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Ragsan- when my life became yours (Episode 5)”i am blessed to have him.”


Episode-5 “I am blessed to have him.”
Swara point of view-
I came running to the terrace as I saw the clock behind me. I and laksh had been talking all night but that is not the matter. The matter is that our parents are about to get up and if I don’t wake up my romantic sister now… one would be able to save us from a long lecture. I rushed towards the room and the couple sleeping peacefully there. With di almost lying over sanskar and sanskar comforting himself by hugging her tightly. And on the top of them lied my sister’s transparent duppata…….closing them in a blanket of love. They were looking so adorable…perfect for each other. Their cuteness brought a smile on my face too! But soon real purpose for coming here stroke my mind and I said” sis! please wake up….maa must be waiting for us.” I completed myself but I received no reaction. I repeated my words and got a little response. She demanded 5 more minutes and all I could say was an “okay”. I ran down to my house to see if there was something I could help in and save my sister from long boring lectures.
Sorry swara but need to stop here. Our princess has woken up.
Ragini’s point of view-
I realized it was morning and my sister was at my head…trying hard to wake me up. I demanded 5 more minutes and she replied in affirmative. I turned a little and suddenly I realized that I was in embrace. Yup! It took me 6 seconds to realize that I am in the safest place –his arms. I rubbed my eyes and tried to move without disturbing his sleep. But sorry sanky you have to wake up. I kissed on his cheek making my as well as morning a good one. He turned and finally he woke up. I put on a wide smile on my face. He looked so adorable. To be honest words are less to describe his antics. He is the best gift god ever gave me. I am so blessed to have him. But let us not praise him so much or I will not be able to tell him to leave. We both sat up and wished each other. I placed my head over his shoulder. I love to do this……don’t know why? But this action brings a lot of pleasure to me. We had sat only for a minute and my father called me. I could clearly tell that he was cursing my father a lot. His face clearly told me that…his pout depicting his desire to not leave me.
“Tell your father…..sanskar never forgets his revenge.” He said in a childish tone. I looked surprised at him at my eyes were wide in astonishment. “What revenge?” I asked to resolve the mystery.
“Tell him that he would need permission to meet you after marriage…..and mine permission.” He said screeching the word “mine” to show his possessiveness over me. I laughed at his comment and finally he left. I told you all….this person has something great and unique. He is always there and understand my feelings so well. He is no more less than an angle came here to fulfill all my dreams and wishes. I wish I would be able to love him with same intensity. I walked down to house as I noticed my father had again called me. I went and wished everyone a good morning. “What made your morning so good?” swara asked me while I was deciding my clothes and taking them out from my cupboard.
“The same kiss given by laksh that made your morning so wonderful” I gave an outstanding reply with laughing in half sentence. Her reaction was worth watching. She stamped her foot and sat on bed. “You invaded our privacy!” she complained like a 5 year old child. I widened my eyes over the response and immediately jumped on the bed……just next to her. “You really did that.” I asked while making naughty faces. “Why? You only have the stock of teasing?” she replied wittily. “Don’t make excuses! Something happened between you two….I knows my sixth sense is never wrong.” I cut her off and elbowed her. All I could get in response was her blushing face. I started laughing at her……holding my stomach. She began to hit me with pillow in defense but everything gone in vain. We ended up with a sister’s hug. I ran into washroom and got ready. It was Sunday…….the best day in week. Sundays are like a blessing……and its hangover never goes. {Guys, you know on Monday we are least interested to attend our class and moreover when you have two periods of social science your will becomes strong. But the only ray of hope was the game’s period we were having and our cruel principal changed that one too. Well that is my entire sad story!} Coming back to Ragini…
I got ready in my normal clothes. I switched on my phone and saw his messages. More than face book posts I check his messages. I love admiring our conversations. I know it may sound stupid but what to do I am like this only. I replied to his messages when I spotted my boss message over my phone. I open it and found that I have to go one hour early tomorrow. God! I can’t go on normal time and he is asking me for to get one hour early!
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