RagSan~ Kuch Toh Hai Few Shots Part 1

The story opens up a city called Mumbai, In Mumbai scene shifts to a ManSion named as “MM” and in mansion a man of 20s is shown standing infront of a big frame in his study and talking to it.

“Its been 2 year’s since i saw u Ms. Jhalli, u know how much i misses u nop miss is not a correct word its just that i badly needs u, there is lots of things i need to tell u…. U know from the day u left me there is not a single day when i do not miss u i m sure u will be getting hiccups everyday and i m damn sure u will curse me only afterall i m ur fav Frenemy Rightt thats y u always curse me whenever i m eating, yeah yeah why not afterall u break all the peeps record in eating Moti kahiki” He sighs and continues” u know if i tell u the thing which i am going to tell u will surely die cuz of heart attack, but for knowing u need to guess what i m going to tell” The boy says looking at the frame n stops.

“Whaaaaaaaaaattttttttttt Mr.Ghunchu is going to get married, i m going to faint” He imagines Her reaction and chukkles.

“Dramebazz” he says and shakes his head.

“Yes yes ur sooo called Ghunchu is going to get married in next 15 days… Heyyyyyy heyyyy please don’t faint here i cant carry a buffalo”. he laughs . ” huh, i know u must be shocked right u know i m dying to share this news with you, Remember how we planned to find a perfect life partner for each other i always want u to find my life partner as u know u always choose best for me afterall i m ur partner na ur bestest cool frnd who left u who fight with u who make u fool who make fun of ur friendship” He says and his face occupies with Guilt. “I ms sorry Jhalli please wapis aja i promise i will listen to u and will not fight with u, and if u want u can eat my lunch as well i will not taunt u later pakka Teri kasam” He says and his little mosit eyes are shown and his face is revealed He is Sanskar played by Varun Kapoor.

“Dekh jhalli i know i am stupid idiot donkey monkey and what u said Ghunchu and Langoor i will not fight with u if u call me Sara Va Bengan also and yes i will not call u hippo as well please Ragini come Back to Ur ghunchu i misssss u, u know till now i did not met my soon to be wife also nor i see her photo, i want u to see her first and if u aprove her then only i will marry her otherwise we both will kick her out just like we do before” says sanskar and the frame reveals as RagSan, in which bith wears same clothes.

“See i always bring 2 pair of clothes which i buys for me i buys for u also, as always u want us to b look perfect and want to look like carbon copy of each other Right” He says.

“Huh i know tu bohot ziddi hai(i know u r soo stubborn and will not listen to me), Dont worry now ur Ghuncho become world famous business Man so soon i will find you through my sources and this time i promise i will never ever let u go pinky promise” Says Sanskar and caresses their pic and smiles.


A girl in white sleevless shirt and black jeans is shown hiding behind a tree she is holding a water gun in her hand and her hairs is flowing in the wind, as she heard some foot steps she smirks and take her position.

“Ahhhhhh” the boy screamed as he felt water showering on him.

“Happppppppiiiiie Hollllli Ghunchuuuuuu” Says the girl and laughs.

“Tu tu gai Jhalli( U r Gone Jhalli)”. says the boy and reveals as sanskar in white shirt and blue jeans. As he says this, the girl who is laughing become alert and runs from their saying ” ghunchu first catch me then say”.

Sanky takes a color water gun and runs after her, he looks everywhere but did not find the Girl.

“Where did that hippo goes must be wear a mr. India watch thats y… ” but before he could complete two hands smear his face with colors.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh” the person screamed and pushed him in the pool. Sanky who jerked due to the sudden thing realise himself in pool fully drenched with water and color, he furiously looks up and found the girl rolling on ground laughing at him making him annoy.

“Raaaagggiiiiiinnnnniiiiiiii” Sanskar shouts from the pool revealing the girl name Ragini played by tejasswi prakash.

Ragini who is laughing sitting on ground realizes jerked and before she could run Sanskar holds her from wrist and in a fraction of sec both jumps in pool.

“U idiot sunki insan” shouted Ragini as she sees him laughing on her.

“Awwww hippo ko gussa agya ale ale(aww hippo got angry)”. Says Sanky making face like ragini and laughs.

” youuuu” says Ragini n spalsh water on him.

