens next…….

1st shot finish…. 2nd shot on the way…..

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