Ragsan a love story episode 4


Ragini getting ready in simple blue and yellow colour salwar and she comes down where alok and madhav was waiting for her..
Ragini:- dad i will come late so wait for me haa dont sleep.
Madhav laughs and says ok but first you say why you dressed so simple..
Ragini:- i cant breath in those heavy and costly clothes dad..
Alok:- shall we go or still you want to talk.
Madhav:- getting restless to meet sanju as if you were going to see her after so many years..
Alok blushes and rubes his hair while ragini and madhav laughs more by seeing his blushing face.
Soon alok and ragini leaves from their.
Sanju is getting ready is light pink knee lenght frock and sees her brother standing at door and smiling at her..
Sanju sees him from mirror and turns towards him.
Sanskar walks towards her and gives her a new technology phone.
Sanju hugs him and thanks him.
Sanskar:- so all your frds came..
Sanju:- why you so excited about my frds..
Sanskar:- actually one of yourbbf called me and scolded me like a teacher by thinking that i forgot your birthday..i just want to see her..
Sanju in mind:- oh my god it must be definetly ragini ..
What i should do..
Sanskar brings her back to senses by waving hand infront of her face.
Sanskar:- so can i knew her name.
Sanju:- why.
Sanskar:- i just want to see her who is ulter most cares about my lil sister ….
So what her name..
Sanju:- ragini k..
A srvent comes and interferes them by saving that her frds came.
Sanskar:- ok go down i will reach after few days minutes ok.
Sanju nodes and goes to from their…
Sanju in mind:- unbeliveble ragini you threaned bhai your are impossible now i dont knew how bhai will react but by seeing his own face i dont think he is anger but i cant trust his anger..
All were reaching one after other..
sanskar is wishing everyone and seeing at sanju who is seeing at door continuosly..
Finally her face glows up by entry of a someone she immediatedly rushed towards them and hugged one girl and seeing at another boy and saying thank you..
Sanju:- you were late ragini..
(Sanskar)By hearing ragini name i turned immediatedly and wanted to see her but my stupid lil sister is blocking her…
Suddey my sanju turned and i saw her god she was bwautifull..
Her eyes got two sizes when she is taking they were big and when she laughing they were becoming small like chinese people…
She is damm beautifull but i thought i never saw her before with my sister by seeing their closness it seems that they best friends..
I was walking towards them just then ragini too saw me and she looked at me for few seconds but immediatedly turned her face and said something in my sister ears and went from their..i was surprised and stand near sanju and asked her by pointing finger towards that girl and asked is she ragini.
Sanju noded slowly and i went towards her where her back was facing me and she is drinking water..
I went and stand a little bit far from her and i said ..
So you are miss. Ragini who called and scolded me by thinking i forgot her birthday..
Ragini turned out towards him having mouth full of water and gulps one in go by seeing me and noded her head..
Ragini:- sanju got sad by thinking that you forgot her birthday and i got sad by seeing her like that and with out thinking i scolded you..
Sanskar:- i want to surprise her as i knew surprise will be given with out knewing to that particular person right.
Ragini nodes..
Sanskar:- so do you want yo say anything ( indirectly asking her to say sorry for him).
Ragini who understand his intension says no immediatedly and leaves from their leaving sanskar to smile at her..
Ragini while walking to sanju pov
Oh my god i felt very embaressed when he look at me like that i dont knew why at one point i liked it but I next i felt uncomfortble while he walking towards me…
And next worst moment is that he got to knew that i was the caller and ya i should say sorry to him but when he asked particularly i dont knew what happen i back off from thinking to ask sorry..uff sanju bhai…impossible..
Everyone reaches their homes after party..

Precap:- problem at ragini house..

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    1. Sindhura

      I am reading dear i think untill now i didnt comment it seems from now i will do

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