Ragsan a love story episode 8


At evening sanskar reaches home and sees whole house empty so he calls servent and asks where are everyone..
Servent:- sanju mam and ragini mam are at back side of house..
Sanskar nodes and moves towards back of house and lisens few kids laughing sounds..
He slowly goes and sees sanju sitting on chair far from them where ragini is surrounded by kids and she was covered with mud..
Kids:- dii do it fast dii we want to see..
Ragini:- arey wait yar i am doing naa and haa after completing also you cant touch it untill it dries completely ok.
Kids:- when can we touch it..
Ragini:- tomorrow night.
Kids:- ok..but dii what are making.
Sanskar leans towards door and seeing all this with a smile on his face….
Kids:- but dii what are doing.
Ragini:- haa the one thing which will be loved by all..
Kids:- wow..
All were seeing her with curosity
Ragini:- done..
All gets up and down comes to her side…
Sanju sees ragini emotionally.
Kids:- maa statue.
Sanskar looks at her statue and gets surprised looks on at ragini.
Ragini:- wont you love your mom.
Kids:- yes.

Ragini:- whether people are small or big good or bad all loves their mom so mom is special…
Kids all hugs ragini and sees sanskar and says..
Babreyyy kadoos bhaiyaa came and by saying this all kids runs from their…
Sanskar opens his mouth by lisening to kids comments and sees ragini and sanju chuckling and sanju leaves from their..
While ragini takes her hand made Statue and started walking from their and keeps it aside to dry ..she turns and sees sanskar
Remembers his words and starts leaving silently…
Sanskar:- i am sorry..
Ragini stops and looks at sanskar.
Sanskar:- i knew fault was mine and i didnt gave you a chance to speak sorry for that and again sorry by talking about your mom without knewing that she is no more.
Ragini:- i have no issues with you and the no problem by talking about my mom as you said you dont knew its ok but coming to scoldings i wont say untill now no one scolded me ya i got scolding but with a reason and you scolded me with out any reason..
She keeps statue their and leaves from their…
Sanskar looks on ….

At night after dinner ragini and sanju were talking with each other and sanskar was checking his files in his room..
Sanju gets a message and her face starts to glow..
Ragini:- oh my god love birds started again it will be better if i sleep…
Ragini sleeps and suddenly sanju started her waking up by shaking her..
Ragini gets up with a jerk and asks what happen.
Sanju shows at a direction Ragini rubs her eyes and widens in shock…
Ragini:- alok what the hell are you doing her…
Alok:- i was missing her and i want to see her at any cost so i came.
Ragini:- are you mad what if you get caught by her brother..
Sanju:- thats why we woke you up so that you will manage him.
Ragini:- no way…
Sanju:- plss bhai had a habit of seeing me before he goes to sleep and he can come at any point so plss
Alok:- plss my bff.
Ragini:- ok ok fine you both are crazy and disguisting i will check on him.
Ragini walks towards his room but finds him on way.
Both looks at each other..
Ragini tries to block his way..
Sanskar:- what are you doing.
Ragini:- blocking your way cant you understand that..
Sanskar:- i can but i am asking why.
Ragini:- i want to give you reply for what ever you said in evening..
Sanskar:- what i said.
Ragini shocks and sansky smriks.
Ragini:- o hello you said sorry and i am gone say its ok to you.
Sanskar:- thank you for forgiving me and about to leave but again ragini blocks his way.
Sanskar:- now what..
Ragini:- lets celebrate i forgive you na i will give you treat.
Sanskar:- i as per rule for forgiving me i should give right.
Ragini:- my rules are different i will give party if i forgive anyones mistake..
So lets goo she catches his hand and drags him.

Precap:- ragsan in kitchen fun and romantic moments..

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