Ragsan- when my life became yours (Episode 7) “dilemma”



Sanskar monologue-

I was working quietly on my laptop when she suddenly stormed inside my house. She was excited which was clear from the sparkle of her eyes. I stood up and was about to greet her when she pulled me with a force and kissed me hard. {Yes! That is correct. She kissed him not he. Poor girl! Always giving false hopes to people. She thought he would kiss her but you never know when my mind changes reading your mysterious stories.} At first it was a surprising action for me but later I too enjoyed the pleasure. It is an unforgettable and surely a great moment or rather we say memory of my life. We were lost in each other with her hands wrapped securely around my neck and I pressing her waist hard. I wish if someone could click our picture. Soon the moment got ended as we parted away. But the position was still unchanged or do we say we were not ready to leave each other. I asked her for the reason of giving me so immense happiness today. “Well what makes my princess day so cheerful?” to which she replied like a kid “if you would know then it would make your day too! I got assigned for a very big project for our company.” “Wow! That’s call for a celebration.” I said joining our foreheads. I guess she guessed my ideas. She closed her eyes waiting to feel my hot breath on her face and I fulfilled her desire. We kissed each other and soon made our day. Wow! Two kisses in one day. Nothing could be better than that or there could be? Well that’s all depend on the hands on keyboard. We hugged each other tightly as soon as we parted. I was immensely happy at her success. I was proud to have her. She is my pride…..my soul mate…..my lady…..my love. “Look I know you are small hearted enough that you will not give a party. So be ready at 7 and then let us make the day rocking.” I told her to which she playfully hit me on my chest. “Dear hubby! Your company is improving my traits. Be ready at 6 and don’t forget to pick me up.” She commanded and all I could do was giggling at her reaction. “As you say my highness. After all what else work I have.” I replied wittily. “Good! That like you have to behave after marriage too.” she replied being a step ahead than me. A moment later we burst into laughter holding our stomachs tight. That is another reason she is so lovable. She always knows how to make my day. After an hour or so when we finally finished our gossip we bid each other bye and she left. {Buddies! Don’t you also think that time flies when you talk with your friends? For me it runs like jet. Even if I have to ask for homework it takes me 20 minutes to end my call. Well I would love to know if there is someone to do me same pinch.}

Ragini’s point of view-
As my boy had already blabber everything. There is no use in repeating them and wasting your precious time. Let us move forward in my car. I reached home and directly rushed towards my room. After all, the queen needs some rest too! As soon as I gushed into my room I was welcomed with a warm hug from my sister. Sometimes I feel if she is an alien. Sometimes she would burn out of jealously while sometimes she would be much happier than me. Uh! Someone said right…..it’s impossible to study siblings. {Actually that’s girl but why should I defame my lovely sisters.} She started twirling me and finally we halted. Thank god! At least I am fine or else my promotion would have gone in buying that taste enemy- medicines.
“I am so happy Ragini for your success. I just wish that you prosper like this always and i also enjoy your advantageous position. Look I have made all the plans. We would make this the best day ever. I have booked your favorite movie. Yes! Marvel avengers one…….the whole society knows how mad you are for the movie. Then we are going to make dad extremely tense by shopping a lot. Evening would end with a perfect large pizza. And last but not the least your favorite restaurant would be our dinner spot. What say?” she said in a one go without even waiting for my reply. Oh god! Why I am always stuck in such dilemmas. What to do now? I have already confirmed sanskar and now I can’t break her fragile heart too. Man! That is totally not fair. But Ragini you have to be strong and take decision. Let’s break one.

What going to be her final decision? Do tell me through your comments and you have to tell!

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