Ragsan- a journey CHAPTER 6

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There eyelock was disturbed by Dp’s voice.
Dp: Ragini.. annaporna always use to praise you and she always use to say that you are beautiful inner and outer and indeed she is right.
Ragini(with little blush): Thankyou uncle.
Dp: Papa… you can call me papa,(in authoritative tone) and in father daughter relation there is no sorry and no thankyou understood.
Ragini(with moist eyes): Ok papa.
Sanskar was just seeing ragini and when his dad told her to call her dad he saw the teary eyes of her and it pained him to see her with moist eyes but then brush of the thought and he was just waiting for a chance to tell her the truth about kavita and that moment came when he and ragini was told to move to her room to talk alone. Then he and ragini move to her room. When he entered into her room, he was surprised to see the room so clean and tidy. They were standing opposite to each other and none of them was initiating to talk. Then sanskar saw that there were many photos of her and childrens as well as with sujata but he could not see her family photos so in curiosity he asked
Sanskar: So ….you don’t have your photos with your parents?.. then only he realized that she don’t have parents.
He looked at her and her eyes were moist listening the parents talk he was really guilty about his talks and he quickly said
Sanskar: I…I am sorry ragini wo..wo mom told me about you bu..but I forgot. I am really sorry.
Ragini can see truth in his eyes and she wipe her tears and quickly said “Its ok sanskar (with pain in her voice)it happens with me”. Now sanskar was more guilty and said sorry again. She passed slight smile to him assuring him that she is now ok. Silence prevailed again. Then sanskar thought that this is perfect chance for him to tell her the truth.
Sanskar: Ragini I wanted to say something to you. Actually….
Sujata: Sanskar ragini come lets go all are waiting for you down, come.
Ragini: Coming mom.

Saying this ragini went with her and sanskar was standing there little frustrated that he was not able to speak the truth. He too went down.
Sujata: So.. Ap ji and Dp ji do you like our ragini ?
Dp: Is this the question to ask ?. Ofcourse we like our daughter very much(with bright smile).
Ragini listening daughter from Dp’s mouth turns teary and asked..
Ragini: Papa can I hug you once please ?
Dp(with wide smile): Of course you can hug me whenever you want ragu.
After listening his talks she immediately ran towards him and hugged him and burst out.
Dp(with concern): Why are you crying ragu ?
Ragini: papa I never got papa’s love in my life even though I got mom’s love but papa never loved me and when you call me your daughter I was not able to control myself.
Dp(with teary eyes): Shhh… beta I am your dad na and dad never let there princesess cry, (with determined face) so from now onwards my princess will never cry and I will not let anyone harm my princesess. (wiping her tears) Now don’t cry otherwise I will also start crying (with slow voice) and I don’t look good while crying.
Hearing Dp she smiled brightly. when they turn towards the family they were shock that all were having teary eyes and even the kids were crying.
Dp: Why you all are crying ?
Ap(with wide smile): Nothing we are just watching the father daughter bonding.
Dp(still hugging ragini): We will come tomorrow with shagun thal and we will also call pandit ji to check the kundlis of both the children.
Ap: Sujata now we will take your leave.
Day passed and after the dinner
Sujata: Ragini do you like sanskar ?
Ragini(blushed a little): Yes mom. (Then she told her what happened in the room). Mom he is really nice. Thanks mom.
Sujata(confused look): Why thanks ?
Ragini(holding sujata’s hand in her hand): Mom you were the one who told me to move on and to look at the present and future, otherwise I would have been living with the past my whole life(with chocking voice). Because of you I will get a life partner like sanskar. Thanks mom, Thankyou very much.

Sujata: Why to say thanks ? (by cupping her face) its my duty to show you right path and I will always do that, no matter where you stay. Ok now enough of talks tomorrow we have to get up early as they are coming and ha you have to also go to your academy also, So now sleep and have sweet dreams. Good night.
Ragini: Good night mom.
Ragini was just tossing from left to right as she was not getting sleep so she woke up and set on the bed taking the support of the board. She then thought about today’s event. How she met sanskar, how he was feeling guilty and sorry for talking about her parents but she was little worried about the marriage, but then she brush of her thoughts and thinking about today’s event she dozed off.
Screen shifts to Ap and Dp’s room
Ap(with concern): We will and especially you have to give her lot of confidence about the marriage.
Dp: Ya I too think the same. When you told me about her past I was just shock that how can a father be so cruel to a daughter. (with angry voice) If I will see him anywhere I will kill him then-n-there.
Ap(calming Dp): Now he is gone, he is no more part of our life now, don’t think about him and raise your bp and more ever we have to think of ragini now. We have to make her believe that marriages do work.
Dp: Yes, and that can only happen if sanskar love her and give her the respect and the rights of wife.
Ap: Don’t worry sanskar will love her to the moon and back, its just that he need to be away from kavita, and I know ragini, she can make this happen. Ok now good night tomorrow we have to go to orphanage.
DP: Hmm. Good night.
Now screen shifts to sanskar’s room he was standing in the balcony looking at moon and talking to himself
Sanskar’s POV
“What had happened to me today ?. I Sanskar Maheshwari never said sorry to anyone except my parents, was feeling guilty and saying sorry to ragini. Even I had not said sorry to kavita also, then what happened today. (He remembered how her eyes were teary when he asked her about her parents photo, and when she called Dp as her dad and how she burst out in front of him. He too was teary. He was feeling like someone stabbed his heart). Why.. why ..Why I was so angry listening her talking about her real father, and why my heart pained to see her crying, Why I wanted to hug her, wipe her tears and say to her that don’t worry I am with you. (frustrated) Why ?.”
End of sanskar’s POV
Thinking about this he went to his bed frustrated and slept.

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