Ragsan- when my life became yours (Episode 6) “the success”


Episode-6 “the success”
Ragini’s point of view-
I spend up the day most of time destroying my eyes on phone and being a couch potato. The sun set and after a few hours the sun again set marking the beginning of a new day. I noticed time and thanked god that I woke up at correct time. { I always wake up 10 minutes before time I need to but then my bed pulls me back and I end up wasting my 10 minutes along with a free lecture from my mother.} I got ready and reached my office. I entered boss’s cabin and she welcomed me with a smile. It is really a sign of good day when your boss greets you with a wide smile on her face. Well did I introduce her to you? I think I didn’t as I always beat around the bush. She is my boss….miss. shruti…..one of the most courageous and talented lady my minds knows. She has her own charming aura…she is the one who would behave like a family to you but never let you take her behavior’s advantage. Definition of perfection suits her best. I went into the room and greeted her with one of my best smile. She greeted me back and asked to have a seat. I followed her orders without a word. From her face….it was crystal clear that she was not angry or frustrated on me. Then what it could be? I tried to start up a conversation with her to solve the mystery in my mind. The moment my lips gasped air to make a sound she cut off “we have good news for you Ragini.” She said and smiled at last. My lips changed into a smile. Of course who doesn’t like to enjoy success in his or her profession? Like any other third person I also wanted to have a good quality life. Shruti mam again spoke up,” you are going to work with one of the most reputed branch of our company for a new project.” I was on cloud nine and my face was shining as bright as it could. “But remember never let me down there. You are capable and always continue your capability.” She finished herself in a warm tone. Her statement might have given you her character sketch. “Thank you so much ma’am” I said in a thankful tone. “Common go outside and celebrate your success. We would talk about the details in future.” She said. So now you would be clear why it’s a pleasure to be an employee under her office. Well, the job for personal secretary is available. Anyone who wants to try his/her fate? Hmmm…..let us leave that and come back to my success party. As I stepped out from the cabin, all the other interns congratulated me with their best wishes. ‘Happiness’ was a mere word to describe my feeling at that time. With a promise to throw a big party, I left for my home…..to hear my praises in front of my sister. Don’t you sometimes feel that is an extremely proud moment for you when you get praised by your parents in front of your siblings? Sometimes our siblings get mental attacks and these things works as dose for them.
{Dedicated to all the siblings of the world……including me. But the only difference is, my brother gets a slap as a dose.}

I ran into my house shared the happy news with everyone. The reactions were expected. My mother was overwhelmed that she was about to cry….my father was busy in telling society about my success and someone was happy as well as jealous. Well I guess I need not to highlight everything. {Guys, have you ever noticed that our mother gets happy at our success but father is the one who beats drum about the news. From his client, to any one whom we actually met in marriage, everyone knows about this and all you could do is stand with a fake smile.}

Oh suck! Did I report this to sanskar? I guess I didn’t and if I didn’t do it in next 5 seconds then I am surely going to be killed by him, without even our marriage. I drove fast to his home with excitement filled in the air. I was guessing how his reaction would be? Would he hug me or kiss me or may just simply congratulate me? Well he can only solve this mystery …..So there is no use of becoming Sherlock homes.

Sanskar monologue-
I was working quietly on my laptop when she suddenly stormed inside my house. She was excited which was clear from the sparkle of her eyes. I stood up and was about to greet her when————————-
When? Then what? Keep guessing.
“Phew”…finally done with it Guys. I know I am too late but what to do….studies are also important. Okay I today want to share my gratitude towards you. I know I might be repeating traditional words but guys you really mean a lot to me. It feels really very awesome to read your comments and it feels good when my story is able to entertain you for a second. I am really thankful to those who read my story and commented on it. Well all I want to say is that I know your support is with me whether you are commenting or not. I hope I am not wrong. And ya one more thing from two-three days I am not been able to comment on other fan fictions. I read all of them and truly all the stories are amazing in one or another way. To conclude I would just say that writers you are great and doing a great job! Bye! Take care.

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