RagSan- My Love Is My Life…(Chapter 5)

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Chapter 5:- Splash…
“ Ma’am actually I had a doubt…” I heard someone say from behind Rosey Ma’am.
Ma’am turned leaving Aaradhya while I saw the one who was standing behind Ma’am.
WHAT???? Newbie……I mean Ragini….Ragini Khanna.
She looked at me and smiled , then winked while I held Aradhya’s hand from behind and dragged her from there maintaining a safe distance from Ma’am In a way where I can see her but she can’t.
“ I don’t know you….” Miss Rosey looked at Newbie confused.
Newbie bit her Tongue , “ Oh , I thought it was my teacher….I am sorry Ma’am….” She replied while Miss Rosey gave her a glare from her glasses and then left…Yippe she forgot me.
“ Unnnnnnnnnnn….” I looked at Aradhya’s , I had held her mouth to stop her from speaking , I left it.
She breathed heavily , “ Twinkle….” She shouted angrily while still trying to breath.
I looked at her , angrily , “ Twinkle Dii Arahya Beta…..” , She bit her tongue once she was calmed.
“ You , Are you mad , you…you are gonna make me face that Rosey…Miss Rosey….You know she scares the hell out of me ,her glare , her eyes , you…..Aradhya…..” I angrily busted at her while Aradhya laughed.
“ So , you weren’t leaving me na………” Aradhya said holding her mouth trying to control her laughter.
“ You shouldn’t do that na…..she is elder to us…..” I heard some words from other side while we both turned out face and looked at the source of sound, a girl standing behind Newbie said this to us.
Now it was my turn to laugh , “ Elder…….” I again laughed.
The girls looked at us as if we were some aliens.
“ Whats your name Fresher??” I asked the girl.
“ Tani….” She replied smiling.
“ Wow , Fresher and Newbie , you both are friends??” They both looked at me confused.
Ragini’s POV:
“ Wow Fresher and Newbie , you both are friends??” My saviour asked us while we both looked at her confused , actually we were going to see the canteen when we came across the chaos saviour and her friend had created and I thought to become a saviour for my saviour, I forgot to ask her name.
“ Yes , we both are friends , You are asking us , right??” Tani said confused.
“ Yaa , You Fresher and Ragini Newbie , afterall you are gonna be Twinkle’s friend , you need to have special names.” Saviour uff Twinkle told us raising the invisible collars of her dress.
“ Ok , Ok don’t get so confused and don’t misunderstand me please , I feel like I am some danger , some maddy type……” The other girl told us.
“ I am Aaradhya , she is my best friend, not some dii…….” She said pulling Twinkle’s cheeks.
“ I was joking…….” She said raising her other hand to shake with us , We both shake hands with her.
“ By the way , Newbie……Ragini right……..you fought with Bhaiyaa???” She asked me with a ‘Haawww’ Look.
“ Bhaiyaa??” I asked confused.
“ Aradhya , ,leave my cheeks ……” Twinkle said as Aradhya had been pulling her cheeks since then.
“ Twinkle , are you coming in fresher’s??” Someone’s voice from back disturbed our conversation.
I turned , “ You……..” He said angrily as he looked at me , “ Oh God , I would have understood before only , My enemy means your friend Twinkle right…” Mr. UV told Twinkle angrily.
Twinkle raised her eyebrows confused , “First of all , why so much interest in me puppy?? (I saw Aradhya’s eyebrows raised as Twinkle said so) Secondly , I would have THOUGHT to tell you if you wouldn’t have laughed at me when that Rosey was scaring me…..”
“ Twin…….Twin…Twinkle……stop it don’t fight…” Aradhya said coming in between them.
“ Get aside yaar Aardhya today na I’ll show her , what I am?” UV said trying to push Aaradhya aside.
“ Bhai….No , Please no…no na…” Aaradhya said as she didn’t budge.
“ Aradhya , Today I’ll show him……get aside….” I saw even Twinkle trying to push Aaradhya , the till now silent corridor seemed to be a warzone now.
They both soon succeeded in getting Aradhya aside without letting her get hurt even a bit.
“ You……..How dare you even talk to me , on top ask me something…” Twinkle said as she pointed her finger at UV.
“ You……..I just wanted to know that if my friends are gonna get scared again today by seeing you in middle of us…….” UV said pointing his finger at Twinkle.
Aradhya closed her eyes , “ Kurukshetra 2…” She whispered to herself.
I looked at them confused , Why worry so much.
Tani’s POV:
Now this was left , our seniors were fighting in front of us like what…..Am I mad here to see them fight , why are they fighting , I hate fights , I am going , I moved to go but….
“ Ragini…..where’s Ragini??” I asked as I pushed Aardhya whose eyes were closed a bit , she looked at me and then around , “ She was here…….I don’t know…..bhaiyaa…..Twinku……” She replied as she closed her eyes again murmuring some PRAYERS??
Suddenly I felt a push to me towards the other side of the place and I was standing but at a distance from Aaradhya now , Twinkle and the boy were covered with water , I turned my gaze to side and saw Ragini throwing a bucket of water on floor and then rubbing her hand with a smile on her face , Twinkle and Yuvraj looked at her shocked.
“ I thought only water can extinguish this fire….” She said as looked at them with a mischievous tincture in her eyes , she was mad.
“ You…….You Khanna , I am not gonna leave you today…..” I heard the boy’s whisper who too went somewhere while Ragini who didn’t heard him stood there smiling , Twinkle and Aaradhya were too shocked to reply.
Ragini moved towards Aardhya and started talking to her.
Ragini’s POV:
This is what I have learned , water can extinguish any fire , even this one , UV gone , fight Over , I walked up to Aardhya and passed her a smile.
“ When things go wrong , make them more wrong because 2 negatives make a positive….” I told her smiling while she too smiled at me.
Aaradhya’s POV:
Now I realized what you meant Twinkle , Your type….
Wait a second , Bhai , why is coming and that bucket in his hand , fish…….” Ragini…………….” Splash…….Bhai threw the water towards us but we didn’t got wet.
I looked at her as she saved us.
Who is the one??
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