Ragsan a love story episode 13

Hi sindhu rm i just changed my name as sindhura.. I and frds dont you think these days swaragini ff as decreased a lot not about specialy pairs ff but swaragini ffs its self reduced . I am finding remaing ff alot..
Lets come to my ff a big update for you people..

Here sanskar is calling ragini and started to mumur in him self..
Sanskar:- once only once pick up the call ragini ..plss i am calling you 10th time..
He threws his phone on bed and sits on sofa being irritated..
Sanju seeing him like that when she entred to give coffee to him.
Sanju:- ragini is not talking calls right bhai.
Sanskar:- hmm. Did she talked to you after yesterday incident.
Sanju:- no even alok said thatshe is not talking his calls also.
I think he was very upset bhai..
Sanskar:- she should give me chance na then only i can say sorry.
Sanju:- we hurted her by talking about her character bhai and you still hoping that she should only give chance forus so that we can ask sorry.
Sanskar:- then what can i do.
Sanju:- if she doesnt give chance to you.
Then you yourself took chance and say sorry to her by hook or croock.
Sanskar:- hmm for that i have to think a plan.
Sanju:- if she is more upset she will be in shopping but now i cant say..
Just then her phone rings and she sees ragini name and gets happy.
Sanskar asks her to keep on speaker..
sanju accepts and keeps on speaker without knewing to ragini.
Sanju:- hello ragini how r u . Why you are not picking my calls ..
Are you angry on me..
Ragini:- arey sanju why i will be angry on you .
Sanju:- bhai said alot right.
Ragini:- hmm thats what your bhai said you didnt said anything ok.
A voice :- then why are you not talking with me.
Sanju widens her eyes and sees at sanskar and smiles ..
While sanskar smiles too..
Ragini:- alok its nothing like that i am anger on you people .its just that i was upset because of that rajat allegations and your brother judgement and yesterday whole day bhai was with me only and his anger went to peeks ..

If he sees your names thats it..
Thats why i kept phone in silent.
Sanju:- is ajay bhai still angry on the us.
Ragini:- no he is fine now . I made him understand..
Alok:- so what your anger level on khadoos ki dukan.
Sanju closes her eyes while sanskar keeps doudtfull face.
Ragini:- dont ask me my anger is on top it may burst at any point of time and i will break this sanskar thakur head in to pieces.
Sanju:- to cover matter ..
Leave that matter naa lets go to shopping….
Alok:- ofcourse you will try yo cover your kadood ki dukhan seripusly ragini ypu kept a good name for her brother.
Sanskar widen eyes at sanju in shock..
Sanju:- ok ok lets meet at our shopping point bye..
Ragini:- bye..
Alok:- bye jaan.
Sanju cuts calls and looks at sanskar and smiles ..
Sanju:- bhai so i will get ready for shopping and tries to escape but sanskar holds her.
Sanskar:- so you people named me as khadoos ki dhukan.
Sanju:- not me bhai ragini kept that name that to before meeting you.
Sanskar:- any way i was too joining in your shopping and haa dont worry i wont join you people i will do my seperate one ok.
Sanju:- ok.
Sanskar:- come fast i will be waitinng for you near car.
Sanju gets ready and all reaches to mall from their houses.
Sanskar goes in different direction before ragini and alok reach sanju.
They dont knew about his arrival and sanju to doesnt says anything.
All started doing shopping…
Sanskar follows ragini and tries to speak with her but she always be with sanju or alok…
Sanju gets a msg from sanskar that he want to talk with ragini alone.
Sanju:- ragini their is a shop at 7th floor where you can find awesome collections of tie clips ..
Ragini:- ok i will go wont youcome.
Sanju:- my bhai wont wear tie you go we will meet at food court..
Ragini says ok and leaves from their..
She thinks of taking lift and goes inside ..
Their was only one person in lift ..
Facing other side

