Ragsan a love story episode 7


Sanskar is checking few files or in his room where sanju slept and ragini is sitting out in balcony and watching at moon and thinking deeply .
Ragini:- hmm sanskar thakur is that my fasting is easily noticable to all that even he said that …
I think dad is right mom i should try hard to control my fast eating habit..
By the he is cool just like dad after so much work also he is not looking tried, responsible towards sanju..
She keeps her hand on her cheek enjoying cool breeze by closing her eyes..
Here sanskar closes his files and about to sleep but a cool breeze touches his face and he goes towards his balcony..
He sees at sky and about to go but seez ragini enjoying weather by closing her eyes and a small smile appears on her face seeing that
he too smiles and looks at her for few minutes and realises what he is doing and immediatedly goes to his room shuts off lightz and sleeps..
Here ragini opens eyes and feels as if some one seeing her. she see around and finds no ..
She is too dozes off to sleep.
Early morning sun rays wakez up three of them.
Sanju is brushing teeth while ragini is roaming outside house..
She hears footsteps and sees sanskar jogging in his lawn..
Ragini:- sir has few good habits..
Meanwhile sanju comes out and says shall we go.
Ragini:- yaa….
They both walks out…

After few hours..
Sanskar is rushing to office holding few files he didnt saw who is coming infront of her where ragini is coming holding a water bottle which cap was opened..
both collided with each other and water falls on all his files and becomes wet..
Sanskar anger went in to peeks and started scolding her without realising that his mistake..
Sanskar:- cant you see and walk because of the you all my files has spoiled and why are you caryying water bottle.
Ragini:- i felt thirty i though i will keep one bottle with me instead of going down so many times.
Sanskar:- what will happen if you go 3 to 4 times down cant you get down frequently..oh i forgot you might not have habit of walking in large houses thats why unbeliveble i have a doudt how you going to complete your law..
Dont your mom learned you how to walk..
He takes all his papers and stands up to say more but see ragini eyes were filled with tears…
He stays stunned at that moment Ragini bends down and takes her water bottle goes out immediatedly.
Sanskar holds his head by closed eyes and a hand was placed on his shoulder
He turns and finds sanju..

Sanskar:- sanju i didnt meant to hurt her it all happened all of sudden i was in hurry ..
Sanju:- you came in her way bhai not she onces look around you were standing next to steps..
He sees around and realises his mistake and says shitt…
Sanju:- one more thing bhai…
Ragini mom died while giving birth to her. She never had her mother beside her …her dad is her world..
He have our parents with us for atleast some years but ragini side is not like that..coming to roaming in big houses she is….
Before she could speak further sanskar goes out in search of her.
He starts to find her whole house and finds her atlast at outside garden sitting on bench and crying…
He about to go but gets call from his pa and immediatedly takes his car and leaves from their.
Ragini sees him leaving and wipes her tears by murmuring khadoos thakur.
Sanskar watches her from side mirror and thinks to him self..

Sanskar pov……..
Shit i hurted her alot i knew the pain of loosing mom but she never got mom love i should not have bought personel matter and its just matter of paper i will get copy of them and i still shouted at her being a stupid and instead of saying sorry i am going to office leaving her to cry…
He nodes his head and goes to his office….
Here ragini settles her mood after talking to her dad…
sanju comes out and sees her and sits next to her..
Ragini sees her and smiles where sanju looks at her sadly…
Ragini:- what happen to you suddenly.
Sanju:- i am sorry for my bhai behaviour.
Ragini:- o hello for your bhai behaviour why should you ask sorry and by i way i cried by remembering my momnot because your bhai scolded me.
Our professiors scold us more than him so no worries and one more thing if i became sad for small issues then how come i will become a lawyer you see and tickles sanju
Both laughs together..

Precap:- sanskar watching ragini..

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