Ragsan- a journey CHAPTER 7

Hello guys. Thanks for the support for my previous chapter. I am soooooooooooooooo sorrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyy. I am very late I know, its just that previous week was very hectic with submissions and all. Today only my internal exam got over so thought to post. Now I will be posting the chapters as always. Sorry again. Hope you will like this chapter. Happy Diwali guys.

It was a very bright morning and we can see that ragini was in hurry to go to the academy then sujata said
Sujata: Ragini please come home soon as Sanskar’s family will be coming in afternoon.
Ragini(with shy smile): Ok mom.
In the afternoon Ap and Dp and pandit ji came except sanskar and ragini’s eyes were searching for him. Seeing ragini, sujata asked
Sujata: Ap ji were is sanskar ?
Hearing sanskar’s name her eyes sparkle with expectation of sanskar.
Ap: Wo sujata sanskar went to Australia, as he was having his meeting today.
Hearing this she was little sad but then compose herself and sat between Ap and Dp. Later on they discuss about the marriage and it was decided that engagement will be after two days and then marriage will be after one week. They ask ragini if she is ok with this decision, then she said
Ragini(with shy smile): I am ok papa.
Seeing her shy all gave smiles to each other.

Screen shifts to Australia
Here sanskar was giving the presentation and all other clients were impressed with his presentation. After signing the deal sanskar was in his cabin thinking about the recent happenings in his life. He wanted to meet kavita but she told that she don’t want to meet him and that she needs time to talk with him, but in reality she was with nikhil enjoying in London. He was resting his head on the chair with closed eyes but then image of ragini flashed into his mind. He opened his eyes in jerk and was hell confused as why ragini’s image was flashing into his mind. His thoughts was disturbed by aman as he said that they have to catch the flight. The day passed like this.

Screen shifts to MM
The next day at the dining table
Ap: Sanskar when you came from Australia ?
Sanskar: Yesterday mom. You were sleeping so thought not to disturb you.
Ap: Wo sanskar I..I wanted to say something to you.
Sanskar: Say na mom, why are you hesitating ?
Ap: Sanskar…. your engagement is fixed, which is day after tomorrow and marriage is after one week of your engagement.
Sanskar(with shocked face): What ?. But.. why mom me..means wh..why this much early ?
Ap(with confused look): Why are you so shock ?
Sanskar: Wo….wo.. its just that engagement and marriage is so early, that’s why.
Ap: Actually sanskar this was the only auspicious date which was early, other dates were after six months, so we decided this date.

Sanskar smiled fakely and went to his office.
Now screen shifts to academy were ragini and her mam were discussing about the competition. In the evening, when sankar was returning home he was really frustrated that he could not tell the truth to ragini and on top of that there engagement was fixed day after tomorrow. He was in the car waiting for the signal to be green, then he saw ragini going to the temple, he thought that it was the perfect chance to tell her the truth so when the signal become green he went near the temple parked his car nearby and was waiting for ragini outside the temple. After some time ragini came out from the temple and saw sanskar standing near the temple and seeing him a smile crept on her lips then she went near him she asked
Ragini(with smile): Sanskar you are here ?
Sanskar: Wo..Wo ragini I wanted to say something to you and then I saw you going inside the temple, so I came here.
Ragini: So you could have come inside the temple rather than standing here alone.
Sanskar: Wo I don’t believe in god and I have never visited temple so.
Ragini(assuring smile): Its ok. So you wanted to say something to me ?

Sanskar(with sweat on his forehead): Wo..Wo actually I wanted to say to you that I….I… but their talks were disturbed by noises which was coming from nearby the road, they turned to see what had happened but could not see anything because of the crowd, by the time now he was really frustrated and was determined to tell the truth so he turned towards her but he saw she was walking towards the crowd, he was going behind ragini. Both stopped and saw that a man was lying in the pool of blood. He saw that some people were trying to wake him up and some were calling for the ambulance. Then he turned towards ragini was looking at the man with horrified face. Tears were continuously flowing from her big eyes. Sanskar was shocked to see her in this condition so he just shook her by her shoulder. She turned towards him, her vision got blurred due to tears and then fainted in his arms.

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