Ragsan- a journey CHAPTER 8

Hello guys. Thanks for your support for my previous chapter. Guys shekhar entry will be late but thanks for giving me an idea. I hope you will like this chapter too.

Screen starts in the hospital were sanskar was waiting outside ICU impatiently and roaming here and there in tension. After sometime all the family members came to hospital as sanskar already told them while coming to the hospital, then sujata asked
Sujata(with cracked voice): Sanskar.. What happened to her ?
Sanskar: Sujata aunty, don’t know what happened to her. We were talking with each other, then we saw an accident and then she..she fainted.
Sujata sit down on the bench with thud. All were praying to god for ragini’s safety. Sanskar was consoling his dad and Ap was consoling sujata. After some time doctor came out of ICU and everybody asked him about ragini’s health.
Docter: Mr Maheshwari.. she got panic attack. I think she saw something which made her panic and she got breathing problem. Don’t worry now she is fine, she will get conscious tomorrow, if you all want you can take her home. Saying this the doctor went leaving all the family members in shock as ragini was suffering from breathing problem and happy because now she is fine. Sanskar was just looking at ragini through the doors. His eyes were teary too seeing ragini in this condition. Then he realized he too was crying but was confused as why is he crying, but then he brush of his thoughts and said
Sanskar: Mom dad I will complete the formalities then we will take ragini to home.
Saying this he went. Ap saw sujata was continuously crying so she said
Ap(assuring her): Sujata, Ragini is fine now then why are you crying now ?
Sujata(crying): Ap ji I… I think she might have got the glimpse of her past.
Dp: Past…..which past sujata Ji ?
Sujata: Dp ji, actually she haven’t told me about her whole past, she just told me why she hate marriages, but when I saw her for the first time she(with chocked voice) was lying in the pool of blood on the road and from there I took her to the hospital and after that I took care of her. Even sh..she committed suicide after that but somehow I consoled her and I think after seeing the accident she had seen her past.

Saying this fresh tears fell from sujata’s eyes. While Ap and Dp were also in shock thinking about ragini’s condition and were having moist eyes, but Dp controlled himself and said
Dp(with determined voice): Don’t worry sujata ji, from now onwards I will love and care my princess so much that she will never get time to think about her past.
Sujata and Ap passed a slight smile to him. Now sanskar too came there and then they took ragini to Maheshwari Mansion as Dp insisted that he wanted to take care of his princess. When they reach MM ragini was still unconscious so sanskar lift her in the bridal style. Sanskar entered inside the house by unknowingly keeping his right legs first. He went near the guest room and then place ragini on the bed very carefully like a delicate flower. His face was very near to her face. He can feel her hot breath near his lips. He was just looking her face which was pale. Then he came out of his thoughts and went in hall were all the members were present. At that time Ap said
Ap: Sujata If you want something please don’t hesitate to call me and take care of ragini and yourself.
Sujata just passed a slight smile of assuring, and then went into guest room. After that all went to their respective rooms.
Sanskar’s room
Sanskar’s POV
Oh..shit.(with frustrated looks) Why…why it always happens to me. Whenever I go to tell the truth to ragini some or the other thing happens. And today after seeing ragini’s condition I am scared to tell her the truth, what….what if something happens to her. No…no..no…no I can’t afford to lose her, wait, What ?. Why I am afraid to lose her. She is no one to me then…..Ah….(with angry face)day after tomorrow is my engagement with her and still I have not tell her the truth. I know ragini is not well but still I have to tell her the truth (with determined face) I will tell her the truth tomorrow.
End of POV

He slept thinking about ragini and telling her the truth.
The day before the engagement
Ragini woke up only to find all the family members except sanskar sitting there.
Sujata: How are you feeling ragini ?
Ragini(with slight smile): I am feeling better mom.
Then she saw Dp who was seeing her with concern face so she asked
Ragini: Papa…what happened ?. Will you not say anything to me(asking childishly)
Dp said to Ap and sujata that he wants to talk with his princess alone for sometime so please…..Understanding his situation they both went out of the room to give some personal space to father and daughter. After they went out of the room Dp just hugged her and broke down. She was shocked at first but then hugged him back and asked
Ragini(with chocked voice and moist eyes): Papa why are you crying ?
Dp(with crying voice): I was scared ragu.. I..I thought that I will lose you.
(He was strong from outside yesterday for his and ragu’s family but deep inside he was also scared to lose ragini).
Ragini(consoling him): Shhhh…papa se I am fine, your princess is fine.
Then Dp broke the hug and wipe his and her tears and said
Dp: Ok, now I will not cry, but on one condition.
Ragini(with confused look): What condition papa ?
Dp: That you will take care of yourself very much and you will listen to him at least for two days till your engagement (Ragini and sujata are going to stay in MM). Promise ?
Ragini(act like thinking):Am….(with smile in her face)promise.
Dp(happy and quickly said): Today I cried na, you will not say it to anyone, ok!
Ragini: Ok! But for that you have to give me a big silk. Promise ?
Dp: Promise. And ha sanskar went to office early morning as today he was having his meeting.
Ragini(blushed but covering herself): I…I did not ask about him.
Dp: But I came to know, You know how ?. Because I am your dad and I can read your eyes like I read of sanskar. (patting her cheeks) Now go and fresh yourself and then come for breakfast.

Ragini’s POV.

Guys that guy is related to her past. so his character will be reveled slowly.

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