ragsan-my heart belongs to you part 5


sujatha: ragini beta you’re looking beautiful

r: thank you maa

sujatha: it’s time to exchange the rings,

d: haa sujatha ji,

laksh,ragini exchange the rings, all are showering flower petals on them and sanky looking at ragini with love,all elders are busy with marriage date discussions,

sw: wow! di I’m really happy, our engagement date is same hope our marriage date also same, because of your suggestion only I accept the sanskar proposal otherwise I never agree because of his behavior towards you but i think he is really nice, your observation is always perfect

sanky looking at ragini, she tries to avoid his gaze

sanky: so swara, you accept this proposal because of ragini

sw: bilkul, ragini is the reason for our marriage, i don’t know anything about you and I can’t analyze anyone within seconds but di can understand everyone feelings

s: yeah, she can understand everyone feelings but not mine

sw: what do you mean

r: swara, ye mazak kar raha hai, he na jiju

s: yeah

l: ragini I have a surprise for you,

r: surprise!

l: you have to wait for my surprise, I will be back with in 10 mints

s: jiju, please muje batao Na

l: I said Na it’s surprise for ragini, bye

sanky thinks laksh is doing something, I have to clear my issues with ragini asap

s: swara can you please bring some water for me

sw: ok

ragini,sanskar are alone, sanskar holds ragini hand

s: ragini..

r: aap kya kar rahe ho leave my hand, can’t you see I’m engaged with your friend, just stay away from me

s: you are engaged with me

r: what do you mean

s: I mean these rings are not sign for engagement, our hearts are already connected so we both are engaged unofficially ragini, I’m waiting for your acceptance than we will engage officially

r: may be in your dreams sanskar

s: yep, you are correct ragini, you are my dream girl so in my dreams also iam belongs to you, iam loyal to you

r: aww, you are irritating

s: than why you advise swara to marry me, just tell her I’m not good for her

r: no I can’t

s: why ragini you’re thinking I’m not perfect na than why can’t you stop my marriage,
he tighten the grip in her hands,tears rolling in her eyes

r: I will never stop your marriage because you are nice person sanskar, I can feel it

s: hoo than can’t you feel my love,

sw: what’s happening here! di are you okay, why are you crying

ragini wipes her tears, nothing swara something fell in my eyes that’s it

sw: ok, sanskar ji aap ke liye juice

s: thank you swara

laksh came their with some packet, swara giggles looking at him

sw: what is their in this packet

l: my surprise, ragini can you please come with me

r: yeah

raglak left the place, sanky gave an irritating look to laksh

@ragini room

l: ragini I know our marriage is fixed suddenly but I want your friendship so these gifts are for you

ragini smiles at laksh and opened the 1st gift,

r: thank-you so much for chocolates laksh,

l: I want our relation starts with sweet, so chocolate is best , this bite is for my friend laksh feeds her

r: this is for you? , I’m excited to open second one, she opened the next gift it’s diamond studded star pendant, what is the need of this locket laksh

l: when I saw you I felt you are shining star so from my side this beautiful diamond star for my real star, you like it na

r: really beautiful pendant thank-you

l: wear it na, shall I help you

r:no, I can wear it myself, this is last box, she opened the last box, mobile !!

l: friends means we have to know about eachother, so it’s best medium for our communication, i already saved my number you like it na

r: I like your ideas, but I don’t have any gift for you

l: you’re accepting my friendship Na that’s enough ragini

r: how sweet, wait laksh this is raksha dhaga it will protect you from evil eyes

l: nice, can I say you something ragini

r: you’re my friend now,you can laksh

l: I never saw sanskar like this ragini, he really loves you, if you have any feelings for him please

l: ok my dear friend , I think all are waiting for us chalo

r: yeah, thank-you so much for everything laksh

l: in friendship their is no space for thank-you and sorry

r: ok

@sw: sanskar are you okay,

s: yeah I’m ok, why are you asking me like that

sw: your eyes are red

s: nothing like that

swara thinks why he is behaving like stranger, he really want to do this marriage or not, aww I’m again confused

raglak came their with bright smile

sw: ohoo someone is blushing, di may I know your gift list

r: chocolates, pendant ,mobile

sw: wow! jiju you’re really romantic

sanky looking at laksh with anger, janki calls them

@pandit: parvati ji their are 2muhurtas, one is after 10days and other one is after 6months

d: 10days means very early,its difficult to arrange all things

ap: but 6months means too long I like first muhurtam

sujatha: I want to take my daughter in law asap, so I like 1st muhurtam

so they fixed the first muhurtam,all elders are happy

d: I’m really happy, so many works are there omg we have to start the marriage preparations from now only

j: ji maa

ap: if you don’t mind I want to take them to temple

d: we don’t have any problem, they belongs to your family now

all went to temple, sanky continuously staring at ragini, swara observing his behavior, they are praying infront of Devi maa idol

san: maa i know my love is true, I need your blessings please show me some way to get back my ragini in my life maa

rag: I don’t know whether I’m doing right or wrong but I’m confused about my feelings maa , help me

temple bells are ringing heavily, sacred red cloth from Devi maa idol falls on ragsan, both are looking at eachother

sanskar happiness is visible in his eyes, ragini heartbear rises looking at sanskar eyes

temple pandit smiles looking at them, ragini removes the cloth from them she is still in shock

pandit: ap ji, Devi maa blessings are with this couple, they both are perfect for each other no one can separate them

sanky happiness reached to top listening pandit words, Devi maa you gave life to my hope, thank you maa

ap: pandit ji they are not couple, swara is my honewali bahu, ragini is sujathas bahu

pandit smiles at them and leaves without saying anything

all are confused about his behavior

episode ends with ragini confused face and sanky smiling face.

hope you like it, (2more parts remaining)

Credit to: lovely

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  10. l: I never saw sanskar like this ragini, he really loves you, if you have any feelings for him please admit your feelings

    ragini think about sanskar and their moments

    r: laksh if you not ready for this marriage it’s ok, we will cancel our engagement

    l: no ragini you’re misunderstanding me, I like you infact I wanna marry you but I felt my love is less infront sanskar love, I saw pain in your eyes so I felt you also having some feelings for sanskar

    r: frankly I don’t know laksh, but one thing is clear I don’t want to talk about this matter anymore please

    *Sorry this part is missing,

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    Fantastic part…

  13. Hai writer I am reading your ff it is super loved it…. but I have one doubt when raglak engagement is fixed? Am I missing any part of ff? so please give me the link of that episode

    1. http://www.tellyupdates.com/ragsan-heart-belongs-part-3/
      this is part 4 but they post it as same part3

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