A Ragsan ff – And the story begins- 1

Hey guys , I’m back!Sorry for making u all wait for this long l but u know school freaks!! I was overwhelmed by your responces on the intro part..Here in this ff , i am to share what how I wanted my ragsan to be shown ..

.One of you had asked me if I liked Rashmi Sharma , I laughed at the comment wink emoticon What to say about Rashmi yr , words are less to describe her

Do u guys remember Sanky’s entry!! I was so very excited that he’d be our Ragu’s hero woo he was a perfect mix of cute & hot wink emoticon and what to say about Ragu , she’s so perfect !! And they’d have make the perfect pair na? but Rashmi ki bachii , she had once confirmed swalak & ragsan which made me jump in joy but my happiness didnot last for a long way though! Once I had entitled Swaragini as “the best serial ” , now when I remember that , I want to break my head..That Rashmi she played so well with our emotions..Common , she acted better than our ragsan right? I mean how could she? Later , she exclaimed whatever had happened between swalak was just “bachpana”..WOW!! bachpana right?the bachpana due to which many were hooked to her frekking show..yes that bachpana , due to which her serial got the milestone to fame..yes , the same bachpana because of which she won many hearts..yes , the same one..She feels the show gained trp because of her Swa-San , I mean seriously? common Rashmi , ragsan created that magic in a few days which your swasan and raglak couldnot create in months..VK had lots of fan , so when he entered the show , it was ovious that his fans would watch him..and yes let me clarify , the trps which the show has gained now is the result of swalak and ragsan..firstly ,.swalak fans were the ones who gave show the popularity when people were unfamiliar to the name “Swaragini”..how can the creatives make pairs for their frekking trps which was not due to those pairs anyway..Swasan just got fame when the show was moving on with the course of time and swalak & ragsan were the reason for the show to march forward…At the times , when the serial was completely new , Swalak and Ragsan made the serial gain fans and hearts of many..Many of such so-called fans shipped the jodis , but who cares right?true fans exist slightsmile emoticon And how can Rashmi judge the trp of the show when it was very new and now when it has been 1 yr of the show , she needs some brains..she should be remainded of the fact that even when the show was new , swalak & ragsan rocked and the show gained much popularity than the average other shows of the same time..Maybe , now u got ur answer πŸ˜‰
Let’s put this irritating milchi powder i.e rashmi aside and start my ff πŸ™‚ , shall we?

“No beta , you have had enough..You had 20s by now” a old lady stretching the wrinkles near her chin and eyes , giving a warm smile and with a melodious voice which can be compared to that of nightingle said as she pulled the baby pink cheeks of her companion that turned reddish now

“Granny , last one please , fairy promise ” a guy of late twenties with bright sparkling black eyes , baby pinks lips , reddish cheeks and good looks said as reciprocating the action of pulling of cheeks as done to him before

“Ok , Sanskar beta ” the woman said patting Sanskar’s back
The old lady unbottoned the bottons of her large pocket dipping her hands into her pocket and took her hands out with a big “Hersheys” which resulted a wide smile in Sanskar’s face along with claps and jumps of joy..Now , Sanskar extends the old woman’s hands and starts dancing twirling her round and round..

Granny: Beta , we are going for evening walk..Get ready

San: only if I get my ice cream

Granny: Strawberry flavour ki πŸ˜‰ ha?

San: ha ha ha!! Granny , I’d wear my favourite dress ok??

ha ha beta , go and change ..

Sanskar makes his way towards his room with a big smile spread in his lips and flutter of excitement in his eyes

Granny : beta , you brought happiness in the life of a old lady who has noone in this world to whom she could refer “mine”..u brought back her lost smile..u made her realize that family is always not blood. , its the people in your life who want you in theirs. The ones who accept you for who you are. The ones who would do anything to see you smile, and who love you no matter what..Spending 2 yrs of time with you has made a special place for u in my heart..Now , you’ve become integral part of my life..I dont know how can I pay back for your endless deeds..It’s not that I didnot try to give u the happiness you deserve but all my efforts drained when I was always unsuccessful in finding your family..Dear , one day I’ll definately find your family and provide you the happiness which God forgot (she quickly wipes tears because if Sanskar would see tears in her eyes , she’d have to answer his endless questions which she probably didnot wanted to )

Meanwhile , Sanskar who has worn tight dark blue complexon t-shirts and jeans is through the stairs and as soon as he reaches the last stair ,his questioning glance falls upon Granny, Before Sanskar could ask anything “You look like a bollywood star , even better than my shahrukh ” Granny exclaims with a gentle smile which makes Sanskar clap and
jump :)..Both of them start locking up the small one floored yet magnificient house of theirs surrounded by a big graden enriched with swings , pond and flowers..Having walked a few distance from their home , a wave of excitement could be clearly seen in Sanskar’s bright eyes which in return made Dadi smile..”I know beta , ur world famous ice cream store is just opposite to our road..Stay firm ok?I’ll be back” saying those kind words dadi made her way to the other side of the road..Sanskar’s eyes then falls on the lane , just beside him ,in the first glance you see gates upon gate , Sanskar wondered why people required 5 gates for a house!.His eyes then catches the beautiful and magnificent mansion surrounded with a huge garden , probably it’d be enough to fit all the people in the busy city..While Sanskar was lost in his thoughts which may seem baseless to others , a beautiful girl with a perfectly made french braid , deep hazel eyes , plummy lips and perhaps a perfect feminine fig in a dark contract blue chudidar was trying to make her way towards the lane when a pack of stray boys surround her making her very uncomfortable..She tried to escape but a 40 kilo girl wouldnot be that strong to make her way out of 70 kilo each boys..

