Ragsan ff – REALITY (episode 6)



Sitting in my room I was thinking about what babuji said to me. Was it really my mistake? She was the one who was showing her attitude. May be she was expecting me to begin first. She may be feeling frightened in the new atmosphere. No, all mistake was of hers. I was behaving much civilized. If some other man would be there then he would have showed her true nature how men behaves. Now I should forget all about her and focus on my goal.

I was getting out of the room wearing kurta which maa gave me. Today was the function of muh dikhai and maa ordered me to be present there. Then on the door someone bumped in me. She was no less than a fairy. Big beautiful eyes , plum coloured cheeks and juicy lips which curve like petals of rose. It took me no time to identify that she Ragini ofcourse who is the new member of the house. I was lost in her beauty when her yesterdays behavior played in my mind. I immediately composed myself and started going out.

“suniye” she said in a very low and nervous voice but I didn’t listened anything. She must also know with whom she has taken panga.( sorry was not getting exact English word)

“Annapurna we must say your that new bahu looks much beautiful and we have heard that she is literate too.” Women were saying to maa.

“yes she is graduate and she is not only educated but also know house hold work. Adarsh bhaiya was telling that she made so tasty food when they went to see her that they ate more than required.”added uttara.

Someone was fuming in jealousy listening all this compliment given to Ragini.


In morning bhabhi told me that today Ragini will make her first rosoi .
I said clearly to her. I will not eat anything made by her. I said it little louder so that Ragini could also listen this. Actually I wanted to see how will she react to this?
“no Sanskar you shouldn’t do this. It will be insult to food”
said maa. This is the first time maa was saying anything in this matter to me. I was shocked why maa who always scold us on little things is not scolding me today.

When I was called to eat there was maa , bhabhi , Uttara and laksh ( younger brother of Sanskar. In this one all four are children of Ap & DP) were waiting for me sitting on mat outside kitchen. Ragini was making preprations to serve food in kitchen. I couldn’t see her face as she was standing in opposite direction but her hands were visible. Hands were fair and dark mahendi on it were increasing it’s beauty. A small beautiful ring was placed on her finger. I smiled thinking that I made her wear that ring. There were some glass bangles with two gold kangans on end in one hand and a thin black wrist watch on other. Once again a strong feeling of staring her face for long came in my mind and with that angriness for thinking like this also came in my mind.

With shivering hands she placed the thali infront me and all bend towards as if something magical will happen here. There were two small chapattis , a bowl full of curry and dal, some pickle and papad in thali. My mouth watered seeing the cuisine and I cursed myself for saying that I will not eat this food. Very calmly taking a piece of chapatti, I dipped it in dal. All were seeing me in excitement to see how I will praise the food. But as soon as I placed it in my mouth, I hurriedly came out and spitted all what I ate. Water was continuously coming out from my eyes.
“What happened! What happened!” all asked me with a shocked expression. Jug of water slipped from Ragini’s hand.

“What happened! She has made food or poison ! seems that she has put all salt in food. I will not eat this poison”
I informed them angrily and threw the plate in a corner.
While going out I heard Ragini saying in crying tone- “ but I have tasted the food before serving. It was all right then.”

A lot of riot happened in the home after that. “ so new bahu doesn’t know cooking also”. Bhabhi taunted her-“who knows who made food when they went to see her? Huh, wearing wrist watch she was making food! Do fashion or cook food.” Maa was muttering in anger-“ we didn’t got anything from this marriage. Neither talented bahu nor dahej.”
Uttara was standing silent in all this. It seemed to me that she was the only one on Ragini’s side.

Next day her brother came and she went with him.


Credit to: Amna

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  1. Poor ragini only uttara is supporting her. I think its sanskaars bhabi
    Awesome update??????
    I hope u could update daily tue Episode ??????

  2. Awesome….it may be swara if laksh is married

  3. good….but make the people to change their mindset

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  5. awesome yaat
    its true their r still many families like this

    1. Agree.i will say almost half of indian family behave like this to their daughter in law..

  6. Super epi …..ur ff is more interesting …..

  7. Oh poor ragini.i guess uttara had put salt to the dish

  8. Awesome…family drama is getting interesting. U r really giving us doses of surprises day by day, girl. Waiting for the next n love u dea…

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