RagSan~ Kuch Toh Hai Few Shots Part 2

The girl who is sitting on sea shore is reveal to b ragini, who is smiling brightly after reminsing her moments in her life.

“Everything changed na ghunchu our 4 years friendship finshed in just 3 weeks, u know in my wildest dream also i never thought that our relation is that much weak which can broke this much early and i also never thought that after i left u will forget me, and will not even try to contact me. You know i thought after my mom u r the one who will be my supporter but. ” a tear ripped down on her cheeks. “But its all my fate who snatched my happines in just 3 weeks. A crazy stupid jhalli Ragini lost her everything in just 3 weeks her mother her best friend her only life line but now i will not lost anything cuz this ragini is not same as before who did not take her life seriously who believe her best friend blindly who always keep a hope that whenever she needs her ghunchu he will be their but now i will never trust a unworthy person, but i can’t blame u completely also its not ur only fault as being ur best friend i couldn’t understand whats going on ur mind, i couldn’t understand that u have ur life and u don’t need anyone to decide ur life I M SORRY!!! i know its my fault but i can’t fogive that day when u choose something over me and i can’t forgive u for that” says Ragini looking at the shining moon which is shining in the sky with stars reflecting its light on her sparkling lights from which tears are flowing.

“Ragini” says a girl in black crop top with jeans keeping her hand on hers, ragini wipes her tears and gives a fake smile. The girl shakes her head and sits beside her.

“Missing him” she asked looking at ragini.

“No, why should i miss him” says ragini looking at her.

“Then why r u crying” asked the girl and wipes a tear from corning of her eyes.

“Nothing something went inside my eyes” says Ragini and looks away.

“Ragini, dont forget u r living with me from 2 years and i know u better then u” says the girl and holds ragini face. Ragini smiles and keeps her head on her shoulder.

“U knw na diya after mom left and that incident change my life completely i have no one with me to wipe my tear then ur mom came as an Angel and keep me with her and then i got a sister who treat me more then her sister after getting a small family also i m not happy but i feel blessed u know everytime i say to myself that i will not think about him but then i can’t stay away from remembring him, you when we are on 8 standard we become friends but more then talking and sharing things we fight with each other sometimes we used to behave like strangers like we r not friends, then one day when we r on 9 standard a senior of our batch tries to misbehave with me u know that day he beat him badly even after he is a reserved kind of person to whom his surrounding does not matter he always get scared of senior boys who rags us everytime i saved him but that day i m so shocked that a phattu boy saves me his namesake friend, even after knowing each other of 1 year we both did not interact with eo that much which we did that day when he saved me i still remember that day when he got a scratch during beating the boy” says ragini and reveals the girl as diya played by asmita soud.


“Ouch” says a young sanskar holding his hand which is bleeding.

“Ssssshhhhhh” says young ragini and keeps a finger on his lips. Ragini blows air and slightly starts applying the aid on his wound. When her gaze fall on him tears are brimming from his closed eyes.

“Sanskar” asked ragini worried looking at his tears.Sanskar opens his eyes and looks at ragini sobbing like a child.

“What happened sanskar y r u crying” asked ragini worriedly.

“Its paining” says sanskar and holds his wounded hand and sobs. Ragini widen her eyes and look at the scratch mark for which he is crying like a child. ‘Why is he behaving like those girls who cries seeing injection”thinks ragini and again looks at sanskar.

“Come” says ragini after thinking something.

“Where” asked sanskar still sobbing.

“Just come na” says ragini and holds his hand.

“Nooo what if u kidnapped me” says sanskar btwn his sobs. Ragini shakes her head and forcefully dragged him.

“Maaaaa” shouted ragini standing infront of a small house.

A lady of 30s come in salwar suit and reveals as janki.

“Shona u came” says janki coming out of kitchen and sees ragini standing with a boy holding his hand.

“Namaste beta”says janki coming towards sanskar who is looking down. Sanskar looks up at janki, after seeing sanskar face janki widen her eyes and burst into laughter while ragini slightly giggles.

” shona” says janki after realizing that poor sanky can cry any minute by seeing the mother daughter due laughing at him.

“Sorry” says janki and remove the tape from sanskar mouth which ragini paste due to his nautanki.

Sanskar looks at ragini and remove his hand from her and then at janki and says “namaste”.

” what is ur name”asked janki to sanskar who is sitting like obedient boy. Before sanskar could reply ragini says “ghunchu” which irked sanskar and he glares at her.

“Shona” glare janki.

“Shona” repeats sanskar widening his eyes and starts laughing.

“I m sorry anti shona and this jallad i think jhalli sounds better then shona or rakshash” says sanskar and giggles while ragini fumes and glares at him and her mother who is silently laughing.

“Maa where is ice cream” asked ragini a lill bit loud and strict tune. “No response” as janki starts talking with sanskar ignoring her.

“Maa i asked something” says ragini loudly which is enough for them to hear.

“Ufuu jhalli can’t u see me n my new friend is talking u can go and have it no need to disturb anti” says sanskar and again starts talking.