“Jhallll.. Jhallli stop throwing” says Sanskar and moves his hand to save himself from water and comes closer to her.

“Nooo u ghunchu i will not” says Ragini and continues slapshing water, sanky comes and holds her hands to stop her. Ragini stops and looks at him. Both are so close to each other Both shares a eyelock.

Tune plays

Shukran Allah wallah hamdul illah
Shukran Allah wallah hamdul illah
Shukran Allah wallah hamdul illah
Shukran Allah wallah hamdul illah

Nazron se nazarein mili… toh
Jannat si mehki fizaayen
Lab ne jo lab chu liya…. toh
Aasman se barsi duaayen
Aisi apni mohabbat
Aisi rooh e ibaadat
Hum pe meherban do jahaan

Shukran Allah wallah hamdul illah
Shukran Allah wallah hamdul illah

RagSan are still close to eo and staring at each other.

“Ghunchu” says Ragini still sharing a eye lock.

“Hmmm” replies he bcm lost in her orbs.

“I know i m beautiful, u can stare me later” says Ragini and pushes him giggling.

“Youuuuu jhalli” says sanky and starts smearing water on her, ragini also starts throwing it on him boths splashes and enjoy.

After playing holi and fighting both left to hostel.


Sanskar is shown moving here there in his room as mice is running in his stomach and he badly wants to eat as because of his stupid mistake he not get food for a night as punishment, he is moving here and there suddenly he feels a shadow near his hostel window, he gulps and looks on scaredly.

“Who can be in this time!! If it is ghost then” he utters and take a wooden stick which he always keep with himself in emergency… Why not after he is phattu mahseshwari. Sansakr sighs and takes step towards window as he was about to reached he see someone jumping from the window, he gulps and leftthe stick which hit his foot and he winced.

“OUCH” says He holding his foot and jumping in pain.

“Ghunchu kahika can’t do anything properly ” says Ragini who just jumped from the window stealthily.

“Jhalli what r u doing here at this time” asked sanskar standing straight after realzing her voice.

“I was thirsty so thought to suck ur blood” replies she sarcastically and look at the stick and then at him and rolls her eyes at him”dont tell me phatt, u got scared after seeing the shadow ” says ragini shaking her head.

“Yeah, i was saving myself from a churail ” says sanskar and suddenly he felt something.

“Ouch” he hold his stomach in which she blows a punch n smirks towards him.

“Never underestimate the power of churail” says Ragini and starts coming near him, sanskar sees her approaching he feels fishy and takes backward steps.

“Jhaaaalllliiiii what r u trying to do haaan, i m ur best friend na ” says sanky trembling.

“Hmmm u r my best friend so what can’t i come near u” she said huskily approaching towards him.

“Dekh hippo i will start shouting if u try to do anything with me” says sanskar and now is blocked by Ragini who is giving him a teasing smile.

“Shout” says ragini and comes closer, sanskar closed his eyes and starts chanting mantars.

Suddenly he opens his eyes smelling at aroma of pau bhaji which is holding by ragini, he look at her and then the pau bhaji.

“Aise kya dekh raha hai bhukkad tere lie hi hai(what r u seeing like this its for u only foodie)”. Says Ragini and hand him the food.

” but ” says sanky but intrupted by her.

“I know that u phattu got punishment that is no food today, thats y i brought it now dont waste time and eat otherwise if my tummy tells me to eat na then u have to stay like without food this till tomorrow” says Ragini giving him a warning, sanky nods and starts eating the food while ragini keeps admiring him.

“Jhalla” she murmurs and he finishes the food.

“Ah” he takes a sighs of relief after satisfying his hunger, he looks at ragini who is half sleeping.

“Oye jhalli” he jerked her due to which she falls from the sofa.

“Ouchhh idiot” she says rubbing her back.

“Kumbkaran if u want to sleep then go to ur room, no need to sleep here” says sanky and pushes her towards window.

“Ehm ehm” she fakes cough.

“What?, if u r expecting me to thank u then no need to think cuz i m not gonna says Thanks to a wild cat. Now get lost” he says and fakes a smile.

“Ur welcome ghunchu” says Ragini and again turnz towards him, gives him a smirk and rushes from the window after stomping his foot where he hurt before.

