Ragsan a love story episode 15


At car ..
Sanju:- so bhai you proposed my babhi..and she gave you a good response right
Sanskar:-how do you knew..
Sanju:- your face is saying that you were glowing and blushing bhai..
Sanskar:- but she didnt gave any answer to me.
Sanju:- i too knew that .if she would give you answer as yes then you would cuddling to her by forgetting me..
Sanskar holds her ears and says first you concentrate on your wedding preparations..
Sanju smiles and says do that you can marry her immediatedly.
Sanskar:- i can convince her dad but her brother uff..
Sanju:- the way alok convinced you .you should also convince her brother naa bhai.
Sanskar:- hmm u were right..being a brother i can understand ajay worries now i have to convince him..

Here ragini is laying on bed by cuddling to pillow ..
She reminces her and sanskar moments..
She touches her lips and burries her face in pillow and talks to herself..
Really when did i got attracted to him that when he saying i love i just felt like i am tounching clouds and why i didnt oppose him when he kissed me..i am liking his touch infact i controlled my self from hugging him..
What will be bhai reaction when he proposed about our marriage.
She lost againi in her thoughts..
Here sanskar goes to his office and remembers their moments he tooks out his cell and messages to ragini.
Here ragini reads msg as
I love ragini sanskar thakur..
She smiles immediatedly and stay Silent without replying..
Sanju marriage preparations starts in full speed..
Again they visit ragini house and gives wedding card to them.
Sanju goes to ajay..

Sanju:- ajay bhai plss send ragini with me untill my marriage completes please and its just matter of 3 days please.
Ajay looks at madhav and madhav looks at ragini..ragini smiles and pleads him.
they both smiles and says you can take her.
Ragini packs her dresses and jewellary everything which needed..
Ajay:- sanskar please be carefull with her..
Sanskar:- i will take care of her trust me.

Ajay:- i trust u thats why i am sending her..
They both hugs each other..
Ragini sees this from car side mirror and smiles..
Ragini:- seriously bhai patched with him. How and when.untill yesterday he behaved like he was his childhood enemy..
Her thoughts were disturbed by sanju and car door sound.

Sanju:- in whom thoughts u were lost haa.
Sanskar smiles by seeing her threw window..
Ragini:- i am not lost infavt i am planing something against my Elder brother..
Sanju:- why what he did.
Ragini:- its between me and him yar i will say once i deal with him.
Sanju:- ok..
Sanju gets a message from alok soon she started blushing by reading that message..
Ragini looks at her..
Sanju:- what why are you looking at me like that…
Ragini:- seriously stop it .you are going to marry him just in 2 days and you both are chatting with each other impossible…
Ask him to concentrate on his work…
Sanju:- unronantic fellow..

Raginu:- ahaa i had a doudt will you clear.
Sanju:- now what doudt you have..
Ragini:- after marriage will you both talk directly as messaging became a habit for you so will you talk threw messages..
Starts laughing..while sanju pouts and sanskar too smiles..
Sanju:- bhai you are smiling instead of taking my side..
Sanskar:- but now a days you were chatting more even i noticed it.

Sanju:- i hate you bhai and i hate you too ragini..

Ragini smiles and side hugs her…
After some time ragini sees that sanskar is watching her from car mirror.
She gets different type of feeling by his intense gaze on her..
she see in all directions to avoid him but she can feel him ..
After few minutes they reaches home and sanju and ragini goes to their room ..
Instantly ragini ran up to avoid him and he too realises and laughs…
Ragini arranging her jewellary and clothes in guest room.
Ragini:- i am feeling awkward to stay near him.last time i didnt have this feeling but why this time i am feeling differently..i knew that i had feelings towards him but why i am not able to express ..
Lets see what will bhai and dad says to his marriage proposal…
Sanju comes and hugs ragini from back..
Sanju:- where you lost babhi.
Ragini:- sanju…
Sanju:- i mean ragini..
Ragini:- hmm.
Sanju:- answer me naa where were you lost.
Ragini:- no where..
Sanju:- oh i thought you were lost in my bhai world.

Ragini sees her angrily while sanju runs from their.
Ragini smiles to her antics..
Ragini arranges everything and servent calls her for dinner..
Sanskar is waiting for ragini and sanju at dinning table ..
Sanju reaches their and teases her brother for being impatient of seeing ragini so he came so fastly Sanskar:- shut up sanju its nothing like that..
Ragini mean while comes down and sits next to sanju and doesnt see sanskar wantedly and ignores him and starts eating..
Sanju and ragini were sitting opposite to sanskar..

Ragini suddenly lifts her head and started coughing .
Sanju:- are you ok . What happen to you why are you coughing.
Ragini drinks water and sees up towards sanskar and says nothing..
Sanskar smiles and sanju looks doudtedly she slowly peeps down table and sees sanskar teasing ragini with his leg..she smiles and goes from their giving an excuse.
Ragini:- will you please keep you leg with you.
Sanskar:- i cant you see. Right now my heart and my body is not lisening to me .it wants to be with you.

Ragini huffs and goes from their completing her dinner.
She goes to her room and thinks even my heart want same what your heart wants but before i confess to you i have to say to bhai about my feelings ..

Precap:- ragini and ajay coversation

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