Ragsan – Hashar ( A Love Story) part 1

Hi my lovely readers… hope u all r doing well. So it’s Saghi here with first part of my new ff. Hope u guys will like it.

Chandigarh University

Two boys were shown arguing…
Boy 1: OMG deepika looks so hot and s*xy in saree. He said looking at his phone.
Boy 2: oh please kareena looks more s*xy in saree.
Boy 1: please sahil look at deepiks’s figure. Man she is bomb.
Sahil: yaar adrash enough ha kareena is pataka. No one can beat bebo in her looks and the way she dress up.
They both were arguing about their looks and acting.

A boy came to them he was wearing blue jeans with red shirt. Hey guys what’s going on.
Sahil: sanskar yaar thank God u came. Now u tell u how looks more hot and s*xy in saree Kareena or deepika.
Adrash (laughing) man r u serious. U r asking Sanskar like seriously. U know na Sanskar is such a decent boy. He doesn’t pay attention to girls. For him it’s his age to study.
Sahil: oh yeah u r right buddy. He is wrong question to wrong person. I think after his studies he’ll take sanyaas and both Sahil and adrash did hi-fi.
Enough both of u. I don’t want to talk to u sanskar said angrily and left from their.

A girl was shown walking lost. She was wearing blue shorts with yellow tank top, her hairs were curly. She was wearing high heels, matching earrings and makeup.

OH god… is this a university or zoo. I’m not able to find any single class. It’s really irritating she mumbled. Suddenly she saw someone coming who was looking frustrated

Girl: hey r u new student? I’m also I new student. Are r finding your classes? I don’t understand if it is a university or what…
Boy: wo…
Girl: actually my friend is student vice president let me call her.
On phone: hey pari where r u? She told her location
Pari: hi okay stay there I’m coming.

Few minutes later: pari: hey sanskar
Sanskar: hi what’s up?
Girl looked at them shocked. Pari and sanskar were talking meantime adrash and sahil also came.
Girl: pari how do know him? He is a new student na.
Pari: nahi yaar he is Sanskar. He is senior. He is in same batch as mine.
Girl: oh sorry..  I thought u r new and lost your way.
Sahil: oh God new comes act very smart. But khud ki hi raging kar lete hain.
Sanskar glare him and he stopped.

Girl: why the way I’m swara… swara bose. U guys have must heard about S.Bose constructions my mom is owner of that company. I belong to such a rich family but still took admission in this University just because of kavita and pari.

Miss. showoff sahil said under his breath. They introduce each other and talked for few minutes.
Sanskar: alright swara welcome to Chandigarh University and forward his hand for shake hands.
Swara: she hold his hand and thank u
Sanskar: alright. Bye take care guys
Swara: bye we’ll meet soon
Sahil: what u mean see u soon.
Swara: I mean now we r in same group so we’ll see each other.
Sanskar: so can I go?
Pari: go who is stopping u?
Adrash: he can only go when miss show… I mean swara will leave his hand.
Swara oh sorry and left Sanskar’s hand. Sanskar, sahil and adrash left from their.
Swara’s pov: oh my God sanskar is so hot. Sanskar u left today but u can’t run from me for long. I’ll make u mine at any cost and smirks.

Mehra Mansion

A girl is shown wearing yellow anarkali, her hairs are open and covered with dupatta. She is praying in temple. Her face is revealed she Riya Mehra (kanchi singh).

Bhagwan ji I’m very lucky that I got such a loving and caring bhai who loves me more than anything else. I don’t remember my parents but bade papa and badi maa never let me feel that they r not my parents. They fulfilled all my wishes. Aditya (mishkat verma) my soul mate, best friend thanks bhagwan ji sending him in my life. Bhagwan ji I got everything which every girl dream of.
Bhagwan ji always keep my bhai happy, usse kabhi koi dukh na ho. Keep your blessings on both houses.

A girl came to temple and stand beside her and folds her hands. She was continously looking at her watch, and riya with puppy eyes. Riya’s eyes were closed and she didn’t realize that someone is standing on her side.

