Ragsan a love story episode 9


Sanskar was sitting on table and seeing ragini who is next to me him and sees her weirdly ..
While ragini was stirring coffee with spoon very slowly.
Sanskar:- may i knew what are you doing..
Ragini:- mixing sugar in coffee..
Sanskar:- how much time you will take for that mixing thing.
Ragini:- if i mix fastly then coffee will become cold thats why..
Sanskar :- i hope coffee will be ready before sunrise.
Ragini:- very funny.
Ragini slowly looks towards sanju room where both shadows were shown like running after each other and hugging each other…
Ragini:- god these two naa because of their romance i am stuck with him by saying this she angrily beats coffee cup and that hot coffee spills on her hand and she shouts in pain which makes sanskar worried.
Ragini:- ahhh my hand god ..
Sanskar immediatedly stands and comes next to her..

Ragini is crying in pain by holding her hand and continuosly cries by saying maaa..
Sanskar gets worried and takes her to washbasin and keeps her hand under tap and brings ice tubes from fridge..
He stands next to her and rubing icetubes on her hand..
She jerks her hand back and cries more by saying papa..
Sanskar:- ragini let me treat you otherwise it will pain more..
Ragini:- no i wont its paining a lot i want my papa.
Sanskar comes and back hugs her by taking her hands in to his hands…
Ragini sees him with tears while he assures her..
Sanskar starts rubbing her hands with ice..slowly its starts reducing her pain and she too start slowing her sobbings…
In mean while they both were standing so close to each other that they didnt realise their positions…
Suddenly sanskar starts inhealing her scent from her neck while ragini senses his hot breath on her neck and looks at him.
Both shares eyelock and comes back to senses by sanju calling ragini..
Both feels awkward but manages to escape from their..

Sanju room.
Sanju:- thank u ragini for managing bhai and suddenly falls on her by hugging and presses her burn hand with out knowing and ragini shouts immediatedly..
Sanju gets worried and asks her what happen by seeing her fair hand which turned into complete cherry red colour.
Ragini says everything except their closemoments to sanju.
Sanju cares her hand and says sorry..
Ragini:- hi nothing happened its just a small burn by tomorrow,eveything will be ok..
And you were not at fault ok.
Just then ragini gets a call from her dad and cuts call in happiness.
Sanju:- what happen why are you so happy.
Ragini:- dad work is reducing and he will complete work in just 45 days thats it..
Sanju:- oh but i will miss you.
Ragini:- pagal still 45 days are their naa so lets enjoy alot ok.
Both sleeps…

Next morning..
All sits on dinning table..
Sanskar was looking towards stairs and waiting for ragini arrival.
Sanju is seeing her brother eagerness and smiles to herself.
Sanju:- bhai for whom you are waiting..
Sanskar comes to his senses and says..
For whom i will wait..
Just then ragini comes down and sits next to sanju..
Sanju:- how he your hand raguu by seeing her brother who is watching them from corner of his eyes..
Ragini with out seeing sanskar and says yaa i am fine sanju..
Sanju:- hmm it seems last night treatment went good on your hand.
Ragini remembers last night eyelock between her and sanskar…
While sanskar does same ..
Both eats silently and goes from their..
Sanju thinks in mind:- something happened between them i am sure yestwrday to stop bhai coming to my room ragini did some stupid things if i am not wrong bhai should be angry on her but its seems he is not what might had happen between them…

Precap:- days passes like this

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