Ragsan a love story episode 2


Ragini waves bye to his father goes and hugs alok infront of sanjana and says wantedly..
Ragini:- i miss you baby..
Sanjans pouts and by seeing her face ragini and alok laughs by hi five to each other..
Ragini hugs sanjana..
They three goes to classes abd scene shifts to sanskar office.
Where he is doing presentation and explaing to his office members…
after presentation all leaves but sanskar stops his pa prakash..
Prakash:- yes sir.
Sanskar:- how is your mother now prakash.

Prakash:- she is fine now sir doctors send her home now …
Sanskar:- then why are you here you must be with your mom.
She needs you.
Prakash:- you too need me naa sir.
Sanskar:- haa but before your mom no one should be important for you..go home and pamper your love like she pampers you.
Prakash:- thank you sir …

Sanskar smiles and prakash goes from their…
Class room.
Proff:- these are important sessions in law remember these all ok.
Ragini slowly:- what are you saying sanjana.
Sanjana slowly:- haa bhai didnt remember my birthday this time.
Ragini:- your bhai is father of kadhoos dukan..
Sanjana:- no he is sweet but just..
Ragini:- just he is emotinal less fool..
Sanjana:- no my bhai is not fool infact my bhai is handsome..
Ragini:- handsome and your bhai funny.
Alok is tapping their shoulders many times finally both turns back and asks what cant you see we both are discussing some thing very important.

Alok point his finger at a direction and a voice comes .
Voice:- can i knew what is very important issue u both were talking while i am taking a very important class…
Sanjana and ragini but gulps by looking at each other and stands up while bending their heads..
Professior:- you both were law students and do you both have any responsibilities towards your
profession shanecon you.
Ragini:- sir its not like that i knew these all case points see i will tell and says all the case numbers and where it will be used and sanjana says remaing case numbers..
Professor nodes his head and says you three were intelligent rank holders and that doesnt mean that you three wont concentrate on classes next time i wont spare you…
they both nodes and sits..
Sanskar gets phone call and says thank you so much so i will receive the parcel personelly and cuts the call and talks to himself..

You will get surprise choti by seeing my gift when you are thinking that i forgot your birthday which cant be happen never…
Sanskar smiles to himself..
Three were walking to canteen.
Ragini:- we got scolding because of your brother only.
Sanjana:- oh hello what my brother did you only started talking about him.did my brother asked us to do discuss about him no naa then its our fault not my brother.
Alok and ragini:- bhai ki chamchi..

Sanjana to ragini:- papa ki chamchi
Sanjana to alok:- maa ki ladla and runs from their where they both you runs after her…
Alok:- sanju lets go out today after college.
Sanjana:- today i cant because bhai will come to receive me.
Alok:- what yar i cant taje you out on your bday because of your brother and today also your brother.
Always bhai bhai..

Sanju:- after knewing about my problem only you loved me right then why you loved me.
Alok:- ok ok i am sorry meri maa Ragini:- this is our last year in this college after this month we will have our final exams so after that why dont you both go and say about your relationship to your parents.
Alok:- from my side no problem .i cant say about her bhai.
Sanju:- by outside may be my bhai is like rock but from inside he is sweet i knew how to say to him ok but give me time….
Ragini:- hmm.ok lets leave..
Ragini and sanjana is waiting outside for their fathers and brother..
Sanskar arrives and sanjana bids bye to her and sits in car.
Sanjana:-bhai she is my best friend ragini…

Sanskar bends and about to see her but her dad car arrives in between them so he cant see her and says ok to sanjana and leaves from their..
Ragini:- dad where bhai..
Madhav:- he went to germany for business trip for 2 months he said that he will call you.
Ragini:- he didnt say even bye to me ..
Madhav smiles by caring her hair…

Precap:- ragini scolding sanskar..

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