“Jungli billi” he winced holding his foot.

Flashback ends

“Sanskar” his thought were disturbed by his mother shouts.

“U r gone” he murmurs and left the room after locking.


“Sanskar whats this” sujata asked as he spot sanskar rushing downstairs.

“What mom” asked sanskar.

“What is ur whole office is doing here, i strictly says na for month no office” says sujata folding her arms.

“Ufffu mom, this is home atleast let me work from here na look as u said i m not going office also” says sanskar holding sujata.

“Huh” says sujata and turns her face.

“Mom” says sanskar cutely.

“Okay i will do as u say, guys u all go back to office and sharma u will Handel them okay and do update me the happening” says sanskar looking at his staff with puppy eyes.

His staff smiles and goes taking their belonging.

“Look mom i send them now at least smile” says sanskar facing his mother.

“On one condition” says sujata.

“What?, i will do what u say” says sanskar.

“Okay, then atleast meet the girl now” says sujata looking at him.

“Offfo mom i said na i will meet her before wedding promise and no more discussion in this” says sanskar and drags sujata. “I m hungry now”. Sujata shakes her head and feeds him.


A girl is shown sitting on a sea shore in simple blue salwar suite with her tied in a loose pony tail, she is admiring the beauty of night.


A boy and girl is shown walking in sea shores with hand in hand, the boy and girl is faking smile at each other and trying to release their hand from eo.

” Don’t know y my fate is so bad, that i agree to bcm a gundi date today” says the boy and revealed as sanskar.

“Oye i m not a gundi okay, and not urs its mine fate who is bad today who idiot told u to use feviquick to hold each others hand idiot” says Ragini annoyed tried to release her hand while everyone are watching them weird.

“Oh really and who dumb wants to show off that she also has a date” says sanky annoy.

“Hawwww, idiot i just want them to know i m not a tomboy i just like to be this that’s it” says ragini making a pout.

“Gooosh u girls, and u only see me to make ur boy friend for one day haaan” says sanky.

“Ghunchu u r forgettig something a week before i bcm ur gf just bcz u want to show ur ex u dont care huh and just bcz of u i had to wear those girly dresses also, u forget so soon ehsan faramosh” says ragini n pushes him but due to their hand are stick he cant go.

“Gosh its useless to talk with u, God where i m stuck” says sanky.

“Huh, if u r getting this much problem then seperate this” says ragini showing their hand whishowing their hand which are stick.

“Okayyyyy come” says sanky and drags her.
“Oye slow down idiot” says Ragini.

Aftersometime, both reached near a dhabba.

“U duffer what r we doing here dont tell u r hungry” says ragini.

“Ssshhhhh just zip ur mouth and if say anything now i will go leaving u here” says sanky annoy.

Hearing this Ragini starts laughing ” U cant leave me here, bcz we r stick” says ragini and continues laughing, her gaze fall on his intense gaze which is giving her glares she stops laughing and make a serious face.

Both goes to a dhabba, and ask warm luke water in bowl, the manager asked them a reason sanky shows him their hand which is stick together, the manager give them a teasing smile and give them water after few mins their both hands got seperate. Where as ragini takes a sighs of relief and sanky caresses his hand.

“I know how u felt sticking with churail for hours i m sorry handy bcz of my stupidity u have to bear a jhalli” he talks with his hand feeling pity while everyone watches him like he is some mad. Sanky turns and found ragini nowhere and realize she is already gone.

“Oye jhalli ruk” shouted sanky and runs to her.

“Ufff u walks so fast jhalli” says Sanky but gets no reply from her.

“Hmm so what’s next where are we going” asked sanky walking besides her but again he gets no reply.

“Dont tell me, u r angry” asked sanskar blocking her way, but ragini turns and goes from another direction.

“Ooo no shit sanskar now u r dead” says sanskar and runs after her.

“Ragini” he says but she ignores.

“Yrr atleast shout on me” says sanskar holding her hand, but ragini gently remove her hand and walks.

Sanky makes a puppy face and thinks of something.

“Idea” he says clipping his fingers.

Ragini who is walking realize sanskar nowhere she stops and turns but finds no one suddenly a hand comes in front of her face and tunes starts playing.

One, two, three!

