Ragsan love story Episode 4


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Recap : Sanskar tries to clear misunderstanding of ragini.

Scene start
Ragini : what happened laksh??? U r looking tensed?

Laksh : his hand on his head and say yes ragini I mean tensed because my bestie got accident. My Sanskar in hospital. Tears r rolling down from laksh eyes.
Rags r shocked hearing this rags say what???
Laksh :yes ragini he is in hospital. OK ragini bye I am going to hospital please take care.
He leaves from there with teary-eyed
Rags running towards her car. She vigorously crying. She seats on driving seat and say to herself no this wrong thing can’t be happened with my Sanskar. He is never lived me alone. Then she thinks something and say its mean usne mujhse kaha ki woh kabhi mere life me nhi ayenga it’s mean yeah sab janbhujh kar usne Kiya.
She say no nothing happens to him I m coming Sanskar.
She starts her car.
She reaches hospital.
She runs towards receptionist
She say to receptionist in which room Sanskar. She chakes and says 8 no room. Rags runs towards room. She sees laksh. Laksh also sees rags and say u here what r u doing here.

Rags :laksh please tell me how is he. He is fine name she continously crying ?. Her tears not want to leaving her eyes.

Laksh: he is out of danger. After 3&4 hours he gets conscious. But why u r so crying? Everything fine no?? I mean u r looking so worried?? He hugs her tight and say say I can’t see you in pain.

Rags breaks her hug and say yeah I m fine. She wipes her tears and say can I meet him.

Laksh : yeah of course go.. Then say sry ragini
Ragini :for what?
Laksh :for shouting on u. Sry ragini when I listen this…. I…
He wants to say something ragini say it’s OK laksh.
She entered in room where Sanskar is lying unconscious.

Laksh to himself ragini u know I listen all things when you and Sanskar r talking. Main humesa se woh pyar apne like dekhna chahta tha par aaj first time meine tumhare akho mei woh pyar dekhna what not for me. This is for Sanskar. When u see Sanskar I noticed u. Ur eyes feels with happy. Sanskar u r so lucky.

Rags seats besides Sanskar.
Rags :vigorously crying seeing him in this state. She holds his hand and say I m sorry Sanskar for not trusting. Please Sanskar wake up please open ur eyes for me Sanskar. I am here Sanskar ur love here. Suddenly she wipes her tears and say I want ur explanation Sanskar. Let’s give ur explanation. I want to hear. Please tell me Sanskar please please tell me she start crying.

Precap :Sanskar gets conscious. Swara entry.

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Credit to: Barbie

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