Girl’s pov: oh God yeh riya… everyday she spends her 60 minutes in praying. Like seriously itna kya mangti rehti hain. I can’t take it anymore.

Girl: bow..bow
Riya: opened her eyes with jerk and glared at the girl. Ragini what is this?
Ragini: oh sorry what kya karti? Your prayer was not ending. U know me very well na how am I ?
Riya: drama queen and hits her head playfully.
Ragini: waise tell me one thing how do you remember these long dialogues.
Riya: dialogues?
Ragini: I mean dialogue for whatever you ask for god. Well how do you remember these many dialogues.
Riya: Ragini they’re dialogues this is called prayer.
Ragini: whatever yaar
Riya: okay now stop your faltu talks and help me in cooking.
Ragini: Riya cooking or main. Never
Riya: Ragini stop your nautanki and come. I don’t have that much time and I have to cook a lot of food. Kheer, daal makhni, aloo palak, channa masala, butter chicken…
Ragini: bus bus… what’s special today?
Riya: baddhu it’s weekend and u know na bhai is coming today.
Ragini: oh so that Mr. Akdu is coming so what’s special in this?  He comes every weekend.
Riya: I know what he didn’t come last week. So bhai is coming after two weeks. Ragini: oh two weeks… u r reacting like 2 years.
Riya: okay help me if u want or otherwise bye. I have too much work to do.
Ragini: hey rabb ji.. kya time aa geya dost dost na rahi.. (fake crying)
Riya: nautanki
Ragini: bye bhai ki behna mami ji must be waiting for me.


Sanskar was shown packing his bag and sahil was helping him. Sanskar and sahil were sharing room.
Sahil: Sanskar wapas kab aayoge
Sanskar: Monday morning or Sunday evening as usual.
Okay chal bye take care of yourself and drive carefully sahil said giving him instructions and both hugged each other and Sanskar left from there.

Mehra mansion:
Sanskar came home he took blessings from his dadi, badi maa and bade papa. He was talking to his dadi and nikhil was copying him. Annuparna scolds him and sends him inside to do his homework.
Sanskar comes to Annu: badi maa kya hua? Why did u scold him? U know na it’s not his fault.
Annu: crying* beta who mother would like to see her 17 years old son acting like 7 year old kid.
Sanskar hugs her badi maa and said stop crying. Trust me one day nikhil will be fine. Now smile and made her badi maa smile. Where is Riya Sanskar asked..
Annu: she must be in her room go and meet her.

Riya was standing near window looking at her parents picture with tears in her eyes.
Sanskar came to her little sister and put hand on her shoulder. Riya turns around and a smile crept on her face looking at her bhai.
Riya: hugs Sanskar and bhai app aa gaye. Why didn’t you come last week. I missed you a lot.
Sanskar: oh mera guddiya I missed u too.
Riya: angrily bhai stop calling me guddiya. I looks like you are talking to five year old kid. Now I’m grown up and getting married in few days
OH married someone is very eager to get married said Sanskar teasingly.
Riya: bhai kya app bhi
Sanskar: ajj ghar bahut sanata hai. Miss. Musibat nahi ayi kya
Riya: kon ??
Sanskar: Tumhari dost Ragini
Riya: r u missing her. I’ll go and call her.
Sanskar: riya can’t u see me happy. No need to call her. I want some peace.
Riya: bhai app fresh ho jao main apke liye chai lekar aati hoon

Kapoor house:
Ragini: mami please I don’t want anything to eat. I’m not hungry
Janki: ragu chup and eat this
Ragini: mamu please tell mami I am not hungry
Jaan…. ragini giggles and Janki glared shekhar… ki Janki why r u forcing her.
Janki: shekhar stay out of it. She didn’t eat her lunch either.
Shekhar: launch but me and ragini both had samosa chat.
Janki: samosa chat..  when and where
Ragini glares at shekhar and mami I’m getting late for my tuition. Sanskar must be waiting for me. All the best mamu she said he shekhar’s ear before leaving

Mehra mansion

Baba ji please save me from Mr.Akdu maharaj. Beta ragini u r 10 minutes late. Ragini u r gone.. akdu maharaj will kill u for sure. Please Baba help me… ragini was murmuring under her breath.

