Ragsan- a journey CHAPTER 9

Hello guys. Thanks for your support for my previous chapter. I am sooo sorryyyyy for being late. Guys this is the last update. My sem exam will be starting from wednesday, so I cannot continue this. My next update will be directly on 08 december. My new ff will be also starting from 08 december and new chapter of ragsan arshi love will be also on that day too. And I promise to be regular after that. So now I hope you will like this chapter.

The scene starts with ragini coming down to breakfast.
Dp(with concern voice): Ragini how are you ?
Ragini(with smile): Papa I am fine. Don’t worry.
Half of the day passed like this as Dp was taking care of his princess asking her if she is fine or if she wants something. While Ap and sujata were happy seeing Dp and ragini’s bond. Ragini too was happy as Dp was giving her so much love of a father which she missed from childhood.
The screen shifts to Sanskar’s cabin where he was resting his head on the chair and thinking something.

Sanskar’s thought
Today I lied to dad that I have my meeting but there was no meeting. I just gave a reason to stay away from ragini to think that how can I tell her the truth.
His thoughts were disturbed by a phone call. Seeing the caller id he immediately lifted the call
Dp: Where are you sanksar ?. How much time will you take to come home ?
Sanskar(with cold voice): Yes dad I am coming.
Dp(with concern voice): You are fine na.
Sanskar: Yes dad. Just office work.
Dp: Ok come home soon.
Sanskar: Hmmm…

Dp was not convinced with sanskar reason, but then keeping his thoughts aside he went to see his princess. Here ragini was very happy for all the love she was getting from the family. In the evening sanskar came home with determined face that he will tell the truth. All the family members were in the hall discussing about tomorrow’s function. When sanskar came inside he saw everyone except ragini so thinking this as a chance to talk to ragini he went upstairs got freshed up and went in ragini’s room. He was standing near ragini’s room and calming himself and then he knocked the door but getting no response he slightly pushed the door and entered inside. He saw ragini standing in the balcony, so he went near her and called her.
Sanskar: Ragini.

When ragini turned towards him he saw some tears in her eyes. Seeing sanskar she wiped her tears and asked
Ragini: Sanskar ji, you are here ?
Sanskar: Wo..Wo actually I wanted to say something to you so I came in your room and then I saw you here so.
Ragini(with slight smile): Its ok. What do you want to say ?
Sanskar(nervous): Ra..Ragini (looking here and there but not towards ragini) wo this ma..marriage….
Sujata: Ragu beta eat something as you have to take medicine too.(seeing sanskar she stopped). Sanskar you are here ?

Sanskar: Wo I wanted to talk to ragini so I came here, (turning towards ragini) you haven’t take your medicines but why ?
Ragini: Wo actually I was not willing to eat lunch so I came in the room to take rest.
Sanskar: Ragini its not right to skip your medicines as well as lunch so please have it now.
Saying this sanskar took the plate from sujata’s hand give it to ragini and told
Sanskar: Have this and please take your medicines on time.
Saying this he went out of the room giving some privacy to daughter and mom.
Sujata(with smile on her face): Sanskar is so caring na. I think he started liking you, as you started liking him.

Saying this she too went out of the room to give some time to ragini to think about the words she spoke.

Ragini’s POV

I saw him… After 9 years, I saw that man lying in the pool of blood. He is one of the worst nightmare of mine. I got scared and then fainted in sanskar’s arm. I woke up suddenly remembering my nightmare which is very usual for me, but for some days I wasn’t getting those nightmares, but after seeing him I remembered it again. When I woke up I saw everybody surrounding me except for sanskar. After a while mom and Ap ma left to give some time to me and papa. Then papa came towards me and I was shock that he was crying. I can see love and care in his eyes for me. I was always craving for this love and he gave me father’s love in span of just 2 or 3 days. For a while I did not remembered about that man. Then he told me about sanskar meeting and went out of the room.

I wonder how he could read my mind and top of that I was blushing but keeping the thoughts aside I went to washroom to change myself. On the breakfast table too Papa was pampering me like a princess. Then they told me to go to the room to take rest. I went because I was slightly tired. Then after sometime I woke up and came out of the room and was standing on the corridor and was watching the family. They were discussing about pre-rituals of the marriage. After listening marriage word I was little scared. I know they are giving me lot of love but still…. I can’t forget my maa’s condition after getting married. I couldn’t control my tears and went inside my room in the balcony. I was crying thinking about my past and seeing that man again I was little scared, but then I don’t know when sanskar came in the room until he called me. I quickly wiped my tears, because I don’t want him to know that.

He wanted to talk to me. He was telling about marriage, but than mom came and told me to eat something because I haven’t ate the lunch. Then I saw sanskar was telling me to not skip the lunch and medicine and then he left the room. I was happy. I know that I started liking sanskar but still there is hesitation about marriage.

End of Ragini’s POV
Sanskar POV
Again….again I was not able to say her truth. I was having a great chance but sujata aunty came in between. I myself was shock that I was taking care of her. How could I do that ? I went there to cancel the alliance. What if….What if she will start having feelings for me after this ? No it should not happen. I should clear all this, (frustrated) but when tomorrow is my engagement and still now I haven’t told her about the truth.

End of Sanskar’s POV
On the other side that man was treated in the hospital and after some time doctor came out of ICU and said to a person that now he is out of danger.

The Engagament.

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