ragsan-my heart belongs to you part3



sanky holds laksh hands tightly, laksh understand his situation

sahil: don’t bother about swara sanskar, this girl is easy to handle but my ragu is unique

sw: I will kill you idiot, I’m happy you will never become my jiju

sahil: how dare you chipkali, don’t dare to repeat your words again

l: what do you mean swara, why cant he become your jiju

sw: first thing didi always consider him as friend so no acceptance from di but he tried his luck through dadi but their nakshatras are not matched so dadi also rejects his proposal, poor sahil

sahil: swara ki bachi stop your bak bak, now I’m not alone, my Bhai sanskar is their for me, hey Na sanskar

laksh whispered in sanskar ears,

l: Bhai manage the situation

s: yeah sahil,

sahil: I don’t believe in astrology and all, sanskar please make them realize my love for ragu

s: noooo

sahil,swara looking at sanky with shocked expressions

s: I mean iam strong believer in all these things,its risky sahil you have to believe this, please forget about ragu

sahil: what ragu!

s: I mean ragini

sahil: I thought you help me

sw: oho stop your bak bak sahil, wait I will call didi

sahil: wait, I will come with you, ok sanskar wait for us we will be back in seconds

s: k

swara,sahil left the place

s: sanskar eyes filled with tears, Mene kya kiya lucky,every love story has villain but I’m the villain in my story, without any clarity I reject her because of my doubt, I’m the reason for her tears,my angel likes me she accepted me but I hurt her still she supports me , I pity on myself

l: it’s ok, I can understand your situation

s: it’s not ok,you cannot imagine my situation yar, I feel like I’m dying inside, when swara introduce that sahil than I felt like someone is stabbed my heart, please do something lucky, my feelings towards ragini is special I never felt like that anyone

l: Bhai control yourself, swara,ragini are coming

@dadi-ap convo

ap: parvati ji if you don’t mind, I found someone suitable for our ragini

d: you belongs to my family now, so it’s your right to select the guy , but who is he

ap: he is my friend son, I already informed her she is on the way with her hubby, wait for 50 mints than we will fix ragini alliance

d: me bahut khush hu

ap: don’t tell anyone about this, if you like my friend family than we finalize it

d: ok

ragini greets sanskar and lucky but sanskar lost in her eyes and doesn’t respond,

l: hii ragini, I’m laksh

r: nice to meet you laksh, hii sanskar

s: arey di sanskar nahi, today onwards jiju

r: teek hai,

sanskar think oh god! what a horrible situation I’m facing now, I want to here darling word my angel but. .

r: hello jiju

s: hii ragini

both smile awkwardly

sw: bas bas,i don’t want boring engagement so we will play something interesting

sahil: ohoo boring person is speaking about interesting

sw: shut up sahil, listen to me first this bowl contains our name, first I will choose 2chits than those 2 persons looking into eachother eyes without blinking , one who blinks first may lose the game and we can blaber anything to distract our opponent attention and one who will lose the game must do whatever his opponent participant wants , I think game rules are clear

r: I’m not interested,i think dadi is calling me

sw: di no more excuses, all elders are busy with their work , please play for me

sahil: please yar

r: ok

sanskar is continuously staring at ragini

sw: first person name sahil , second one ohoo it’s me

sahil,swara are playing perfectly with their taunting finally sahil blink his eyes

sw: ok sahil your task is praise me

sahil: oh no,ragini bachao yar this is really punishment for me

ragini giggles, sanky laksh both are amazed to see their catfight

sw: just do it

sahil praise her in taunting way,

sw: ok, next one to compete with me is my sister
ragini if loose intentionally for me than I will kill you

r: ok

ragini won this time,

sw: what should I do my sister

r: you have to give your pink dress for me

sw: nahi cheating

sahil: ohoo madam, ragini cheater nahi it’s you

sw: ok I will give you, so next participant name laksh kapoor
ragini you have to win

laksh, ragini looking at eachother eyes,laksh lost in her eyes
(yeh mohe mohe ke plays in the background)