Voice:- i am sorry..
Ragini gets confused and looks at man whoes back is facing her..
Ragini:- i think he is talking in phone.
Voice:- no i am talking to you i am sorry ragini kasyap.
Ragini:- who are you. How do you knew my name…
Voice:- i am going to turn i hope you wont shout.
Ragini:- are you a devil to shout.
Man turns and ragini gets shocked and mumers..
Devil is better than you.
Ragini:- is anything still left mr.thakur that you came here too.
Sanskar comes close to her by saying lisen..
Ragini:- stay their only..dont you dare to come…
Sanskar stands opposite to her and about to say something.
Lift door opens.
Ragini starts to leave in mean time sanskar drags her back and closes door pressing ground floor.
Ragini:- what the hell and press stop but it doesnt stop..
She keep on pushing buttons.
Sanskar trying to stop her by holding her hands..
Ragini:- dont touch me.
Sanskar:- fine but stop doing it lift will spoil..
Ragini:- by pressing lift wont stop..
Lift started moving down fastly and stops in between 5 nd and 6 floors…and light comes back…
Ragini is hugging sanskar..
Where both looks at each other.
Sanskar :- i will try to open lift door.
Ragini catches his collar and says no.
He assures her but she catches him lightly he too hugs her backs and walks towards luft buttons but lift automatically started to ho down again but in less spead.
Ragini:- i dont want to die or injure in lift.
Sanskar:- if its outside then ok.
Ragini:- haa ok.
Sanskar:- are you serious..
Ragini about to speak but lift again goes fast . She immefiatedly burries her face in his chest by catching his collar with both hands…
Sanskar too get fear and closes his eyes..
Lift door opens in top floor..
Securty and few people are watching at them and manager was also their.
Manager:- sir mam you both are fine now you can come outside.
They both composes them selfs and comes out..
Sanskar:- manager what are you doing i we almost would have died with heart attack..
Manager:- we are very sorry sir next time it wont repeat.
Sanju and alok just comes their.
Ragini:- u idiot what next time..
Mindless fellow after my death i have to come as a ghost to check how it will be next time..
He holds his hand and starts dragging towards lift and says..
Come onces you to exprerince this
Up and down lift. when your heart will come to your throat naa then you your self say next time it wont happen.
That manager gets afraid when ragini about to threw him in lift.
He backs off and says sorry mam not next time .i my self see this type of problem wont repeat and runs from their.
Alok:- are you ok.
Sanju:- are you ok bhai.
Rags to alok:- i didnt went to dream land to share my feeling with you. I almost entered to hell and came back..
Chii from yesterday onwards my fate is giving me shocks..
She goes from their and sits inside food court.

Alok turns to sanju and says:- what did i say she is shouting on me and sees sanskar angrily and goes from their.
Sanju:- bhai.
Sanskar:- speaking truely either i am not fine or the she and shows towards lift and says really bad expreince.. and she was right we almost entred hell and came back in time uff i badly need coffee..
Sanju:- hmm lets goo bhai..
They both goes and sits next to ragini and alok..
Ragini keeps her hand near her forehead and its clearly visible that her hands were shaking badly…
They too sits next to her..
Alok:- let me bring coffee you will feel good.
Ragini:- thanks yarr.
Alok:- i will bring for all and goes from their.
Sanju holds her shaking hands and says :- you will be fine ragini just relax..
Ragini:- yaa ..
Manager comes with alok..
Manager:- mam sir this coffee is a compensation from our side . We are really sorry.
Ragini looks up and says:- see i am too sorry. I should not have behaved like that.i knew it sudden break down but i was frightened and in that state i didnt mind what i am speaking ..
I am sorry..
Sanskar looks on.
Manager:- i can undrstand your state but seriously we are sorry .
Ragini smiles and says its ok and i sm sorry too.
Manager too smiles and says its ok mam.
He turns to sanskar and says sorry.
He says its ok.
After having coffee..
Alok and sanju leaves in their particular vehicles where sanju sanskar on their vehicle..

Precap:- madhav returns…
Sanskar in ragini house.
Ajay shows his anger threw his eyes while sanskar says sorry threw his eyes..

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