A Ragsan ff – And the story begins (INTRO)


hey guys , I am a die hard ragsan fan..i hate swaragini ‘s creatives i hate them alot !!i hate them till eternity ..anyways, putting my fraustation aside lets start my ragsan story!!shall we??

Well , let me clarify that the story would start after Sanskar’s entry as a mentally disabled person..The only difference would be that he is actually mentally retarted in my ff , meaning he is not acting..and his past was diffrent from that of serial..Sanskar has not loved anyone till date..He lost his memory and he got tortured mentally after his Europe trip where the plane crashed and crushed the people ..Fortunately , Sanskar’s fate had something in store for him..After this bitter incident , the army forces took the injured to hospital..Sanskar had been admited in the hospital of Britain for nearly 7 months by now..At last , he ran away from there following a old lady who had been injured too in the accident and now was making her way to India.Now both of them share a very intimate relation , somehwat like of grandmother and grandson..Sanskar lost his ways on this confused labyrinth of life..Its not that his family didnot try to serach him but their efforts drained always! So the Maheshwaris had made up their mind that they’d lost their son..yet laksh had a ray of hope that someday he will definately meet his brother..It had been 5 yrs of Sanskar’s so called death for the Maheshwaris…

Well , Sanky will enter staright in the MM in 1st epi..till then , take care
Do tell me how the ff is?
If I should cont or not?
How’s d start ??
will be grateful if you all comment <3 because its you guys's comments that keeps me writing

Credit to: Anu

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  1. Awesome Intro cant wait for the first part ???

  2. It was superb.i like it.update next part soon

  3. Awesome.i would love to read ur ff.update the first episode soon.will be eagerly waiting for that.

  4. Interesting. Excited for upcoming updates

  5. Superb…. keep going dear

  6. Interesting continue

  7. superb intro dear
    also totally diff fro original story

    its ragsan
    anything for them

  8. nice start….
    continue dr even I’m a ragsan fan so another ragsan story will be good n shanky in this mentality prblm would like see him
    update soon

  9. Superb

  10. Nice good start

  11. Thanku for a Ragsan FF.
    I too love their jodi.
    nyc start will be waiting for your 1st episode.

  12. Superb
    even i hate Swaragini writers to d core

  13. Intresting. Pls continue

  14. R u t same anu who writes other ff…hw u ill manage these many ff’s dr…hmmm anyways loved intro part….don’t strain urself too hard…

    1. Yeah dear d same Anu who has written Swaragini love vs enmity? ?
      A raglak ff – because I loved u
      And Swalak Ragsan Sanso Ko Jeene ka sahara milgaya
      ????ty dear keep supporting
      Chuti hai na so I am able to write these

  15. awesome start ,thanks for ragsan
    update asap

  16. Nice strt

  17. Nyc….i love ragsan alot…crazy abt them

  18. awesome even i hate swaragini creative and too that rashmi sharma

  19. Good. Waiting for next part

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