Ragsan ff – REALITY (episode 9)

sorry for again being late . I tried to post it earlier but due to some reasoms it was not getting posted.

After dinner I went in my room and started reading a novel. But I could hardly complete a page. All my thoughts were revolving around her. Our marriage , first night, our attitude. I smiled grim fully thinking this. All suffocation and worry were out of my mind.

Ragini is really a mature girl. If some other girl would have been there then today she would have said so much about me that I would not dare to my face to anyone. This is the difference between a literate and illiterate girl. I was feeling lucky that though I was forced I got a girl like her as my wife. FATE is really a very big think.

Huh, that day so much riot happened in our house when she just put more salt in food. Are she is a human , if by mistake she has put more salt then what crisis has happened. She was new in house, didn’t knew about place and people , she must have become nervous and then great critizers like maa and bhabhi , anyone can make mistake in that condition.

Oh they are taking so much time. These ladies could not live without gossips. She must have been tired , why these people don’t leave her? There have been more than a hour since all kitchen work is completed! I was thinking all this being irritated as she has yet not arrived in the room.

Then I heard steps with voice of payal coming nearer and nearer towards me. A figure loomed on my door. I could identify that it was she standing silently on the door. Might be watching me silently. I thought with a smile. Or hesitating to enter in the room. Then after some minutes, she entered room and slowly opened her almirah. With the voice I guessed she took out her clothes. And then started going out. Might be going for changing clothes. Today all my senses has become too active. Those voices of bangle, clothes, fragrance of a healthy youth were all piercing my senses. Her arrogance on wedding night , mistake of not writing me any letter , I forget all on that moment. The image of happy married life which I have seen in cinemas were coming in my mind. I will be studying some book, ragini will come without making any sound and will take my book from behind and run away teasing me with her glittering laughs. I will run behind her , not for taking book but for involving in her childish prank. How we will play with each, tease each other, get angry and then say sorry to each other. She was going out. Then taking a step further she stepped on the dehli and I felt was impatiently was trying to come out from my mouth to say-“ Ragini, suno”. Then I controlled myself making my mind to understand that she is just going to change.


i have written this chap with all my heart. pls give feedback if you like it.
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  1. Awesome

  2. Nice episode but plz write more

  3. nice
    update asap………….

  4. Nice 🙂

  5. hey want to know ragini pov

    1. Hey dear. I have already told whole story is from Sanskar pov. His thinking ,his mistake,his realisation and all about him . Ragini is the way he gets change. She will be saviour. I will write a chap where l will tell her pov indirectly. Sorry again as though l have named it ragsan but it is in actual story of Sanskar. He is lead.
      Hope you understand my way of writing. I always write in this manner.?☺

  6. Nice episode…want to knw ragini’s POV too…

  7. I mudt say u r such an awsm writer.i loved it dr

  8. Its awesomee..

  9. Hey Amna, feeling glad to have ur ff back again. I was waiting for this. So sorry I wasn’t in touch with the page that’s y I missed the previous chapter but want to tell u the updates were really amazing. Waiting for the next update…

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