Ragsan a love story episode 14


May 3 more episodes are left
After this i will try to upload all alone ragini
Need time frds health issues you see..

Sanskar and sanju goes their seperate rooms..
Sanskar was removing his coat and then finds kajal on his shirt and remembers ragini hugging him and a smile appears on his face..
She is deadly beautifull yar..
Sanju comes their and says bhai ragini shopping bags also came with me..
Sanskar:- we will go and give to her ok.
Sanju:- hmm by that reason we i mean you can see her also right.
Sanskar:- hmm right ..turns to her and says what why u said like that.
Sanju:- come on bhai from first day i am seeing you some where attracted to her and i dont knew what happen yesterday but it seems you were completely lost in her thats why you were saying that she is deadly beautifull…
Sanskar face turns into red and he turns immediatedly to avoid eye contact from sanju.
Saskar:- nothing like that sanju.
Sanju:- you mean she is not beautifull.
Sanskar:- ofcourse she is..i mean nothing.
Sanju:- come on bhai she was deadly beautifull thats why our whole colz was bak of her and few
Were more handsome than you.
Sanskar:- how many boys are back of her ..
Sanju:- why bhai are you jealous..
Sanskar:- why i will be and are seriously they are more handsome than me..
Sanju looks on and suddenly burst out laughing and hugs him..
Sanju:- you are in love bhai that to my bestfriend wow. Make her my babhi soon bhai..
Sanskar smiles and hugs her..
Sanskar:- i just hope she will accept me after that encounter..
What ever i said that day..
Sanju:- everything will be fine..
She will accept you and see you both will be most romantic couple..
Sanskar smiles and cares her hair…..
Ajay and ragini were sitting in hall on sofa..
Ragini was resting her head on ajay lap..
Door bell rings..
Ajay about to get up..
Ragini:- i will see bhai you wait.
Ragini goes and opens door ..
Madhav extends his hands and says hi princess i am back.
Ragini:- papa and hugs him..
Ajay to comes and hugs him.
They three goes and sits in hall.
Ragini:- is your work and everything done papa.
Madhav:- everything was awesome princess…
How is your work done ajay.
Ajay:- super dad perfectly finished.
Ragini:- you freshen up and come dad i will bring coffee for you.
Madhav:- ok dear and leaves from their.
Ragini:- bhai..
Ajay:- no need to say ragini i will not say anything to dad ok..
Ragini and ajay smiles at each other.
Ragini:- will you also have coffee.
Ajay:- hmm why not..
She leaves from their….
Soon madhav comes and sits with ajay they both were talking on random things..
A door bell was lisened ajay goes and opens door and finds sanskar and sanju..
He grieens his teeth but soon sees sanju pleading face and voice of his father he becomes normal.
Madhav:- who is that beta..
Ajay:- sanjana and her brother dad..
Madhav:- then why are making them stand their let them in.
Ajay:- yes dad ..come in sanju and see sanskar angrily..
Sanskar sees madhav and gets happy and takes his blessing.
Madhav:- its good to see you young man.
Sanskar:- i am blessed to meet you sir. You were my role model in and outside business world..
Just then ragini comes out with three coffee and sees them gets surprised..
Automatically she serves coffee for three and says to servent to bring two more coffees.
Sanju:- no ragini lets make your hand made coffee na plss.
Ragini::- ok lets go to kitchen then.
While going sanskar says coffee was really good..
Ragini turns and says thank you coldly…
Ragini and sanju went to kitchen.
Sanju:- i want to give you a good news..
Ragini:- dont tell me you were pregeant ..and laughs..
Sanju:- shut up yar..but chances are coming soon.
Ragini:- what do you mean.
Sanju:- mine and alok marriage was fixed in next 15 days.
Ragini hugs her in happiness and says thats a great news..
Sanju:- shall i ask you one more thing.
Ragini:- i am not angry on your bhai neither forgived him..
Sanju:- i knew mistake was bhais.
Ragini:- he is just over protective about you and i can understand because i have one in my home but that doesnt mean he will insult my character say to your brother that i hate him.
Sanju:- but my brother loves you..
Ragini spills hot coffee and started coughing badly and tells what…
Sanju:- yes he is in love at first meeting only but before he could get grip on his feeling he insulted you .