Ragu…ragu tum aa gai someone said clapping with his both hands. Nikhil ragini said pulling his cheek.
Nikhil: Ragu come let’s play something
Ragini: not now u know na it’s my tuition time later.
Nikhil: but Ragu bhai isn’t at home.
Ragini: kya… where he went?
Nikhil: he went somewhere with his friends.
Ragini: Nikhil r u saying truth?
Nikhil: haan Ragu u know na I don’t lie said he making puppy face.
Ragini: Nikhil okay swear on me.
Nikhil: oh fish!! Phas geya
Badmaash said Ragini and starts tickling him.

Ragini what r u doing here? Bhai is waiting for u said Riya. And Nikhil come drink your milk.
How’s the weather? Asked ragini
Weather is pretty good. It’s not hot nor cold answered Riya
Weather is pretty good said Ragini mimicking Riya. Dumbo I’m not talking about this weather. How’s Mr. Akdu maharaj’s mood.
Riya: he asked three times for u. So u can understand.
Ragini: riya please pray for me.
Riya: okay now go and study. I’ll get some coffee for u both.

Sanskar’s room—-

Sanskar was ingrossed in reading some book. When ragini knocked his room’s door..

May I come in sir? Asked ragini politely
Come in said sanskar still looking at his book.
Good afternoon sir said ragini.
Sanskar looked at her from bottom to top and said from when I became your sir.
Ragini: we should always call teachers as sir or mam ohne khush krne ke liye
Sanskar: what tum mujhe khush kio krna chahti ho said sanskar lifting his eyebrows.
Because making some people happy gives u happiness maybe that’s why said Ragini with a smile.
Sanskar: okay have a seat and did u take your notes.
Ragini: yes sir and forward her notebook.
Sanskar starts looking at her notes. After checking few pages.. Ragini tell me one thing why your letters starts going up and down while writing said sanskar making faces
How do I know? U r teacher so u should know said ragini.
Sanskar: I think your minds wander here and there while studying, u need to do focus while studyiny.
Tell me one thing why u r always so talk  rudely? Said Ragini
I’m not talking rudely, it’s just the way I speak said Sanskar.
Ragini: u know what I shouldn’t call u sir because u don’t deserve post. Akdu maharaj suits u more according to your face and personality.
Sanskar: what did u call?
Akdu maharaj answered Ragini with smirk.
Hey miss. Musibat stop calling me that said Sanskar showing his index finger.
Ragini: if I don’t stop then what u will do.

Sanskar: oh God yeh ladki.. listen Ragini I’m just giving u advice…. before he could complete Ragini interpreted
OH please haan did I ask you for advice. I don’t need your advice. Got it said Ragini with some attitude.

 Ragini listen if u want to pass your exams then u should listen to me and pay attention to stuff I teach you said sanskar controlling his anger.
Ragini: yeah whatever. U should be thankful to me that I gave u a chance to teach me.
Thanks Miss. Ragini for your favor. Why did I choose to teach a nalayak student like u said Sanskar in frustration
Ragini: oh hello!! I’m not nalayak student. I use get A+ till 12th grade.
Sanskar: so now what happened your smartness?
Ragini: oh got more smart after going to Chandigarh. I don’t need your help I’ll study on my own.
Chup kar jao meri maa stop shouting like a mad dog. Otherwise dadi will. I don’t get it why everyone supports you said sanskar in jealousy.
Meanwhile Riya came with their coffee. Bhai have your coffee and teach Ragini nicely said Riya ordering Sanskar.
Oh lo aa gayi tumhari lawyer. Why u guys don’t say anything to her said sanskar standing up from his chair.
Riya (angrily) bhai teach her without fighting.
Sanskar- I’m going back to hostel. Subah se raging kiye ja rahi ho.
Ragini smirks at sanskar and he gave her annoyed look and left from their.

Riya gave death glare to Ragini and when both of u will grow up. Oh God why I always get stuck between u and bhai. Ragini smiles at Riya and side hugs her.

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