Ragsan: Heart to heart connection (Shot 7)

Hllooooo….hehehe did’nt expect me to post this sooonnn right…wellll then I hope you like this…

Let’s start

Rag is crying in her room

Swa:ragu why r u crying??

Rag:shona I never thought in my wildest dreams that I will be this much happy one day…

Swa:paagal…will any one cry for that…okkk now as u r married maa want you to do all the rituals of newly wedded…

Suji:knocks door can I come in??

Rag:come aunty…why r u asking permission?

Suj:because some one is still thinking me as only aunty…sooo

Rag immediatly hugs suj

Suj:see ragini…I gave my son all the freedom he wanted…and I would give u too…u r free to be urself…noo need to change for any one…feel me as your mother only…

rag:okkk maa

Suj:that’s like my daughter now come with us for ur sasural…fromm tommorow you can again come for swaras functions…

Rag:okkk maa

Swa:even I will come with you…

Swara,ragini,sanlak,ram,suji all go to MM


Suj:you both wait here beta…I will just come…

San holds ragini’s hands and looks at her smilingly…and ragini bends her head in shy…

Suj:comes with haldi thali…rag keeps her hand prints on wall and kicks the rice pot and ragsan r about to enter

Dp:stop there itself…

When you have no value for me…you have no place in my house tooo….

Suj:u r fogetting bhaisab…50% oh prop is my husbands tooo and we have equall rights on this house as you have

Ap:sujatha I never expected this from you??

Ram:yess bhabhi…all our life me and sujatha came listening to you people…and sacrificed all our dreams but we can’t sacrifice my only sons happiness for people like you…

Sanskar holds ragini’s hand tight and steps inside the house…

Suj:sanskar u and laksh sleep in one room swaragini will sleep in guest room…

San looks at her with pleeding eyes…

Suj:nothing doing….goooooo

Sanskar leaves to his room huffing followed by laksh…swaragini gigles….

Suj:ragini beta sleep early…tommorow morning u will do rasoi rasam and we can go back to swara’s house for her functions….

Rag:okkk maa

Suj kisses on her forehead….

Precap:funnnn time….

Sorry people…I know this is damm boaring but it is necessary soooo….plzzz bear it…after this I will show full ragsan scenes…love u all…byeee

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