RAGSAN- Ich Liebe dich {chapter 2 – “dream”}


Hello everyone, how you all are? Well I am here with the first part of the story.

Before that I want to convey my gratefulness for giving support to the story. Without you all it would have been impossible for me to get into this writer avatar. Also I am elder sister of naina. She isn’t able to complete story due to certain circumstances and hence the responsibility has been assigned to me. Since it had been 3 months this story was posted I preferred posting it from the first chapter itself. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Also congratulations to the ‘men in blue’ for winning the championship. You haven’t conquered only a cup but also hearts of millions of Indians. Dinesh kartik- you rock man!
Now let me put a full stop to my blabbering and let’s peep into the story.

The rain of god was extraordinarily blessing the earth today. The rain drops were uniting with their love soil and the beautiful scenario was being witnessed by our two lovely heroines. Although the temperature was falling down due to rain but there was a place whose temperature was continuously rising due to someone.  First destination of our journey- the terrace.

How about a song too? Would not it be perfect? Let us add that!

“cham cham cham”

 Isn’t it an awesome song? But who is going to dance? Ragini turns and with her perfect slim waist and her dyeing moves danced on one paragraph. Her expressions making thousands of heart fall for her. Her ear rings creating a melodious tune. Her wet hairs on her face increasing her height of beauty. On the other hand swara also came to join her lovely sister…….. Swara and Ragini dancing happily with a smile one would die for. Both the sisters looking absolutely perfect making thousands of heart to skip thousands of beats. After such a wonderful performance audience couldn’t resist to give a huge round to clap. From the scenario it was quite obvious clear that the friends of swaragini were enjoying the gift of nature and having a lot of masti which was clear from the way they were dancing. The sisters got engaged here and there and enjoyed the rain to the fullest. The rain hadn’t stopped but their party did. The sisters gave a bye wave to their friends and swara left downwards. Suddenly Ragini felt a butterfly kiss on her bare shoulder which gave her goose bumps to enjoy the touch of the person.

The guy moved forward touching his red rosy wet lips with her wet hot neck giving the kisses whole the way. Ragini could clearly felt butterflies in her stomach. She got beautified with his touch. The rain drops further increasing the romance in the scenario. Finally Ragini revealed the guy name.


Yes the hero had entered and no doubt the entry was superb. The couple broke off from their romantic moment and gave each other a met after thousand years hug. And of course how our girl can be behind anyone? Her mood also became romantic. She said I love you to sanskar who was enjoying his princess beauty and rubbed her nose with his creating a romantic aura in the environment. And on the other side how could our second couple leave the chance? Romance in blood! Swalak also grabbed the chance and enjoyed their moment but the romantic couples’ romance could no longer sustain [guess once before reading] due to sharmistha voice for her two beautiful daughters. The ragsan came into senses so did swalak.

Ragini- oh sucks! Bye!

Sanskar- what do you mean by bye?

Ragini- but mom!

Sanskar- not fair baby!

Ragini sensed his thoughts and quickly gave a peck on his cheeks.

Sanskar- I didn’t knew that you know me so well.

Ragini- I know you better than you. Now go! [While pushing him] mom would create a thunder if she saw you here.

Sanskar starts to exit but it was looking that his heart was not in mood of leaving her angel. Ragini gave a cute flying kiss to sanskar from her cute pout which encouraged sanskar more to not to leave but the situation was such that he has to stop romancing even in such romantic moment.

Ragini-bye! Take care!

Ragini lips curved into a perfect smile remembering the moment they just spent but after a fraction of seconds only the lips were biting nail as she remembered her mom coming up. Same happened with the other duo. The love birds had to get away from each other. Laksh had no thought of leaving her beauty in such a beautiful rain but adjustment word threw all the thoughts out of his mind.

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