Ragini hufffs and goes in kitchen and brings icecream in bowl and keeps it on table.

“Maa u go and bring food for both of us” says ragini intrupting their talks and before sanskar could intrupt she stealthily stamp his foot and glares him.

“Ouch” says sanskar holding his foot.

“What happened” asked janki.

“Nothing maa its his roz ki nautanki u go n bring food” says ragini and janki goes in kitchen.

“What the hell jhalli u always stamp my foot” says sanskar irritated.

“Huh shut up and keep quite” says ragini and holds the same hand which is wound and starts applying ice cream.

“Eeeeeeiiiiii jhalli what are u doing” asked sanskar and tries to remove his hand from her grip.

“Dumbo thats y people says that u should watch TV, don’t u see meri ashqui serial in that serial girl applies ice cream on boy wound when he acts like a girl” says ragini and wipes her hand.

“What do u mean by act like a girl” asked sanky.

“The same mean u thinks” says ragini winking while sanky mouths forms an “O”.

” anti r u sure she is ur blood”asked sanky to janki when they are having lunch. Ragini who is eating silently chocked badly while sanky smirks.

“Be careful jhalli” says sanskar and pats her back hard like he is slapping.

“R u okay” asked janki forwarding the glass of water before ragini could take it sanskar takes it saying “what can happen to bandaria”. And drinks it.

Ragini who was angry on him hit his leg with her due to he chocked and coughed badly. Ragini pats his back in his style and smirks.

” r u okay beta”asked jaanki tensed.

“Yes maa what can happen to lallu” says ragini and pour the water in glass n keep it in front of him as sanskar was about to take it ragini takes and drinks winking at him.

“Tit For Tat”

Janki who observed them smiles and goes.

“May God keep u like this forever” she thinks and keeps her hand on both ragsan.

Flashback ends

“Oo Gossssh Ragu like seriously u both are too much” says diya who heard her story.Ragini just smile in her reply.

“You knw maa loves him more then me, u know one more thing is common btwn us both that is we both don’t have father, nor we seen him we just saw his pic, u know on every father day when students are makig card for their father i always cries silently seeing them but that day ” she says


Ragini is shown sitting on a corner of empty classroom and crying when someone keeps hand on her shoulder, she looks up and find sanskar staring her.

“I never know that devil cries to” says sanskar sitting besides her, but ragini ignores him and hide her face.

Sanskar starts whistling a tune which irked ragini she looks at him and glares for a minute, but sanskar ignores her gaze and starts making weird sounds by his mouth and hands.

“Can u just stop” asked ragini angrily. But our stubborn sanky keeps making those sounds.

“Cant u understand, just stop ur blo*dy sounds can’t u understand i m not in a mood to listen ur stupid talks” shouted ragini angrily which jerked him n makes him silence.

“Ragini” but before he could say she started.

“Shut up, i don’t wanna listen a singel word from u… Can’t u understand that i m missing my father but no u will not understand cuz u dont knw na k how it feels when u don’t have ur super hero be sides u whom everyone calls their father who supports their child huh, and y i m telling this to u who always thinks everything a joke” shouted ragini crying and her every word is enough to pierced his heart and tears start flowing from his eyes. Ragini is about to go when he says.

“Yes u r right ragini i will not understand from which situation u r going through i cant understand how it feels when ur superhero is not with u afterall hiw would i cuz from childhood i did not seen him, from childhood i was seeing him in the sky only praying for me, only talks with his photo on every father day not sitting and crying on a corner, and u r right i take everything as joke afterall i cant see my friend crying” says sanskar chocking in each sentence that is enough to break her heart and occupies with guilt. Ragini turns and looks at him teary eyed. Shs curses herself for her stupidity how cant she see the pain in his irritation how cant she understand him her best friend. She cant even say a sorry for her mistake cuz the pain she give him is not enough for story, tears starts brimming from her eyes and she looks at him to say something but before she can mouth he hugs her tightly whispering “no need to say something i understand”. Thats it his word are enough to sooth her now she got the one whom she waits for to share herself completely his ghoncho she cries and shares all the things in his embarace and from that day he bcm his support system.

Flashback ends

” diya”asked ragini worriedly seeing the crying diya.

“Nah nothing just bcm emotinal” says diya and wipes her tears and gives a small smile.”crying is not my cup of tea” she states and winks.

“Now enough of ur daastan i dont wanna sleep here lets leave u know na we have to go for shopping yesteray” says diya and holds ragini hand and drags her.

“Gosh this girl” says ragini and shakes her head.

To b continued….

Precap-entry, sanskar to meet his wife and flashback plus last part


Shocked i am back again with a update gosh its hard to believe i am updating daily??? seriously well all thanks to you all who supports me always Thankkkk youuu soooo muchhhh for yourrr constant support and thanksss to all silent readers as well love you alll soo much and to those who is waiting me to update this on watty then they have to wait a lill longer cuz after updating each of my ffs i will give update and once again thanks alottt love you all keep smiling take care ? well My Desi girl is on the way you will get it by night hopefully

Fizo ❤

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