ragsan-my heart belongs to you part 6


all are tensed with pandit words but sujatha take it lightly

sujatha: what about tomorrow programs yar

ap:we have to start the wedding preparations

sujatha: yup, first thing is shopping, we have to choose perfect outfits for our children otherwise it will be clumsy at last moment

Jan: yes, ok than we will meet you tomorrow at shopping mall

ap: ok

all went to their houses

@maheswari mansion

sanskar is lost in his thoughts thinking about ragini

ap: sanskar, you are looking tensed, is any issue bothering you

s: no maa, im fine

ap: I’m your maa that’s why I can read your eyes, you’re not happy may I know the reason

s: sanskar hugs her, maa i love her, don’t wanna lose her now I’m regretting to reject her, you’re correct maa she is perfect for me

ap: what!

s: yes ma

ap,: sanskar be clear beta, don’t confuse me more

s: I don’t want to marry swara maa, I’m loving her sister ragini

ap slapped him

ap: are you thinking marriage is like game, yesterday you want to marry swara now ragini, aap ko kya hua sanskar

s: sorry, listen to me mom please

ap: ye kya sanskar, if your dad comes to know this he will kill u

sanky explains the whole situation to ap

ap: I think ragini is correct beta, stay away from her, marriage is not about two people it’s union of two families, your one wrong move spoils our 3families reputation

s’: ok maa, I’m agree with you but if you feel we both are destined to be together in any moment, you have to help me

ap: laksh also likes her na sanky, meri baat suno it’s not about you,laksh also like my son, don’t complicate this matter

s: you gave me everything without asking maa, first time iam asking you, I can’t live without her maa

ap: don’t cry like girls, if ragini loves you or I feel so I will help you like laksh

s: thank you so much maa

ap: I know she never love you , that’s why I’m accepting

s: I have faith in my love mom, she will be mine

ap: you’re behaving like pagal, I’m leaving

s: mom is right , I’m pagal and ragini ki prem Diwani hu, love u ragini

#shopping mall

swaragini, laksh,sanskar, parvati,ap,sujatha went to shopping for selecting wedding dresses
ap: first we will select dresses for swaragini
sujatha: ok
all are selecting wedding legenhas for swaragini.ap sanky,laksh,sujatha selecting dresses from catalogue

sanskar: this pink legenha is perfect for ragini, if she wear this legenha with loose hair than she looks like angel(sanky smiles thinking about ragini in bridal dress)

l: yeah, nice selection sanky

sujatha: janki ji ragini kaha hai,

j: ragini went to trial room, she select 2 legenhas,

just than ragini came from trial room wearing same legenha in catalog with loose hair, all are astonished to see her, she is looking like perfect diva

r: kya hua, I like this one if you all don’t like it than I will change it maa

sujatha: arey nayi ragini beta, this dress is perfect for you, just now sanky select this dress for you we are about to select it but you already tried it na that’s why we are shocked to see you in the same dress that to with loose hair

sanskar,ragini both are looking at eachother , ap looking both of them with shocked expressions

ap thinks both are selecting same dress without their knowledge and she is looking same as sanky description,is really they are destined to be together!!, no no ap that is nice dress, everyone choose best dress don’t confuse yourself

r:I think blue lehenga is more beautiful than this

l: no ragini, you’re looking awesome in this one, please take this one for me

r: okay, she smiles looking at laksh

sw: sanky select something for me also yar, I’m confused

sujatha: he will definitely select for you, his selection is awesome he na sanky

s: yeah,wait I got some important call I will be back, you guys continue

swara is observing each and every moment of sanskar,why I feel he is avoiding me intentionally, her thoughts are disturbed by ap

ap: swara see this green lehenga, it’s perfect for you

sw: wow maa, really awesome

they select few more dresses for remaining rituals,
sujatha: ok, now we have to select dresses for sanlak, excise me gents section kaha hai

sales m: 4floor madam

sujatha,laksh,janki,swara,parvati ,ap entered the lift

guard: sir ye lift capacity 6member if you don’t mind you two use other one

s: it’s ok, come ragini

l: wait , I will come with you

sujatha: arey laksh they will come beta, your ragini is not alone sanskar is with her don’t worry

l: jii maa

they all went to 4th floor for gents section

s: ragini aao Na

r: tum jao sanskar,i have some work

s: I know the actual reason, you’re are afraid to stay with me because you are in love with me

r: never, chalo I will come with you
sanky smiles at her behavior

they both entered the lift, due to some technical issues lift struck in-between 3-4floor

r-what happened to this lift, is anybody there, please help me we are stuck in this lift

s- ragini my ears are paining, why are you shouting like this yar, we are struck here since 1sec not from hours, they will definitely help us, don’t waste your energy

r: because of you only I struck here

s: Mene kya kiya ragini, you’re always want to fight with me

r: mera phone bi swara ke pas, sanskar please laksh ko call karo

s: ok, sorry mera phone switch off ho gaya

r: hello koi hai( her voice clearly indicates she is crying)

s: ragini r u crying, batao na

r: haa, I’m afraid of darkness please do something sanskar ,she is trembling with fear

sanky thinks darkness is all around us her sobs are audible to me and I felt like someone stabbing my heart

s:he holds her hand, ragini please don’t cry, just wait for few more minutes someone will help us, I thought you are strong but

r: what but!! I’m strong don’t irritate me more

swara,laksh searching ragsan, they enquire about them,someone says 2customers are struck in lift they both went near the lift

sw: omg, di is afraid of darkness,

l: Bhai, what happened to this lift,jaldi teek karo

guard: it’s stopped due to some technical problem sir but one of the supporting chain is damaged

l: are you joking, what type of maintenance is this

guard: please sir don’t shout , we rectifying our mistake

sw: laksh please come with me,

sw,la: ragini, sanskar are you okay

r: swara I’m okay, please do something

l; don’t worry ragini, wait for few minutes

suddenly lift is moving in improper way with huge sound and lights are fluctuating they both lose their balance and fall down sanky lips are touched her lips ,her eyes are widened with shock sanky tries to move away from ragini but he again falls on her, both are lost in each other eyes,

haan hasi ban gayi songs plays in the background

she holds his shirt tightly, sanskar notice some hair stands are disturbing her, he tuck her hair back of her ear, both are in their own world and about to kiss eachother but they came back to reality hearing thud sound, suddenly lift doors are opened

swalak are shocked to see ragsan in that state

hope you like it, sorry for the grammatical mistakes

Credit to: lovely

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