1st boy: what’s ur name

The girl: that’s non of ur business

2nd boy: why dont we do business together ?(letching her from top to bottom)
His statement made the other boys to suppress their laughter and the poor girl was left embarrased without any fault of hers..

3rd one: what a girl……..wh————aaaaaaaa———a———-t an item!!ufff u r damn se*y

4th one: talk with her wit due respect , she is your would be “bhabhi”

The girl : hearing these cheap comments made to her , tears automatically roll down from her eyes and about the boys ,they were having fun ragging her! Sanskar who was noticing the whole scene with his sharp eyes , took a long stick just below his legs and started beating each one of those boys as he was ordered by his mind..The boys fled away wincing in pain..The girl who had felt so much degraded yet terribly frightened after the incident couldnot help but hug Sanskar so tight letting go off her pains leaving Sanskar dumbfounded..


Haal e Dil Song Lyrics
Hey kaash, kaash yun hota
Har shaam saath tu hota
Chup-chaap dil na yun rota
Har shaam saath tu hota

Guzara ho tere bin guzara ab mushqil hai lagta
Nazara ho tera hi nazara ab har din hai lagta

Hale dil tujhko sunata
Dil agar yeh bol pata
Bakhuda tujhko hai chahta jaan

Tere sang jo pal bitaata
Waqt se main woh maang laata
Yaad karke muskuraata haan
Woo oo ..

Tu meri raah ka sitaara
Tere bina hoon main awaara
Jab bhi tanhaai ne sataaya
Tujhko besaakhta pukaara

Chaahat hai meri la fanaa
Par meri jaan dil, main hoon rakhta haan

Haal e dil tujhko sunata
Dil agar yeh bol paata
Bakhuda tujhko hai chahta jaan………

Sanskar who felt as if his heart skipped from his body breaks the intense hug
Sanskar (making a puppy face) : i saved u and u squeezed me , its not fair

Girl:she was shocked by this reaction , after which her mouth went in phase of “O”..Reciprocating the pout she says: umm I’m sorry

Sa: no sorry no thank you among friends

Girl got another shock when the guy she had met a few minutes ago entitles her as his “friend” ..
Friend , we just met now right?(twisting her innocent face)

Sa: the bad people were troubling u and I saved u , that means u ll have to maintain friendship with me πŸ™‚

Gi: hmm (she is still awestruck) She assumes the guy is mentally retarded ..But a few thoughts such as

If he is mentally retarded and isnot pretending how did he come to know that I was in need of help?
He is going through this phase of his life , literally why would someone in this merciless earth would help a stranger risking own’s life in danger? In top of that , he is mentally sick..
Keeping her thoughts apart , her curious eyes fall upon Sanky’s

Sa: don’t think so much..ask whatever u want to

The girl was started!..For her , a guy , a mentally retarded girl , whom she met a few minutes ago , whom she had no links , no connections , nothing yet helped her so selflessly was able to read her when her family whom she was staying with ages failed to! A smile smile made its way on her baby pink lips

Gi : why did you bother to help me?

Sa : A long story

Gi: wont u share it with your friend?

Sa: ok but u wouldnot tell it to anyone , anyone ..Fairy promise?

Gi: fairy promise(a gentle smile waved her lips)

Sa: Yesterday me and my granny were watching a movie ..There , a few boys had surrounded a girl in a big circle..They were laughing at her , touching her , taking off her scarf , and then suddenly a young man comes and treates them with slaps , punches and kicks..I asked my granny why did the guy bet the boys and this was her answer:
The gang of boys shown are goons , they were torturing the girl physically , mentally , emtionally and s*xually by the means of their expressions and activities..Touching her , taking off her scarf without her will, not letting off her go and all what they did develops a fear , a loss of self- respect , self-confidence , embarassment in the victims..So , the hero treated them the medicine they worth! I saw somewhat the same scenario just in front of me ..So….I became hero na?No no I became hero , u my heroin and the goons the villains πŸ™‚

Girl: her eyes are drenched in tears , her face expressionless , now all what she wanted was to wrap Sanskar in her arms and cry her heart out..How can someone who is going through this phase of life give continuity to humanity in this inhumane world??Limiting her tears in her eyes not letting a drop to fall , she says
I am Ragini Gadodia , maybe the would be Maheswari , your new friend..