” a clown come infront of ragini she widen her eyes until she realize its to be sanskar she turns her face and starts to go”

I am a fool, I am a fool
I am a fool fool fool!
You big heart, you big heart
You got very big heart!

“Sanskar follows ragini making faces, and holds her hand making a puppy face but she jerked and goes”

I come near, I come near
I come near near near
You go far, you go far
You go very very far

“Sanskar keeps his hand on ragini shoulder but ragini jerked his hand and glares”

Arey thanda rakh kaleja
Thoda baraf pe ghis le bheja
Sorry le ja, maafi de ja humko free

” sanskar holds ragini head and shows her a ice block and signs her to rub her head”

One, two, three!
Sorry Sorry Sorry
Pakde hum dono kaan kya
Sorry Sorry Sorry!
Bache ki loge jaan kya
Mehangi hai ek muskaan kya
Sorry Sorry Sorry
Bache ki loge jaan kya

“Sanskar blocks ragini way, and does the signature step in his clown attire and puppy face”

I know you love me and You know I love ya
Hai apne understanding to phir locha-lafda kya
I want a big big smile and
I want it only only now
Are! andar se tu okay hai upar se khaye bhav

“Sanskar tries to hug her from back but ragini turns and pushes him, sanskar buys colorful ballons and signs ragini to smile by keeping his finger on his lips”
Aise kaai ko atka
Tere ghar ka jhadu katka
Tu jo bole kar denge daily free!

One, two, three!
Sorry Sorry Sorry
Pakde hum dono kaan kya
Sorry Sorry Sorry!
Bachche ki loge jaan kya
Mehangi hai ek muskaan kya
Sorry Sorry Sorry
Bachche ki loge jaan kya?

“Sanskar give ragini ballons but she left and it flies in air, sanskar do signature steps singing”

Final warning, final warning,
Don’t you break my heart
Automatic guilty feeling
One time over smart

“Sanskar folds his hand infront of ziddi ragini and makes a puppy face, ragini turns and slightly smiles but hides it”

See, see, see can’t you see see see
Kitne deep deep deep mere dil ke jazbaat
Hai kaai ko naaraaz
Karle maandavli maharaj
Hum sab aaj ye teri khaaj khuja de free

“Sanskar throws water in his face and comes infront of ragini showing his fakes tears and holding his ears, ragini sits on bench he also sits but ragini get up and sanskar holds her hand”

One, two, three!
Sorry Sorry Sorry
Pakde hum dono kaan kya
Sorry Sorry Sorry!
Bache ki loge jaan kya
Mehangi hai ek muskaan kya
Sorry Sorry Sorry
Bache ki loge jaan kya?

“Ragini release her hand from his grip, Sanskar sings infront of her and gives her a bouquet buts she throws and sanskar sits on floor making a puppy face”

Songs end

“Sooryyyyy” says sanky holding his both ears while ragini is about to go when sanky starts his fake cry.

“No one loves me here, i never says anyone sorry but here i bcm a joker for a jhalli too but she, she is not paying any heed to me…. Is zaalim dunya mai mera koi nai hai koi nai hai dunya walo mai jaraha ho hamsha hamsha k lie yeh dunya chor kr… If u can then do forgive this inocent soul” says sanky wiping his so called fake tears, he stands from ground and about to walk when someone throws eggs at him.

“Yuccccck, who throws this” shouted sanky and turns, n sees Ragini with some kids standing holding eggs and rotten vegetables and smirking at him.

“No jhalli dont, if u try to come near me na thennnnnn i will kill u” as he says this he shows his palm to ragini and starts taking steps backward as ragini and her chillar party is taking steps towards him.

“Hamlaaaaa(Staaarrrttttt)” shouted Ragini and sanskar runs as they starts throwing eggs and veggies at him.

Flashback ends

The girl who is sitting on sea shore is reveal to b ragini, who is smiling brightly after reminsing her moments in her life.

To b continued………


Howz it?????? Good or not

Well i really wish to right OS on RagSan but this OS become long so thought to make it few shots may be 3 or 4 no idea so hopefully you all like it do tell me Howz it through your comments and yeah you can take it as a compensation of being a lazy brat you will get am update of my fd hopefully tommorw till then take care keep smiling and stay blessed with loads of love.

Thank you soo much for your supports ??

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