ragsan- my heart belongs to you part1


its ragsan love story, consists 3-4 parts, hope you like it

sanskar is doctor, his mother Annapurna searching suitable bride for sanky finally she found best match for him

an: sanskar beta evening jaldi aa jao, we are going to see ragini gadodia , your would be wife

s:maa, hold on! first I have to see her, if l like her than she is my would be wife but now she is not related to me

an: I know your taste, I’m confident about my selection

s: ok let’s see


(sanky,laksh are friends, working in same hospital)

l: what happened sanky, you look disturbed

s: hey lucky, I’m confused about my marriage, evening I’m going to see one girl lucky but I don’t know anything about her, first I want to know about her without her knowledge

l: ohoo, it’s so simple, first tell me about her details

s: I don’t know much but her name is ragini gadodia working in kvr school

l: chalo

s: where?

l: arey budhu, come first see her in school , if we see her in outside than we can observe her nature

s: ok good idea, come let’s go


they both reached at school

laksh: how she looks

s: don’t know yar

l: ok wait

lucky searching for someone , finally he found peon

l: hii , we are searching for ragini madam, can you please tell me about her room

peon: madam just went to playground

l: ok, tq
chalo sanky

both entered the play ground, they here children giggling sounds

they both observes their madam teaches rules regarding game

sanky pov

don’t know why but I’m eagerly waiting to see her, ragini name seems good

when we entered the ground her back is facing us, she teaches her children some rules regarding game, her voice is melodious, after listening her voice my excitement reached to peaks

she is wearing red saree, omg she is attractive from backside ,we both are hide behind tree and observes her

suddenly she turned to my side oh my god, my heart skipped, I just lost in her beauty, her eyes are so expressive, her smile is priceless, her face wahh no words are enough to describe her beauty

his thoughts are interrupted by lucky

l: sanky don’t look at her like that yar, you like her Na

s: wat like yar, I just lost in her smile she is like angel , I never had this type of feelings before, I’m fix now she is going to be Mrs ragini sanskar maheswari

l: someone is blushing

s: shut up lucky

both follow her everywhere in school with out her knowledge

@evng 4

someone is waiting for ragini, she goes with him in bike, sanky suspicious about that guy

lucky,sanky enquire the guard about the man

guard: he is sahil sir, ragini mam boy friend

sanky heart broken into pieces, he is cursing her

s: arey lucky if she is in love with someone than how can she accept marriage proposal, she is beautiful outside but not inside, I hate her

l: wait sanky, she may thought to reject you in evening, due to family pressure she may accept to meet you

s: I don’t want to meet her

l: just chill bro, meet her if she rejects you than she is good if not …

s: we know about her character, ok ragini wait for me I’m coming

@ragini home

dadi: janki jaldi karo, maheswaris are on the way

janki: ji maa, everything is perfect,

dadi: where is swara

Jan: she is helping ragini

dadi: ok

SW: didi, you are looking beautiful, jiju may fall for you at first sight

ra: bas karo swara, ragini blushes

SW: don’t blush more, your cheeks are looking pink than your saree colour

r:dadi maa

sw: dadi ki bachi, I’m going, don’t complain about me

r: haha

sanky family arrived at gadodia mantion, all are looking happy but sanky is looking disturbed

da: aa jao, dp ji

dp: don’t need to be formal, we are like family,

dadi: ji

ap: I’m waiting to see my daughter in law, please show us

ja: just a minute ap ji

swara is seeing all these from side of the door, dii jiju is looking hot, anybody can fall for him

ragini smiles listening swara comment,she eagerly waiting to meet him

janki came their to take her, laado come beta, swara also follows them

sanky eyes are fixed at ragini face, he can’t move his eyes from ragini

sanky pov

I never felt like this before, Iam trying to control myself but my heart is not listening to me,s he is looking awestruck but she is not mine, this thought killing me, I’m feeling like crying

his thoughts are disturbed by ap

ap: sanky she is coming see her

s: haa

ragini serving coffee to all, she smiles looking at sanky

ap: janki I think they need some privacy

j: ok, ragini beta take him to terrace

r: ok maa


both are silent, ragini observes sanskar moves

sanky breaks the silence

s: hii I’m sanskar

r: hii I’m ragini

s: sanky looking at her suspiciously, ragini are you willing to marry me

r: yes, I’m ready for this proposal

sanky fumes with anger,how can she accept me, love with someone, marriage with other one, really irritating character

s: you dont know anything about me na, how can you accept this proposal

r: I don’t know about you, but I like your nature

s: how can you know about my nature miss ragini

r: when we are coming to terrace their is Rangoli at entrance, you don’t step in that rangoli, carefully choose way to enter the steps, it’s not need to be with you years, seconds are enough sanskar

your love and care towards your parents attracts me, one who loves their parents immensely, can definitely loyal to their partner

s: he thinks she is intelligent, am i thinking wrong about her relationship with sahil

no,no all people are knew about her relationship in school, she is talking about loyalty

ok come ragini, I will tell my decision infront our parents

r: okay

ap: beta you like her Na

s: mom if they don’t mind, I want to marry their second daughter

all are shocked with sanskar decision, tear skipped from ragini eyes

Credit to: lovely

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  1. Sindhura

    Worst situation for any one sister

  2. LovelyAliya

    OH :O You don’t see my face but actually I’m confused not about Sanskar decision because if I was in his place I will do the same, not marrying the little brother but atleast I would reject the boy! lekin main Ragini ki pov nahi janti so it’s a bit confused eager to read next part :p

  3. Hai lovely..nice start.but feeling sad 4 ragini..poor ragini..if i get that guard i wil shoot him.if he doesn’t know anything then why did he spread rumer?hm..hope sanskar wil realize his mistake soon nd plz nxt part jaldy post karna

  4. nice epi…..

  5. Megha123

    Hey lovely it is somewhat like raja rani serial BTW r u 4m andhra?

  6. Superb dear.eagerly waiting for next part

  7. Dear is this sm story then am super excited I really love them intense love towards each other.. but thr is lot of drama thr na then y r u planning for only 3 to 4 parts r is this different..

  8. Awedome

  9. Nice lovely but feeling sad for Ragini

  10. It is Telugu serial Rajarani.it will come on maa TV 7:30pm.it will be also available in hotstar.there is no change accept sanskar is a dr

  11. Awesome episode dear..bt really feelng bad for rags…post nxt part soon eagerly watng to knoww d truth about sahil…love ragini

  12. Akshata

    awesome update. how could sanskar believe anybody blindly? he can ask her directly also. but after rejecting her atleast dont insult her by proposing younger sister. really bad.

  13. oh so good ff

  14. What did he did……….for one doubt he rejected her.

  15. Lila


  16. SPP

    Waiting for Ragini’s reaction
    Waiting for the next one………

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