Ragsan: Heart to heart connection (Shot 4)

Heyyy lovely people….thanks for commenting…this for all of them those who commented on previous shot…I hope u like this too….

Let\’s start…

Rag:shona can I ask u one thing

Swara:from when u started asking permission ragu

Rag:wohhhh actually….wohh

Swara:is it about sanskar???

Rag:(gives a how do know expression)

Swa:obviously….munda ithna handsome and hot ho tho ragini gadodia also should be flat on him

Rag:its not like that swara…I want to know wheather he really love me or just flirting

Swara:I have an idea… u just do what I say…. Okkk


Plan A

Its a party held at evening…every one is present there…and sanskars eyes r searching for ragini…he is sooo impatient to see her…

Shomi:shona beta where is ragu…I didn\’t see her from afternoon

Swara:(lil loudly)ohhh maa she is having high fever

Shomi:why didn\’t u tell us we would have called docter right…arjun see this girl how stupid she is…

Swara:she dosent want to bother u all…as today party is there

When swara turned back she could not find sanskar any where…and she smirks

At room…

Rag:got a msg that work done…start acting…

Rag:quickly lies on bed with comforter over her face and pretend to sleep

After five min she feel hot water over her hand and opens eyes…there she find sanskar holding his hand and crying…

Sanskar pov

Seeing u like this I feel like I am noo worthy of ur love…ur suffering from long time…I am enjoing down stairs…shame on my love…from today every pain should cross me first to reach u…

San gets a cloth dipped in water and rubs all her hands and face….

San:don\’t worry jaan…when I used to get fever my maa used to do same and I used to get fine sooo soon…

He immidiatly pecks her forehead and goes out smiling


When I opened my eyes I saw him leaving me with most dificulty….

And for the first tym in my life I felt that motherly love

Rag:sanskar what ever it is I don\’t want to loose you….plzzz be with me for all my life…

At night…

San:lucky once u call swara here

Lucky:just do as I say lucky

Lak:okkk bhaii

Swara comes there

San:swara how is ragini

Swa:she is okkk sanskar…why r u asking like that?

San:gets very angry…..just shut up u…I know she is having fever…and how can u be sooo careless…I mean she ur friend right…shittt I should not expect this much from u I

Swa:gets teary eyed….for the first time in her life some one shouted on her

She goes to her room crying

San:lucky I am very very sorry…wohh u know about my angerness right…I just…I am sorry

Lak:its okk bhaii…but I never saw u caring for some outsider…then???

San:I love her lucky…more than my life…woh thumari hone wali bhabhi hai

Lak:I am sooo happy bhai…don\’t worry I will handle her…

Precap:ragsan silly fight

I hope u like this….if not u can say frankly…actually I lost the originall plot…so I just wrote what ever came in my mind…I will end this in next one or two shots…lods of love

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