RagSan forever… Sillunu Oru Kadhal


hai frndz.. iam ezzah.. its sillunu oru kadhal.. my favourite movie..

On Ragsan’s wedding day….
Ragini thinks about her childhood,friends…

ragini is a simple girls..she was brought up in Banaras. She along with her two friends decided to have a love marriage. However she is not so successful. Her father (shekar) arranges her marriage to sanskar against her. The first time they see their partners during the wedding day.Both look gloomy during the wedding due to obvious reasons.

Six years later in Delhi they have a 5 year old daughter swara (ruhanika dhawan)/shona and live as a happy married couple.sanskar works as the chief mechanic at an automobile company and ragini in a private firm. In every weekend couples spend some valuable time.
One day sanskar met a person while he going to shopping with ragini. After that he remembers his past (means old sanskar).Next day he scolds ragini for a reason.it hurts her deeply. She try to avoid sanskar but its ends with their romance….

for a short period he goes to New York.During this time, ragini comes across sanskar’s old college diary.Sanskar wanted to be an engineer from young age and forced his uncle(ram in swaragini) to pay for a seat in Mumbai for Mechanical Engineering.From the second year of college he is the don.In the college he is attracted to Swara,(sanskar calls her as shona) whose father (DP) is a politician. Sanskar and Swara fall in love and they share a special bond.And they decided to get married.At registrar’s office after sanskar fill swara’s forehead and tied knot,DP and his man beat him up, separating the lovers and sending swara off to Australia .At the end of the diary Sanskar writes a note:”If i have one wish,it would be to live with swara happily at least for one day.”

Sanskar returns from New York and finds ragini avoids him and works late at her office.it hurts sanskar very much. Our little swara sort their problems and sanskar said that: if you are angry with me ,sold me what you want to do yo can but please dont avoid me.”

She finds Sanskar’s lost love Swara, who had just returned from Australia. Swara has become a modern girl in contrast to the demure salwar kameez girl she was in college. Ragini asks Swara to visit them and she tells her husband that he should live happily with Swara for a day and that for that one day, she and their daughter do not exist for him.
But the return of swara shatters sanskar very much and now ragini knows his past and ragini with our little swara leaves sanskar and swara for a day.

That day Sanskar spends with Swara, ragini imagines them to have a good time and eventually fall in love with each other all over again. When she gets back home, dreading, she finds her husband alone at home. She asks about his day with swara, and he gives her a letter written to ragini from swara. In it, Swara says that within five minutes of speaking to him, Sanskar mentioned ‘Ragini’ so many times that she realised that he loved his wife very much and is leading a very happy life. She wishes the couple a happy life and leaves,never to return.

In the end, Sanskar confesses that he has hidden the secret of loving someone so that Ragini doesn’t get hurt as any girl wouldn’t bear her husband’s love being shared. However, unlike others, Ragini has brought the girl her husband loved in order to make him happy. They then cry in happiness and hug each other while Diwali fireworks blossom. Their daughter Swara also joins them at the end and the film ends with a happy family celebrating Diwali!

little boring.. forgive me…

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  1. Awwwww…..its a veryyyy sweeeet story dear….loved it???? ragini rocksss☺☺☺☺?

  2. Same has that movie but no past sence.

    1. Sorry yaar..

  3. Megha123

    Hey this my fav movie too I love surya & jyotika very much in it
    So nyc …..to see ragsan in them

    1. Thank uu so much

  4. sanjana (daddy's little princess)

    Nice …

  5. Gopika....gopu..

    wow…silunu oru kadhal in swaragini track…amazing♥

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  6. Hey its my fav movie too….superb story keep it up…

  7. Akshata

    aww so cute 🙂

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