Ragsan a love story episode 12


Ragini goes to her room closes door and starts crying ..
Ragini:- why i am this much hurt by his words after knewing that he misunderstood everything ..but still i hate for the words you used against me..
I hate you sanskar thakur ..you are really kadoos ki dukhan.
Her phone starts ringing she see call id as alok and doesnt respond..
Soon sanju too call her ..but she too doesnt get respond.
They both feels upset ..
Sanju falls on bed and starts crying..
While alok too get teardy eyes..

Sanskars sees sanju crying and feels bad goes to his kitchen.
And remembers his and ragini moments…
He too gets upset by thinking his harsh words towards her..
Ajay:- we should not left you with his family.how dare he to spoke about you like that ..and that rajat saxena will pay for what ever he speaking about my ragini..
He calls his father and gives warning that if he dont control his son towards his sister then he have to think to cancel all contracts between them. His father agrees to keep away rajat from ragini….
After a while ajay goes to ragini room and see her sleeping by hugging pillow.
he goes to her and sees traces of tears on her face he slowly wipes them and covers her with blanket..
He sits next to her and cares her head by he too dozes off…
Here sanskar slowly entres into sanju room and sees her sleeping.
He too covers her with blanket and takes sanju phone and note downs ragini number and goes out from room.

Next morning..
Sanskar is roaming in whole room by seeing his phone ..
Sanskar:- shall i call her or not what she will think of me..
Sanju:- bhai break fast is ready..
And about to go..
Sanskar:- still you are angry on me
Sanju:- who can be angry on sanskar thakur..
You were king of angryness.
Sanskar:- he says what ever rajat told and he just got concerned about her.
Sanju:- its ok bhai but you hurted someone alot by saying about her character when you dont knew anything.
Sanskar:- i am sorry even i want to ask sorry from your friend.
Sanju:- then why are you waiting..
Sanskar:- i just feeling awkward.
Sanju:- u didnt felt awkward while saying those things to her but feeling awkward to say sorry for your mistakes wow bhai.
Sanskar:- fine i will say sorry threw phone and face to face also ok.
Sanju:- hmm.
Sanskar pulls her cheeks and says atleast now smile ..
Sanju smiles and hugs him…
Ragini wakes up and holds her head ..
Ragini:- ahh this head ache is killing me…
Ajay:- have this coffee. you will feel better..

He gives her one cup and he to sits next to her with his coffee..
Ragini:- bhai are you ok.
Ajay:- how can i be ok raguu his words are roaming around my ears..
Ragini:- he is not at fault completely.
Ajay:- means what you want to say haa . He will speak nonsense about and i should shut my mouth by thinking its his misunderstanding ..
Ragini:- bhai once think ypurself in his position and mine in sanju. If i love someone and if someone and someother person said that one girl is trying to snatch my love from me then what you will do.
Ajay:- i will definetly kill her whom were try to snatch your happiness.
Ragini:- sankar also did same na bhai but instead killing he just went to peaks and scolded me..he is not my enemy bhai. He just reacted like a brother and i am not saying that i forgive him i am just saying that you get anger on him.
Plsss bhai.

Ajay hugs her kisses her forehead.
Ajay:- i am not angry on him. Infact i understood his point of view by thinking myself in his position but this is he insulted you very badly and i am not liking that any way who ever the main reason for your tears i already punished him.
Ragini by placing his head on his chest says ..
Ragini:- you mean rajat.
Ajay:- hmm.
Ragini:- that idiot deserves it but bhai dont involve his family in his punishment otherwise.
Ajay:- their will be no difference between him and us right.
Ragini:- hmm.
Ajay pats her head and says..
Ajay:- i will take care of it.

Ajay goes down..
Ragini thinks about sanskar words and says to herself..
Ragini :- i have to get ride of his thoughtss if bhai sees me sad this time no one can save you mr.thakur…
Sanskar to himself:- how can i say those words to her after all i care for my sister but i should say those lines after she was also someones daughter and sister.
And ajay was my mba class mate and good frd his dad was a role model to me..what you did yar you
Were just stupid..idiot what not ..
I should ask sorry from her…

Precap:-sanskar tries to call ragini.

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