Sa: I’m Sanskar Maheshwari πŸ™‚
New friend?
I only have 1 friend , my granny ..I am very happy to get another friend , Ragini ..(Unknowingly , tears of joy fills his eyes which Ragini notices)

Rag takes out her handkerchief and wipes his tears saying nothing πŸ™‚ Sanskar now takes the handkerchief from her , turns it and wipes Ragini’s tears saying nothing at all πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ :* :* :* :*

Sa: May I call you Ragu ??Ragini is a longgg name?

Ra: Only if you grant me the permission to call u Sanky!


The very first part of the ff..Finally , i wrote it πŸ™‚ lol seriously i got a feeling of self satisfaction , I know its sounds weird :p
I know I couldnot make it a very special one..my mind is pre-occupied with my never ending homeworks , projects , exams blah blah!!!
Now before stopping myself to write further , let me answer two of the questions of u ppl
Aaru , I am a 9th grader student
S.Priya yeah I ve started 4 of my ffs since a few days , so here goes the list
1.A Ragsan Swalak ff – Sanso Ko Jeene ka Sahara Milgaya
2.A raglak ff – because I loved you
3.Swaragini – Love vs ENmity
along with this one !
I know this part hasnot been so special but guys do comment because its you ppl’s comments that keeps me writing!! And yet a last req to silent readers of my ffs , plz dont limit yourselves as silent readers forever ,until the ff ends in any epi just comment a word , it is enough to make writer’s day! Pardon my words if I hurt anyone in the first part πŸ™‚

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  1. Awesome pls continue. I am tottaly with you. I also thought that it will be ragsan then it turn out to be swasan I was heart broken hahah

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  3. Awwwww….awesome superb…..no words to describe dear:-*:-*… Its really different..i didnt read ur intro bt nw i”ll google it…..its really awesome…….eagerlyyy waiting fr nxt epi….:-*:-*

  4. SPP

    Awesome Superb
    Plz continue
    Waiting for the next one…….

  5. I totally agree what u said . All were with swalak frst but later due to laksh not trusting swara all fans got for swasan . So swasan was den of swalak only.

  6. Piya

    Awesome nd post whenever u get some free time..

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  8. hey anus Dr ur ff just amgazing if I’m not wrong then u r new writter but still u give ur best n this ff is superb the way u describe there emotion are amazing mainly maintaining the situation u are good at it..u prove it in no 1 swalak ff really amazing emotional story defiantly was not boring or unsatisfied…u had write it so well even in such situation

    about rs production even i also agree with u…intact all serial of them are what can i say out of the world…like they chose bhoot,nagin,dayan as audience for ssk and how to make more member in a family or increase population or getting married with anyone in total nonsense situation this are the learning thing from SNS serial and swaragini wow bashar are welcomed in this serial…there are many things but this was enough can’t write anymore

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  11. the episode ,what should i say about it ,awesum amazing
    u just nailed it
    i am not getting words to describe it
    our cute sanky ,his talks everything was perfect
    grannys concern
    and rags reactions too her feelings r described very well
    update nxt asap

    and about rashmi sharma and the show i totally agree with u dear
    she broke the heart of all ragsanians and swalak fans and i hate her for that
    i wish we get to see ragsan in some other serial sometime
    i m sorry if i hurt anybody

  12. awesome just a confussion is sanskaar mental ?????

    1. u gott read d intro nyways sans is mental

  13. Awesome I love Ragsan and Swalak

  14. a masterpiece u described every thing every emotin so perfectly enough for anyone to fall fr ur ffs loved the sanky n his fairt promise hehe..a 9th grader student wrote this god..u r extremely extraordinary talented..keep going sis I hope u won’t mind me calling that..among ur just started ffs I find a swalak ragsan ff- sanso ko jeene ka Sahara milgaya the best one

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    Wow Anu u fantastic…. I loved it…can’t believe ur a 9th grader, who is so good. Keep up the good word. Outstanding. ..

    Now coming to ur point about Rashmi Sharma. I literally have mutual feeling.. whatever u wrote about the show and the pair are exactly the words and feeling in my heart… word by word is also my POV… when VK started the show I was so fliping happy and then when they showed the Ragsan together I feel in love with them since their first seen. I saw the spark they created. Their chemistry was superb. I too declared Swaragini the best show for me then but when everything changed I was too shattered. I stopped watching the show. Was completely heart broken. When laksh decided to marry ragini cuz she was faking sucide I still was hoping Sanskar would come abd take Laksh’s place somehow and get married to Ragini. But no! *cough cough* ? has to play her own game. … to me Swa…..San look like big bro and little sis. I have never even once seen a spark between them….I love Ragsan and always will. It will never change! And I do love Swalak too.

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    ragsan are both cute n innocence in ur ff
    the way u explained everything n all the emotions r outstanding

    looking forward to read the next chapter

  20. superb update soon if its possible

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