Ragsan a love story episode 16

Hi frds i m sorry i could upload
And i may not available frequently for a month but i will try to upload all alone ragini season 2 and another new story..

Ragini was waiting at a coffee shop and soon a hand was placed on her ..
Ragini :- how much time will you take bhai. What is the important thing you want to talk with me.
Ajay:- dad asked sanskar about you both marriage.
Ragini:- what dad .
Ajay:- haa and he said that we should ask first you and if you are ok then we will fix your marriage with him.
Ragini:- whats your opinion bhai.

Ajay:- he is good person ragu and you will be happy with him and what about you.
Ragini:- i like him bhai ..infact i think i love him and he too proposed me and he said that he will lisen to my answer once he got permission from you and dad.
Ajay:- he is good ragu and you will be happy with him and your happiness makes me happy.
Both smiles ..
ajay:- come i will drop you at sanskar house as tomortow is sanju wedding and haa i will tell your answer to dad and you give his reply ok.
Ragini smiles and goes inside..

On the way he meets sanskar who is busy in arrangements and he gets a call and after attending it he smiles widely and his happiness is saying that dad called him.
He turned to me and i looked at him.
i gave a warm yet blushing smile and went to my room.
As preparations are on full swing we eat at different timings..
Sanju is having her beauty sleep and me i am not able to close eyes because i want to confess my feeling but i didnt get a chance and tomorrow it will become impossible ..
Soon i felt a hand on my shoulder i jerked a bit and turned and find sanskar standing near to me and having a packet.

Sanskar:- are you happy.
Ragini:- cant you see in my eyes.
Sanskar:- i can see but their is a disappointment also.
Ragini:- its because i want to say something to you and i didnt got time.
Sanskar:- i am infront of you now naa say what ever you want to say.
Ragini goes near to him..
Cups his face and says.
Ragini:- i love you too mr.sanskar thakur.

Sanskar kisses her forehead and hugs her tightly.
After taking on random stuff he gifts her a beautufull..
Green mix golden colour lehenga and says.
Sanskar:- i want to see you in this..
Ragini gifts him a brouch..
They both hugs each other and lost them selfs..
Next day after completing sanju and alok marriage ..

Madhav announces sanskar and ragini marriage..
After leap of 5 months
Sanju hugs ragini who was just wear her mangalsutra and sindoor by sanskar.
Sanju:- so now i can call you babhi right.
Ragini:- come sanju call me ragini yar..
Sanju:- gor pap lagaiga mujai if i called you with name babhi..
Ragini hugs madhav and ajay emotinaly..

Finally ragini entered into sanskar home 3rd time but this time as mrs.ragini sanskar thakur..
There room was decorated with flowers and scented candles..
Ragini is waiting in center of bed when she hear door locking sound she to jerks little..
Soon pairs of hand same infront of her by removes pallu from her head and smiling face appeared infront of her automatically she too smiles ..
He come forward and hugged her tightly while she rested her head on his chest..
He made her lie and he too lies..
They both get intimate and takes their marriage to next level…

As sanju said they both become most romantic couple and sanskar became second son to madhav and a little bro to ajayy.
like this they all completed a perfect family picture..

The end…..


  1. Crystal089


    |Registered Member

    yaar why did u end so soon……….. Going to badly miss it but story was awesome………. Cute love stroy………. Eagerly waiting for all alone ragini possible update soon…………………..

  2. vk

    Awesome ff
    I have read ur all ff as silent reader
    this is the first time iam commenting iam happy for it if u can plz give epilogue for this ff and one more thing i like ur all alone ragini ff a lot. That was the first ff i have ever read. U R AN AWESOME WRITER=D>=D>=D>=D>

  3. j.

    awesome ending waiting for all alone ragini season 2 actually all alone ragini is the first ff i read and then started reading all others

  4. sinzo

    Omg…..y did u end so early๐Ÿ˜ฑ
    I thought there will be fun between Ragsan , ajay, sanju, alok…..oh no nono…why why….thats nt fair๐Ÿ˜ค

  5. Vyshnavi(vyshu)

    I should say that its a best ff which I have read……but missing it and your story….
    hope you come soon

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