Ragsan- when my life became yours (Episode 4)”anything to everything.”


Episode-4 “anything to everything”

She is not only yours gem but also my world too.” My father spoke cutting her in between. ”she is the one who gave me immense happiness of being dad. She is the one who over matured and rose as a perfect daughter. She is the one who has blood of janaki……all I want to sum up is that ragu bacha we all love to extent we can’t explain. He said with tears continuously flowing from his eyes. At last dadi spoke up” not only we she is the jaan of our house. She is my first granddaughter……. Daughter of my janaki. I couldn’t express my happiness at this moment when I got to know I have been blessed with a daughter like you.”

Enough ….they made me cry enough. I ran as fast as possible and shared a happiness filled family hug. They don’t know how blessed I am to have them. “you need invitation” I spoke to swara who standing their being emotional fool. She quickly ran to us and we laughed through our tears.

The party went on and finally ended. We waved a huge bye to our guests. Sometimes I am happier when they leave as compared to when they come. In first hour it appears to be so good. You play with their children and laugh a loud with them. In second hour boredom sets in. you start searching for your phone. Formal discussions start taking place as well as your yawning activity. In the third hour you wish they should leave and wonder how their children spoiled your day. But mind it cousins are exceptions. Lets not become so philosophical. I ran to terrace to get my clothes hanging over there but destiny had already planned a surprise. I saw sanskar standing there with a huge smirk on his face, oh! Freak……what he is doing here at such an ungodly hour. Hadn’t he gone with his family? My eyes were wide as wide they could. I was in a dilemma whether I should be happy seeing him or surprised seeing him at this time. Finally he came up to me and hugged. “Didn’t you miss me ragu?” he spoke up as nothing has happened? He was behaving normal…..at that moment even I doubted if he is acting?

“sanskar what are you doing here and at this time…..did you inform your family and how you came here.” I shoot my questions on him as a bullet.
“shhh..” he said gesturing me to be quiet. I followed his instructions and my questions blew away with wind. She asked my hand and of course I had to give it. I would love to give it to him. He took me to the room. Buddies room can be built on roof ….for renting purposes. The girl boring you all now had that once and it was the most delighted place she had. I praised the girl enough now she would give me chance to romance more with my fiancée. To my shock the room was decorated with curtains and balloons. What seriously such things do exists in real life. Strange na……but you know my fiancée is a hero. He can do anything to everything. And there he was standing. With a huge smile on his face…… rewriting the definition of cuteness. Sometimes I really wonder if his skin had also evolved as his body did. He antics are no more less than a baby’s one.
End of her personal description.
Ragini did a lot of chattering. So let us give a chance to sanskar too.

Sanskar’s pov-
I saw her face filled with happiness and shock. I was smiling at her face. So wonderful she looked. I went near to her and held her in my embrace. I kept my chin over her shoulder. “anything for my lady” I replied to questions going in her mind and she smiled widely. I know this is bit okay not a bit but very much filmy but love makes you do anything to everything.

She turned towards me and I saw the sparkle in her eyes. I was happy beyond limit more than that I was happy being the reason for her happiness. No words can tell her how much I crave for her. I pulled her into a hug…embraced her into my arms…..the place only meant for her. I planted a soft kiss on her forehead as she watched me loving. I lost myself into her black orbs…..something that never fails to attract me…..something I would never ever share with anyone…..something that only I had. We parted for a second only to join again. I entangled my fingers with her and we walked to the small bed in the corner. Don’t misunderstand me….I am fond of her but I still remembers the manners taught by my mother. I know what a girl’s respect mean to her family and moreover to society. I walked towards the bed with her……our fingers entangled with each other and we slept in each other embrace. Seeing her peaceful sleep……her hot breath touching my shoulder gives me immense happiness. More than happy I fell satisfied to have her in my arms……to have her presence near me. We slept together for a while.
Author’s note- this boy talks too much…no. but what to do he is so cute that his words always make girls fond of him. But as you know our sweet ragini can’t sit quiet and just enjoy moment…..so let her spill out her feelings. Then we would again come back to sanskar. Okay! Wait I forgot something let me ask if he doesn’t have any problem with ragini speaking………
Okay! Solution found. He is happy and smiling just like you all.

Ragini’s point of view-{I think this is the full form of pov. I know it is stupid to mention this here but seriously I didn’t know about this till last night and you must be calling agra to send me there as I am writing pov only in my fan fiction. So stupid this author is but remember she is your younger sister.}
I never expected such a beautiful turn in my life. My thousands of thanks wouldn’t be also enough to thank god for sending him here…to me. I can’t express how much happy I am……how much safe I am felling lying in his embrace. Although I still believe that parents should have top-most position in anyone’s life but this guy……always proves me wrong. He everyday gives me reason to love him more….to fell for him more.

“phew” finally done yaaar! You know how much I missed you all. So how was the chapter. Was it awesome or nice…..may be boring or may be amazing…..may be needing improvements…..i would love to on my net and read all your comments. Thank you for opening and bearing me for such a long time.

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