ragsan-my heart belongs to you part 4


ragini pov

oh god, why all this happens to me, his tears are giving pain to me don’t know why I felt like this but one thing is clear he is not mine
pov ends

sanky bumped with laksh

l: sanky aap kaha chali gayi yar, I’m searching for you everywhere, why are you crying

s:me ragini ko propose kiya but she is not accepting laksh

laksh looking shocked

l: omg, you are unbelievable, just now engaged with swara and now you proposed ragini and complaining me about her rejection

s: lucky she can’t understand me because I’m engaged to her sister but what happened to you, can’t you see my love

l: it’s not like that sanky, still so much time is available what Is the need to propose her now

s: I don’t want to hide my feelings

l: now where are you going

s: I’m leaving yar

l: tu sach me pagal hai sanky, dp uncle, aunty kill us, please come with me swara is waiting for you,laksh drags sanskar towards swara

ap: parvati ji she is my friend sujatha, her husband ram

sujatha: namaste parvati ji

da: namaste, aap Andar ayiye, janki ladoo ko bulao,

su: gabarao math parvati ji, if Annapurna likes her that’s enough for me no need to see her

they discuss about their families etc etc

suji says my son never rejects my choice, I know about him

d:ji, my ladoo also accept this proposal,im sure about her

l: arey ye kya hora hai, suddenly environment changed to busy busy, kaun agaya

sw: nahi pata laksh, sanskar ji come with me we will also join them

s: I’m not interested swara

sw: please chalo Na


@sanky,laksh,sahil,swara are stopped at door listening their conversation

dadi: I’m really happy with this alliance Annapurna ji, aapki friend bilkul apki tarah, she will definitely treat my ladoo as her daughter

listening dadi words sanky,sahil both are shocked and don’t know who is groom for ragini,their back is facing towards them

sw: arey ragini ka alliance fix hua!!

da: haa swara,idar aao

Annapurna saw them, finally groom also here, sujatha turns, laksh shocked to see her

l: maa!! aap yaha

sujatha: come here laksh, aap yaha hamara sath baito

l: what’s happening mom, I’m not understanding anything,

ragini came their with drinks and serving all,she doesn’t know anything about alliance,sujatha likes her

sujatha: laksh we are fixing your alliance with ragini

laksh,ragini both are looking at eachother shockingly,sanky eyes welled up with tears, sahil is burning

@sahil: if your friend accept this alliance I will kill him sanky

s: I will never give that chance to you

sahil: what

s: nothing

sujatha: I’m fixed, ragini is my bahu laksh beta if you need you can talk with her

both went to garden,

l: ragini I don’t know about this proposal, I know sanky loves you

r: shut up laksh, don’t dare to repeat your sentence, he loves me that doesn’t mean I have to accept him na,what is your opinion about me

l: you’re beautiful and hot and..

r:what!! I’m not talking about my personality laksh

l: I’m sorry,

r: ok what is your decision laksh, are you going to say yes or no

l: I don’t know, be frankly I likes you but I can’t betray sanky he loves you

r: ok than say no, I’m going to say yes for sahil

l: what

r: I have to marry someone that one is not sanskar ,you are rejecting me so it’s better to accept sahil, ragini drags laksh towards living room

all are waiting for their reply

r: maa I’m…

l: I’m ready to marry her

all are happy with their decision,sanky,sahil both are teary eyed & looking at laksh angrily,(sahil left the place with tears)

sujatha: ragini you are looking beautiful beta, this bangles are for you from my side

r: aunty isko kya jarurat tha

sujatha: aunty nahi, maa bulao and this bangles are for my daughter

r: thank you so much maa

laksh smiles looking at their bond, suddenly someone holds laksh hand

l: sanskarrr

s: congrats laksh ( he is pressing laksh hand tightly) come with me once

sujatha: nahi sanskar beta, don’t go anywhere, parvati ji can we engage them today

d: I am also thinking about it sujatha ji, pandit ji is there any other auspicious time today

pandit: parvati ji after one hour I mean 2:10 is best time for engagement according to their nakshatras

dadi, sujatha all family members happy with this Alliance and all are busy with arrangements

sw: oho laksh finally you are becoming my jiju, I’m really thrilled with this news, hei Na sanskar ji

s: yeah, I never expect this,laksh come with me once
sanky,laksh left the room

s: wahh kya baat hai laksh, everyone needs a friend like you, sanky holds laksh collar how can you do this to me laksh, l never expect this from you

l:sanskar please don’t blame me, listen to my version I too fell for her innocence sanskar but I don’t want to be hurdle in your love story but if I reject her she want to marry sahil

s: kya!!

l: haa she don’t want to marry you, she can marry anyone other than you

s: Iam not asking about her, tu ne kya kaha you fell for her means you also love her!

l: I don’t know , I like her innocence, her views are impressive Bhai,everyone needs a wife like ragini, what happens if she marries sahil leaving you! I don’t want to loose her to that sahil

s: you don’t have clear view but I love her laksh,she is my soulmate my heart realize it but bewkoof ki tarah me ragini ne reject kiya, it’s my mistake that’s why I have to listen your irritating words but I know her she also likes me

l: ok Bhai if she said she likes you that moment I will leave her for you otherwise she will be my wife

s: ragini is always mine, wait and watch

l: ok all the best, see I’m helping you if sahil is in my place he will never allow you to come near ragini shadow also

their conversation is disturbed by swara

sw: arey jiju aap dono idar kya kar rahe ho,all are waiting for you

l: nothing chalo

sw: jaldi aao, but one suggestion don’t open your mouth after seeing my di okay Na

l: it’s too much

sw: ok we will see, sanskar why are you looking worried

s: nahi, I’m alright

sw: ok

all are waiting for ragini,they heard some payal sound all are looking at stairs, here comes the angel,she is wearing pink legenha with bridal jewellery looking like a real angel she is none other than our cute ragu

sanky,laksh both are lost in her beauty ,swara giggles looking at them

sw: close your mouth jiju,aap bi sanskar ji, I expect laksh reaction but sanskar you also!!!
but remember sanky your hone wali Bibi is here only don’t dare to see others

s: sanky says yes my hone wali Bibi here only looking at ragini

ragini came their and stand beside laksh , both smiles looking at eachother,ragini observes sanky is looking at her she tries to avoid him but her eyes are not listening, sanky ragini looking at each other with pain in their eyes

hope you like it

Credit to: lovely

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