Ragini:- haa insulted to peeks but say him i hate him.
Sanju:- shall i say him really..
Ragini keeps mum.
Sanju:- i knew you to like him and some where attracted to my brother bhabhi..
Ragini widens her eyes by lisening word babhi ..
Ragini:- what just you called me..
Sanju:- why are you not liking it..
I knew you loving it inside your heart you eyes are showing that you are blushing..
Ragini:- shut up yar ..
They both goes outside..
Madhav blesses sanju for her marriage and ajay congratulates her..
Sanskar forwards few bags to ragini and says yesterday you forgot to take your shopping bags from sanju.
She takes it while looking at ajay who has normal face expression but his eyes showing anger ..
Ragini shows sanskar our house he came first time right.
Ajay:- i will show him papa that to inch to inch.
Sanskar widens his eyes while ragini thinks sanskar gone now.
Madhav:- no ajay we have to leave for a urgent meeting right now and u r also important so come.
So we will meet again at sanju marriage sanskar..
Sanskar:- sure sir..
Madhav and ajay while leaving says to ragini to take care of them.
Ragini nodes and assures her bhai that she is fine..
Sanju:- as i already knew your house so let me have a conversation with alok.
Ragini:- oh plss you again started its better to jump or hang out with your bhai rather than lisening with your lovely talks..
She begans to walk and turns and says to sanskar.
Will you come or i should arrange a red carpet for you.
Sanskar:- that you can arrange when i will come for you as bharat..
Ragini stops walking and turns to him and asks what does that mean.
Sanskar:- i am just saying that do those arrangements in your barat.
and smiles..
Ragini nodes his head and starts walking she bits her lower lip to hide her smile and a little blush.
Sanskar turns back where sanju shows thums up to him.
Ragini started showing one room after the other and they reaches to her room…
Sanskar:- so this is your room by seeing a very big photoframe of her ,ajay and madhav
Ragini:- oh my god how did you guess and makes faces she about to leave.
Sansar holds her hand and drags her to him.
He catches her waist and makes her turn..
Shows their photo frame and few personel photos of ragini and leans towards her ears and says..
By seeing these photos i guessed.
Ragini closes her eyes due his hot whispers on her ears..
Sanskar makes his grip tight and places his chin on her shoulder and again says..
I too want to stay like this with you forever but right now i want to see Meri brother in law and father in law rooms.
She gets into her senses and jerks him and says lets goo and runs from their..
Sanskar smiles and follows her..
They go to ajay room..
Their also their were different photos but his eyes stuck to one photo where ragini pulling ajay hair and laughing..
Another they both hugging picture.
Sanskar:- it seems your brother loves you alot..
Ragini:- every brother loves his sister right and few brother will even insult others also..
Sanskar becomes serious and he immediatedly pins her to wall.
Ragini:- leave me.
Sanskar:- first lisen to me.
Ragini:- is their anything left to insult me more..
Before she could speak he starts kissing her ..
First she struggle to get rid from his clucthes but soon melts in his embrace…
He too slows down ..
He breaks the kiss and looks at her closed eyes leans towards her and touches her forehead with his forehead ..
Sanskar:- i am sorry. i am really sorry. I knew i should not have talk like that…infact i have no rights to ask sorry from you but i just want to say i love you..
Ragini widen her eyes and looks at him..
Sanskar moves back and say ..
And i want to marry you.i want to be with you all my life..
Just think because i am going to ask your hand from your dad and ofcourse your brother..
He moves close to her while she closes her eyes again.
He smiles and kisses her forehead and leaves from their smiling.
Ragini looks on but soon she too smiles and blushes.
She goes to window and see him about to get in car but turns towards window and she hides immediatedly ..after lisening car starting sound she slowly peeps out and get shocked by seeing him standing near car he smiles and waves bye to her..
This ragini immediatedly runs from their by leaving smiling sanskar..

Precap:- some sweet moments between ragini and sanskar..

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