Ragsan a love story episode 3


Ragini sits in car and hugs her dad.
Madhav:- sry bunnu got stuck in meeting.
Ragini:- no problem dad i love yo wait for your arrival.
Madhav:- but i hate to make you wait even if its for me…
Ragini pulls his cheecks and says lovely daddy.
Madhav gets a call and see who is calling it..
Ragini:- dad you should not even look at phone while your are on drive.
Madhav keeps phone aside and says ok bunnu..
Sanjana:- busy with your work bhai…
Sanskar:- hmm little bit…
Sanjana:- are you forgetting something which is coming day after tomorrow.
Sanskar:- you knew that i wont forget anything and what their in day after tomorrow to remember.
Sanjana gets sad and says nothing and turns face..
Sanskar slightly laughs…
They both leaves to their home…

Ragini and madhav reaches home
And having snacks..
Sanskar and sanjana goes to their rooms and sanjana calls ragini ..
Ragini:- hi sanju..
Sanju saddly:- bhai forgot my birthday..
Ragini:- what how can he do that wait i will talk to him inshort i will Teach him a lesson.
Sanju:- no u wont do anything you dont knew bhai anger leave it.
Any way bye.
Ragini:- bye…
Both cuts their calls and ragini says anger my foot know see what i will do..

She takes one private sim card and exchanges her present sim card and calls to sanskar..
Ragini taps her finger nails on table by making a music note ..
Sanskar lifts the call and says hello.
Raginis heart suddenly starts to beat fastly but ignores and replies hello is this mr.sanskar thakur speaking.
Sanskar feels strange and says yaa may i knew who is this.
Ragini :- before that may what is your IQ level.
Sanskar:- excuse me.
Ragini:- what excuse me being a successfull business men how can you be a rude idiot brother..
Sanskar:- mind your tongue miss.what ever..
Ragini:- i will mind my tongue and you remember that tomorrow is your lovely sisters birthday idiot and cuts the call immediatedly and removes sim before sanskar could do anything.
Ragini breathes out inrelief.

Here sanskar thinks..
Sanskar:- ajeeb tsunami yar soy sis is upset and said to her frd and she called me and gave a big lecture no problem sissy u will get surprise tomorrow….
By the way who is she…i have to knew about her…
Next day sanju was sleeping peacefully covered with blanket..
Sanskar slowly goes towards her ears and whisperes slowly by rubbing her hair.
Sanskar:- gud mrg princess wake up and liaen to me.
Sanju gets up by rubbing her eyes and says good mrg bhai…
Sanskar:- do you think that i forget about your bday never princess and a very very happy birthday…
Sanju get amazes and hugs him in happiness..

Sanskar:- i am threwing a party for you today evening and call your all frds ok..
Sanju :- ok bhai thank u very much….
Sanskar:- and haa its only your party friendly one no officals from my side ok.
Sanju:- you will be with me naa bhai..
Sanskar:- i will try sanju but i will definetly come down while you are cutting cake ok..
Sanju sad smile says:- ok..
Sanskar:- invite all your frds from now ..
Sanju:- i had only few besties bhaiya i will call them only.
Sanskar:- as your wish princess.
He kisses her forehead and leaves Sanskar pov….

By your call and your concern i can easily guess you as her best friend lets me try to guess you in party too miss.private number..
He smiles and goes to his room.

Sanju calls ragini and shouts in excitement.
Sanju:- ragini ragini bhai wished me and guess what bhai is threwing a party from me that too completely mine no business people bhai didnt forget me…
Ragini:- congo dear…
Sanju:- so you are coming to party early before all people ok.
Ragini:- ok dear now bye bday girl.
Sanju:- bye..
Rags pov
So by my call sir got some senses nice work ragini and i just want to see his kadoos face today in party.

Precap:- sanju bday party.

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