ragsan- my heart belongs to you part2

sanky observes ragini tears, she wipes quickly and smiles

sanky pov

why I’m feeling restless seeing her tears, am I doing wrong! she is already in relationship Na I thought she will be happy about my decision but why her eyes shows pain

pov ends

ap: what are you talking sanskar

s: please maa, don’t force me, my decision is final

ap: parvati ji if you don’t mind we need swara hand for my son

shekar: how can I agree with this proposal, ragini is elder so we have to marry her first,sorry ap ji I can’t accept your proposal , please you can leave now

dadi: shekar don’t say like that , they both are twins, ragini is 5mints elder I know it, but you have to accept this proposal for me

we can engage them first, than we will find suitable groom for laado than we can do two marriages in same mandap

ap: it’s perfect Bhai, please agree

shekar: if swara agrees, I don’t have any problem

all are looking at swara,she is tensed about the situation

d: swara please say something

swara looks at ragini,she signed her to say yes,but swara is reluctant to accept the proposal

dadi observes swara condition, laado please take her inside, ap ji wait for some time

ap: ok

dadi follows swaragini to their room, laado just explain her the situation, I have full faith in you

r: jii dadi

s: didi don’t force me, I don’t wanna marry that kadoos, how can he reject you! he is arrogant maheswari, I can’t bare him in my life

r: omg just cool down, first of all he is not kadoos and he is nice person, everyone has their own taste shona, if he doesn’t like me that means he is not good hey Na

s: di, you are not understanding my feelings

r: be calm swara, he is not going to meet me,he came here to meet you, just think in this view

s: still di, why he rejects you

r: just chill dear, may be my prince charming is someone still waiting for me, so if you like this kadoos you can accept the proposal, I never felt bad about it

swara giggles listening kadoos word from ragini

s: ok fine, Im ready for this proposal

r: chalo, we have to inform this matter to dadi

all are happy with swara decision

ap: sanky if you want to talk with swara

sanky is annoyed: no need mom, I like her

ap: ok, parvati ji my pandi ji informed me that tomorrow is good for engagement, otherwise we have to wait for a month, if you don’t mind shall we keep engagement tomorrow

dadi: ok, no problem we can manage

dp: we have to leave now,so much work is their for engagement

jai srikrshna

d,s,j: jai srikrshna


dp: sanskar I never expect this kind of behavior from you, ragini is nice girl how can you reject her

if you don’t like her it’s ok, but you want to marry their younger daughter,its too much

ap: ragini is nice girl beta, first I met her in temple , I like her nature when i enquire about her I found that she is my friend janki daughter, that’s why I compel to meet her,
why you not accept her proposal,is there any reason

s: nothing like that mom, she is not my type, don’t estimate person behavior with looks mom, if you find their true nature than it will give us immense pain

ap: swara is also good but I must say you will definitely regret someday for rejecting ragini proposal

sanky gives confusing look to ap

dp: leave it ap, he never understand

ap: ok,ok, we have so many works dp ji, please you handle the guest list, sanskar beta take laksh help for selecting proper dress

s: ok dad, drop me at laksh house

dp: yeah

@laksh house

l: sanky why are looking dull, what happened, whether she revealed about that guy

s: don’t ask me what happened, ask me what don’t happened!

my life completely changed after meeting ragini

l: please be clear sanky, I’m not understanding anything

s: she accept my proposal but I reject her

l: that’s fine Na

s: no yar, I applied reverse psychology

l: what do you mean

s: I ask her sister hand for marriage

l: what

s: I though her sister rejects me, but this ragini has done something lucky her sister accept my proposal

l: say it clearly, you yourself involved in problem

sanky explained each and every matter clearly

l: sanky maybe our thinking is wrong about ragini, I think she is good

s: don’t start again, im already confused, now battle is going on between my mind and heart

l: it’s ok bro, maybe swara is in your destiny, what about swara, is she looking good as ragini

s: I really don’t observe her clearly, my heart and eyes both are staring at ragini all the time

l: complicated matter Bhai, just inform maa that you don’t want to marry now

s: no chance

l: why

s: tomorrow is my engagement, I came here to take you for shopping

l: omg! my head is spinning sanky

s: shut up yar, my condition is worse than you

l: ab kya karna chahte ho

s: nothing in my hands laksh, if I reject this proposal again than my dad will kill me

but why her eyes are teary when I reject her!! seeing her in that state their is pain in my heart lucky, I don’t know what is happening with me, whenever I close my eyes her face is flashing , when she came near to me my heartbeat increases drastically, it’s really disturbing

l: I think you are in love

s: no yar, leave it

l: okay baba, chalo we have to select your dress Na

s: yeah

@ragini house 8clock

ragini is standing in terrace , thinking something looking at sky

janki comes to ragini

j: ragini beta,are you fine

r: perfectly fine, why you’re asking me like that

j: don’t hide your emotions infront of me, I know you better than yourself

ragini hugs her

r: why he rejects Me maa, she cries

j: I thought my ladoo is strong, you are beautiful ladoo, I never thought you will cry like this for someone, you like him Na

r: I don’t know maa, I never saw someone as my soulmate but when dadi told me about this proposal, I consider him as mine when I saw him my heartbeat increased, it’s never happen with anyone maa, i felt like he belongs to me, I’m ready to accept him but everything Changed with in span of seconds

j: it’s really difficult for you to see him with swara Na than why you convince her for this marriage

r: I don’t want to be selfish, he is good ,swara will be happy with him

j: you’re unique ragu, he is unlucky thars why he reject you

r: bas bas, jaldi chalo so many works are there Na, if we will be here, dadi will kill us

j: okay


s: why she is looking dull when I reject her

l: sanky please leave me yar, you are saying this line repeatedly,my ears paining, just concentrate on shopping

s: select something yar, I’m not interested

l: ok, I like this blue sherwani

s: ok nice

the day ends with sanky confused face

@engagement venue

sanky pov

yesterday there are so many changes my life, don’t know what happens today

swara is coming with janki, she looking good in red saree but my eyes are searching for someone

suddenly I saw her, she is looking like angel in blue saree, she greets everyone but she is not looking at me

I felt like dejected, I want to see her eyes , please ragini look at me once

sanky thoughts are disturbed by laksh

l: sanky, she is beside you , talk with her

s: she is infront of me lucky but not looking at me

l: what yar! I’m talking about swara, whom you think

s: ragini

l: Bhai concentrate on your engagement function


ap: sanskar beta it’s time for ring exchange

sanky hand is trembling. hold the ring,he is staring at ragini

finally they exchange their rings

all are congratulating

sanskar, laksh are shocked to see the person at entrance

san: sahil!!!!

sahil is moving near to sanskar,

sahil: congrats swara madam

sw: tq sahil

sahil: congrats brother

san: tq, who is he!

sahil: hii I’m ragini boy friend

sanky burns with jealousy,thinks finally she introduced him to her family

sw: shut up sahil, if ragini didi listen your words than she will kill you

lucky,sanky looking at swara confusingly

s: what do you mean swara

sw: he is my aunty son, he loves my sister deeply but ragini di always consider him as friend but this budhu always introduce himself as ragini di boy friend

with this revelation, sanky looking at swara shockingly, tear is escaped from his eyes

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