Ragsan: Heart to heart connection (Shot 3)

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Let’s start…


Swa:what happend ladoo y r u soo angry

Rag:shona u know(narrates every thing)

Swa:acha then I think some one found their prince charming

Shomi:offfoo what to do with you two girls?always chitchatting…groom and family came


Swa:yy r u jumping like ur prince charming came…I should jump not u

Rag:ohh cut the crap shona…don’t take his name infront me

Swa:plzzzz plzzz ragu discribe him plzzzz

Rag:haa haa okk


He is soo tall…I mean taller than me…and milky white skin…he have a broad chest with full of manliness and he have a million dollar smile fr which any girl can fall in second and finally his eyes omg we can even dive into them

Rag pov

Describing him I moved back and turned and hit to a hard chest and then when I am about to fall…his both hands are around my waist…and for first time in my life there is a manly touch on my overly protected skin and its like 1000 watt current passing over my body…and after completely feeling his touch when I opened my eyes I found a known pair of eyes looking at me with utmost love fr which my heart is craving soo long and…. ohhh no not again that smile,that million dollor smile on his face made my hands to grip around his collore more tightly as he is mine only mine…

All thanks to my stupid friend the great swara sinha she spoiled my most romantic time a single flash of cam light which made us to compose our selves from that filmatic pose…)

Pov ends

Swa:omg what a pose I think this should be posted on social media the gereat sanskar maheshwari and ragini gadodia in a filmy pose sooo good…

Rag:swara noo listen to me noo

Swa:ladoo noo if can then catch me and starts running

Rag:too runs behind her and then


Ishq wala love in bg


(Swara dashed some one)

Rag:now what say ms.swara sinha shadi ki pehle romance now I will keep this in social media

(Yes guys its our laksh)

Swa:gets shy and goes to her room same as laksh

Leaving her phone on floor

Rag:pics the phone and about to delete the pic…

San:holds rag by her waist and pulls back due to which her breath goes un even

Rag:sa…sanskar what r u doing leave me

San:in the mean time takes the mob from her hands and sends that pic to him

Rag:plzzz delete that pic

San:this is 1st memory of our love story baby…

Rag:sanskar…what is all this…

San:(suddenly pecks her lips)…leaving her in shock…its connection baby…

Slowly whishpers in her ears(heart to hearts)

And go with a signature smile on his face

How is that???do tell me how u felt…plzzzz tell me frankly if u feel bored…I will try to change…

Lods of love:chandana

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