laksh thinks omg what’s happening to me, her eyes are attracting my attention if I disclose this matter to sanky he will kill me suddenly he blinks

r: you lost it Mr laksh kapoor

l: ok, what is my task

r: I don’t know your weaknesses so will you be my friend

l: it’s my pleasure, both shake their hands in friendly manner but 2people looking at them with angry faces ( hope u understand sanky,sahil)

sw: so finally sanskar vs ragini

ragini is looking tensed but sanskar is happy, both are looking at eachother,ragini is silent,
( tere naina songs plays in the background)

both are lost in eachother eyes

s: he speaks with ragini in low tone, ragini just listen to my words, he explains her only school matter and his misunderstanding about her, she is shocked with this revelation

r: it’s ok,

s: I love you ragini

ragini stared at him angrily and blinks her eyes

sw: oho di you lost the game

ragini thinks oho maybe he did this to win the game, don’t think so much ragu control yourself

sw: sanskar what is my di task

s: ragini dance with me

sahil,swara looking at sanky suspiciously,ragini is looking shocked, laksh with nervousness

swara: ohoo, you are giving her easy challenge, she is good dancer

s: ok than ask her to dance with me

sw: ragini dance with him.

r: no I can’t

sw: ohoo it’s challenge cum punishment you have to accept it di

r: ok

tere galiyan songs plays

sanky holds her one hand and place other hand on her waist and pulls her towards him

ragini body shivering with sanskar touch, they both are dance like perfect couple,ragini tries to go away from him but sanky is in no mood to release her from grip

sanky thinks I don’t want to release you dear, our relation is for 7births, my heartbeat rises when you are near, my heart always trust you but me pagal ki tarah tumne reject kiya, please god help to reconcile with my angel

sanskar spins her look at her admiringly

ragini thinks he is behaving weirdly, but why his presence affect me

she releases from sanskar grip and about to leave but her leg strips she is about to fall ,suddenly sanky holds her it’s like perfect pose for song end

swara,sahil,laksh shouts after their performance,they back to reality sanky seems happy but ragini in dilemma

sw: omg di you both rocked the stage with amazing performance

l: yeah it’s awesome

s: sanskar don’t forget you are engaged to swara in taunting way

r: I have some work swara, me abhi ati hu

sw: ok ragini

ragini lost in her thoughts ,she bumps with some kid her dress spoiled with drink

kid: sorry didi

r: no problem, it’s my mistake

she went to her room,sanky is watching her every action

s: swara me abhi ati hu

sw: ok

sanky silently entered into ragini room, she is selecting dress for her,suddenly she heard door locking sound and turns

r: aap yaha kya kar rahe ho, darwajha kyu bandh kiya

s:ragini please listen to me

r: please aap jao yaha se, if anyone sees us together than it will be a problem

sanky closed her mouth with his hand and hold her listen to me ragini,dont disturb me

s: i never thought I will fell for someone but when I saw you in school my heart start beating for you , I lost in your eyes ragini, but because of my doubt everything is spoiled,believe me ragini my heart tell me you are innocent but my mind won the battle I love you so much ragini

ragini pushed him,both have tears in their eyes

r: don’t dare to talk with me like this sanskar, you’re already engaged with my sister that’s why I’m leaving you with out slapping, just get out of sight

s: I’m not afraid of you,I saw the same feel in your eyes like mine, don’t hide your feelings

r: I don’t have any feelings for you, you are talking about love Na we met yesterday how can you think it’s love, you rejects me and engage with my sister and now you are here in my room stating you are in love with me, I never saw any spineless person like you

first swara, next ragini next kaun

s: raginiiiiiiiiiii , he holds her tightly just look into me eyes can’t you see my love, can’t you hear my hear beat raising sound whenever you are near to me, yes I saw you yesterday but love happens in seconds ragini without any reason

I never accept my relation with anyone because MY HEART BEATS FOR YOU ragini remember only for you till my last breath

he left the room, both are having tears in their eyes

thank you so much for your Valuable comments, megha I’m from ap

hope you like it, sorry for my mistakes

Credit to: lovely

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