Ragsan a love story episode 5


Hi frds….
Ragini reaches home and sees her father so tensed walking here and their…
Ragini reaches to her father and says ..
Rag:- dad what happen why r u so tensed…
Madhav:- its just some business problem .
Ragini:- what happen dad…
Madhav:- i have leave to london for sake of 3 months and i cant take you as you have your final exams.
Rag:- its ok dad i will stay here .
Madhav:- how can you stay alone ragini.
Ragini:- so many servents are their na dad dont worry.
Madhav:- no i cant leave you in between servents ..
Rag:- ok fine then i will stay in sanju house ..group studies also will be completed as we have final exams..
Madhav:- i am leaving after your final exams only..
Rag:- then its cool naa i will stay with her untill you return ok.
Madhav:- but what they will think if you stay for such a long period.
Rag :- wait a second..
She takes her phone and calls to sanju explains everything and gives phone to her dad and says.
Sanju wants to talk with you.
Sanju:- what uncle i thought you are treating me also as your daughter but it seems no..
Madhav:- no maa sanju you were also my daughter..
Sanju:- then why are you hesitating yo leave ragini with me.
Madhav:- ok i sm sorry i will send her ok.
Sanju:- thank you uncle we will enjoy alot.
Madhav:- what about your brother.
Sanju:- no problem from his side uncle he will accept and for your sake once i as will make himto talk with you ok.

Madhav:- thank u beta.
Sanju:- welcome uncle..ok then bye.
Madhav cuts call and hugs ragini and closes his eyes in tension and breaths heavily.
Ragini places her head onhischest and says.
Dad why do i have a feeling that you were hiding something from me any business problem dad.
Madhav:- actually i want to open a new company in your name and before its starts its facing few problems thats why i am going by personel and you will be alright naa.
Ragini:- then take me also with you naa so that i will be infront of your eyes you wont feel tensed about my ware abouts.
Madhav:- no i cant take you
Ragini:- why.
Madhav:- you will get bored you stay at sanju place you people can enjoy for 3 months after all your college is going to complete forever and you will miss each other company.
And for now its so late go and sleep…
Rags kisses his dad on cheecks and goes to her room..
Madhav sits on couch and holds his head and says to himself..
I will make everything fine ragini.
After one month leap.
Ragini sanju and alok was coming out from their exam room and their were very excited..
Alok:- ha ha you two will be so excited naa after you two are going to stay together that 3 months.
Ragini:- some one is here jeousle haa.
Sanju hugs him from side and says. Once we got settled in our lifes then we can get married to each other and we will stay together forever.
Ragini :- hmm enough of your romance shall we go now.
Sanju:- when you will fallen in love then you will understnd.
Ragini:- what i will understand .
Sanju:- u will understand that in love romance will never end.
Ragini:- enough of your romance drama lets goo.
Alok:- ragini u go naa i and sanju wants to spend some time together.
Sanju:- ok ok
Ragini:- ok ok bye…
Sanju and alok were aitting in colz campus and enjoying while ragini peeps out from moving car window and thinks about sanju words.
Ragini in mind:- yaa really i will also fall in love and romances ufff impossible by thinking about itself i am feeling awkward when time comes i cant take uff and turns and sees a car beside her stopped in traffic she sees sanskar with serious face ..
Ragini :- i dont belive he is sanjus brother she was so cool and cute and he is always having a serious face …
Sanskar about to turn towards her but ragini immediatedly hides down and thinks to her self..
Why she was hiding from him..
As if i was his stacker..
Soon they both cars parts away and ragini sits properly..

Precap:- ragini at sanskar house….

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